Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Baby's Father

He came back, finally, after what seems like forever being gone. The monster who brutally raped and impregnated me. He started of snide and arrogant and hurtful as usual.

"Well hello, darling mother of my child" he said.

"Hello Sir" I replied.

"Looks like my little bitch breeder is more respectful today."

What could I do? I knew my fate and I had to accept it. Unless I wanted my baby to die, or both of us to die. "Yes Sir, I have accepted my fate, but that doesn't mean I have to like it," I said.

He shrugged mockingly "Well, I guess its in your best interest to submit. I mean, how are you going to get your daughter to lick your cunt if I beat it out of you?"
Me - 6 months pregnant, with the monster who made me that way
Me- 6 months pregnant, with the monster that made me that way.

I lowered my head and cried. Trying not to let him know how much his words burned in me. Trying not to let him know how much I wanted to kill him. If only I had the chance, I would take it without any second thoughts. He punched me in the side, sending a dull rumbling pain throughout my body. "Am I right bitch?" he screamed at me.

"Yes Sir." I wailed in pain and frustration.

"What am I right about you fucking dumb bitch breeder?" he snarled.

Barely bringing myself to say it, I didn't want to say it, but I was scared. Seriously scared. I didn't want to die, and I didn't want any harm to come to my baby. "That I cannot have my daughter lick my pussy if you beat her out of me." I sobbed. I was crying uncontrollably now. I know he enjoyed it. He was loving seeing me like this. It was getting him hot and hard and horny.

He laughed. A gay, joyous and victorious laugh. "I always know how to say the most hurtful things, don't I," he said, still laughing at me.

"Yes" was all I could manage to eek out as a reply. I screamed out in pain again as he let loose with his boot. He kicked my side, hard, sending more shocks of pain throughout my body. Almost immediately the spot he kicked me started swelling and becoming discolored.

"Yes what" he demanded. I could hear the anger rising in his voice, I could see his neck muscles tensing. This was getting very close to being a near death experience.

"Yes Sir" I managed between sobs as I held the spot where he kicked me, and rolled over on my other side. There I was, on my side, a welt forming where he kicked me, naked and six months pregnant with his bastard child.

He snorted and said "Maybe I should marry your little whore ass. So we could be a nice little family. Whore mom, training her whore daughter for daddy." Things were tense, very tense, I knew if I didn't say the right thing, it could all be over for me and my unborn child. I had always been scared of him. I had always known he was capable of murder, but I hand't been this frightened of him...truly frightened of him before.

"If that is your wish, Sir" I managed to whimper.

"At what age do you think we should start her anal training?" His tone was softer now, as if the anger had subsided. It caused me to relax a little bit.

Crying I said "Puh...please don't make me do that..Sir." Hoping my free use of the word 'Sir' would placate him and he would get off the subject of ass raping my child. It didn't. He spread his hands, brandishing his damned knife, threateningly over my belly. Instinctively I covered my belly, "NO! NO PLEASE DON'T!" I screamed. Then, tentatively "15" I said.

"15?" He snickered.

"To young?" I said defiantly then added "17?" I don't know what came over me. Sometimes I do things in my own worst interest. As soon as those words escaped my lips, I knew, I just knew it was the end. I could see his face getting red as he took in what I had said. Then he laughed again. That evil, maniacal, hateful laugh of his.

"If she has half the sex drive as you, before 10 I would say. But you could start getting her used to it earlier. Breast feeding her as I rape you." The pictures that went through my mind were horrible. I could see my baby suckling at my tit as he forced is cock in and out of my pussy, my ass, my mouth. Me, just having to endure it because I knew that if I refused, or put up a fight, he would kill my baby without even blinking.

He slid his boot between my legs and started fondling my pussy with the toe of his boot. It felt good. I tried not to enjoy it, I tried to ignore it. I tried to tell myself that nothing this monster does should ever cause me sexual arousal, but I couldn't help it. I was getting hot, and wet, and I wanted something in my pussy. I guess he is correct, I am just a dumb bitch breeder. I moved my hips so that his boot was at the entrance to my cunt, just parting the lips.

"Grind on it bitch!" He ordered, "Tell me what you want me to do to your little Amy." He wants the baby to be named Amy, I never asked why, I am too afraid to ask why.

"I...I want you to leave her alone!" I shrieked. Again, that damned defiance in my that is sure enough, one of these days, going to get me killed! He kicked me hard, right above my pussy, I felt his boot glance off my bone. The pain was immeasurable. "Please don't make me say it...PLEASE!" I begged him.

"The next kick stops you from being a mother, loving wife" he sneered as he moved is boot back down and placed it between my lips again. I couldn't help it. I pushed my pussy down on the toe of his boot. I could feel the leather scraping my labia, forcing my cunt open, getting wet with my pussy juices.

"I...I want you to have her suck your cock" I said hesitantly. "And...and for you to take her ass."

"Keep going you dumb fucking bitch, I want you to cum as you say these disgusting things." I ground my cunt farther onto his boot, fitting almost the entire toe into my pussy.

"To cum in her ass, and have me eat your cum from my daughter's ass." I said, trying not to be aroused by his boot fucking my pussy, but not being able to control it. "You have me lap it out of her ass as she forces it out." I spread my legs and pushed my hips down his boot some more.

He hauled of and hit my face, my head was thrown to the side with such force I almost came off his boot entirely. "Be more grpahic you disgusting breeder. I know you love saying it." I could feel the heat rising where he had hit me. I knew it was going to be yet another mark from todays encounter.

"I want you to put your large cock in her ass while I muffle her screams by making her eat my pussy. I will wiper her tears as you brutalize her tiny ass with your cock and whisper to her that it will all be okay. I will feel her bury deeper into my cunt as you pump her as, in and out, stretching it, ripping it, ruining her."

"Cum you whore, spray all over the place" he demanded. I moved my hips up and down, faster and harder on his boot. I could not believe that I was on the verge of an orgasm, while this monster made me describe in detail how he would rape my daughter, while I fucked his foot with my cunt.

"I will cum while she east my cunt as you fuck her ass. She will lap the juices I create like a kitten lapping up spilled milk" I added. I moved up and down faster, getting oh so close to an orgasm as I rode his boot. That thick black boot, disappearing inside my cunt, only to be revealed again, shiny with my pussy juices. I rode it like it was a giant black cock.

"Cum you bitch!" he screamed at me "cum everywhere for your husband!"

"Y...y...yes Sir...almost...almost...uhhhh" My eyes opened, my back arched, it seemed like every muscle in my body tensed as

I came. I came in waves and gushes. Soiling his boot with my cum. I screamed out in ecstasy as the orgasm continued. It seemed like it would not end. It seemed to last 10, 18, 23 minutes. I know it didn't, but I lost all track of time. As I sat on his boot while the orgasm was winding down her sneered at me and said "You're sick, I don't want to fuck a child, you certainly have some interesting fantasies." It was like he hit me and knocked all the wind out of me. I felt like Bruce Willis looked in that "I see dead people movie" when he figured out he was dead. I rolled off his boot and collapsed into a fetal position, crying and wailing at what he made me do, what he made me say, all because of some sick twisted game. He kicked my ass hard and said "see you soon bitch" and then left.

He left me again, as before, naked, crying, exhausted and in a great deal of pain. My face hurt where he hit me, my cunt hurt from his boot fucking, my side hurt where he had kicked me. And worst of all, my spirit hurt from his stupid little game. Making me say those awful things, and making me cum while I said them.

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