Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Little Dolcett Girl

***The scenario in this post took place directly after the incidents described in "Losing one's head". A quick recap, while I was being tortured and beheaded, a girl we will call Dahlia showed up to watch. She was wearing a tag which said "Dolcette Girl" or "Dolcett Fan" (I can't remember which it was right now)***

For those who do not know, Dolcett is an artist. When I first got into SL, I saw some things about Dolcett and wasn't fully comprehending of them. A quick Google search revealed this guy is 1) nuts, 2) a pretty good comic book artist and 3) his stuff, while sick, turns me on. Mostly his work is extremely misogynistic. His main body of work deals with killing, cooking and eating women. Making tit steaks and cunt steaks from their tender parts. I should add that most of the women that get killed and eaten in his work are willing participants. My favorite work of his is called "Club X". You'll have to research it. I think the bulk of his work can be found here (TODO: post any Dolcett links I can find).

Anyway, so there Dhalia and I are. I'm naked as a jaybird since my killer stripped me naked before lopping off my head. We start talking. She, like me, is into being abused...seriously abused. Wanting to see what everything in the dark, dank little dungeon does, I string her up by the ankles and slit her throat. I have to tell you. It is rather exciting doing that. Slitting that little sluts throat got my juices flowing all over again. The we moved to the butcher table. The butcher table was great! You start chopping away at your victim, you can remove arms and legs and the head with a knife. And the parts on the av actually disappear. This was a very well done contraption. Afterwards, we moved over to the chopping block. I wanted to feel what it was like to remove her head, as mine was removed not long ago. It was fucking exciting. The ax falling, her head going, the blood rushing. I almost came again, just doing that.

Then things got really fun. They have an SVU rape bed in the room. I took her to that, setup my strap-on, and went at her like a hungry wolf going after a rabbit. I pushed her and kicked her. I kicked her for quit a while, feeling one of her ribs give way as I kicked harder and harder. She was screaming and crying and begging me to stop. That's when I grabbed her hair, pulled her to her knees and shoved my big pink strap-on into her mouth. I tried to force it in, but she kept gagging. I told her to take it all in, but she either couldn't or wouldn't. That's when I threw her to the bed and started beating her about the face mercilessly. Her nose broke under my brutal beating, and her lip was split and there was blood on her face and it was starting to swell. She was crying so hard now, snot and blood flowed from her nose.

I grabbed her throat, and started choking her as I rammed the strap-on dildo into her pussy. I rammed it hard, and forced it all the way in on the first thrust. She tried to scream, but all she do was make some gurgling noises through the blood and the fact that she was having a hard time breathing. I pumped in and out of her furiously while choking her. Her mouth was open, I laughed, and spit into her mouth. Watching her start to turn blue really got me wet. Well, that and the fact that my strap-on has a section that fits into my pussy. So for each thrust I gave her, I got a bit of a work out too!

I flipped her over, and rammed the plastic cock into her ass. It didn't go in all the way at first, but after a couple of good thrusts, her ass finally broke open and let it in. Oh, her screaming was like music to my ears. With each thrust of the dildo going into her, she screamed and screamed and cried. I laughed maniacally and yanked on her hair pulling her head back and shoving my fingers in her mouth.

I brutalized her ass good, by the time I was done with it, my strap-on was covered in shit and blood from her ass. He ass was bleeding pretty good, I think I ruptured something in there. She had almost cried herself out. She was a broken girl now. She lay on the bed and stared, kind of glassy eyed off into the distance. I grabbed her hair and yanked her to her knees and shoved the shit and blood covered dildo into her mouth. "Clean it off bitch" I screamed at her. "You better get it all of you worthless slut, or you only think you know pain!" She went at the plastic cock with a fervor I had not seen before. She still couldn't get all of it in her mouth, so I grabbed her hair on either side of her head, an yanked it to me, while pushing my hips out with all the strength I had. The plastic cock went all the way in to the hilt. I knew she could do it. She gagged and vomited, but I wouldn't pull the cock out so she had to swallow her own vomit. "You fucking little worthless bitch, you take it all in."

After fucking her mouth for a while, I threw her on her back and started ramming my cock into her pussy again. I leaned my head forward and took her left nipple between my teeth and bit down hard. She screamed in pain again, her head thrashing from side to side. I pulled on the nipple, wondering how far I would have to pull it before it came off. I bit a little harder and broke the skin. I could taste the metallic taste of blood that ran from the nipple. I released her nipple and grabbed her right nipple with my hand and twisted it abusivly. She screamed again. I kept twisting it, and twisting it around and around. I lost track of how many rotations the nipple made before I stopped.

Then while still fucking her sore cunt with the strap-on, I gently lowered my head and licked the blood around her left nipple. Tenderly suckling it into my mouth and gingerly caressing it with my tongue. I could feel her body lose some tension, but her eyes displayed confusion. The I clamped down on her nipple hard with my teeth and yanked my head back, separating her nipple from her tit in a spray of blood. I held the nipple between my teeth and looked at her. She screamed in pain and dismay. I grabber her cheeks and squeezed, forcing open her mouth, I spit the nipple into her mouth, then clamped it shut, forcing her to swallow her own bit off nipple. I laughed at the look of shock and disgust on her face. I relished in her torture and abuse.

I was finished with her though. I had used her about as much as she could be used. I took great pleasure in plunging my knife into her body. The look of utter shock and dismay. She hadn't expected to die this night. She hadn't expected that this would be the end of her life. "You're never going to fuck anyone again...EVER BITCH" I told her as I watched the life drain from her body. The she was still, laying on that bed, dead and lifeless. Her body getting cold. I cut off her tits and cunt because I know a guy I can sell them to. He likes tit and cunt steaks. And they were fresh and plump and juicy, hell I may just eat one of the tit steaks myself.

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