Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Addictive SecondLife can really piss me off

Fucking addictive Second Life just pisses me off sometimes. I haven't been 'in-world' for more than a couple of months, but it has been enough to almost start to give me a tick or a twitch or something.

Thursday or Friday (I don't remember which - so just go with it ok?) I upgraded to the new voice-enabled viewer. But don't get your hopes up, I don't mix RL anything with SL anything (well, almost anything) so I won't be on voice.

Anyway, I ran all weekend just as peachy as can be - okay, except for a little while I think on Saturday night when the textures were all fucked up and people thought I was wearing clothes when I saw myself as completely stark naked. Okay, anyway, I didn't go in-world on Monday. But last night (Tuesday) I tried, and BAM nothing. I can't even get the fucking viewer to open. All it does is "loading textures" and then pretty much "you're fucked lady". And asks to send a crash report to The Powers That Be I tried so many different things to get online bbbuuuuuutttt nnnnooooo it just won't let me.

I uninstalled and reinstalled. I uninstalled and deleted the stuff in ../AppData/SecondLife/. I uninstalled and installed the previous version. No changes. I try to look at the log files, but I can't tell shit from them. My next move is to write a support request, but I don't hold any hope that that will work because at home I'm running Vista, and so far the asshats at Linden Labs can't get their fucking shit together enough to support Vista. As if it just suddenly appeared on the market, by surprise, like no one fucking knew it was going to be released.

Anyway, it looks like I'll have to be using my work laptop for to go in-world for the time being. I wonder if the Powers That Be at work will wonder why I'm taking my laptop home everyday? Oh well, probably just think I'm working extra hard (HA HA HA).

God I wish this game was not so fucking addictive. If it wasn't maybe my dirty clothes wouldn't be piled up, and the sink wouldn't be full of dishes and my floor wouldn't need sweeping. Ah fuck it, I'll play some more and clean tomorrow!

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