Thursday, August 2, 2007

Return Of The Monster

Tonight started off a bit boring. It is so hard sometimes, to find good role players. It really turns me off when I TP into someplace, and there's a naked guy with his free cock sporting the perpetual hard-on saying "You're hot, lets fuck." Shit, I don't think there is anything more repulsive.

So, I decided to practice a little public. I went to a place I have yet to landmark, but maybe that is because I know where it it. I sometimes dance at Club Cherry's, and this place is right next door. So I headed over there. They have a pretty wild setup. You TP to their dungeon and there are two ways out. The Master TP and the Slave TP. You must be tagged as a Master in their group to use the Master TP. Everyone else uses the Slave TP. The Slave TP puts you in a cage in the middle of the sim - which only a Master may open.

I went to the dungeon and put on my arm and leg restraints and my gag. The restraints are good restraints. Leather straps for my upper arms and wrists. My legs get four restraints on them. One on my upper thigh, one just above the knee, one just below the knee and one around my ankles. They have different positions you can put yourself in (or your Dom can put you in). They include "hogtie" in which you are on your belly with your hands and feet chained together. "Sitting" in which you sit on your ass with your hands and feet chained together. "Tight" in which you are standing with your legs tied together and your arms tied behind your back. And I think there is another one which I can't remember right now (I'll update this when I figure it out).

I put myself in the "hogtie" position. In this position I can squirm and wriggle, but not really move except snaking along on my belly. Then I hit the slave TP and went into the cage in the middle of the sim. I waited there about 15 minutes or so while people would stop to admire my predicament. While my gag is in, in full RP spirit, I only mumble. Emitting sounds such as mmmppphhh and mmfff and ffnnggg, things like that.

While in the cage, my abuser from the previous night came on and offered my a TP. I accepted it. He seemed genuinely appreciative that I was already bound and gagged. He patted my belly and asked if I thought I was pregnant yet. I could only mumble. But hell, I don't know if he made me pregnant or not. I think he did though. He laughed and talked about all the things he will do to my daughter when she is born. He talked about taking her ass when she was old enough. Since I couldn't talk, he asked me to hold up my fingers to signify how old my daughter should be before he raped her ass. I squirmed and shook my head no. He offered me a deal. He could take my daughter, and use her as a sex slave, or he could kill her, in front of my, while raping her. In hopeless resignation, I help up all 10 fingers. I wished I had more fingers. I wished I had 20, or 30 fingers to hold up, but I only have 10. He laughed and said that when he took my daughter's ass, he would also take her cunt. Fuck her pussy and cum in it, and make me lick his cum from her pussy while he raped her ass. I started to cry and violently resist my restraints. His talking about my daughter like that, the thought of him sticking his ugly, stinky, large man meat inside her tight little hairless pussy, and then using it to brutalize her ass, sent me to near hysterics.

Then he left. Just like before. He fingered me a little, but didn't fuck me this time. He laughed, and he left. He left with me up there on that platform, hogtied and gagged,in the darkness with the cold wind biting at my nearly naked body.

All in all, he left me...wanting. Wanting more. Wanting to be used, and to be used very roughly. I kept thinking about him, and about him raping my daughter. A while back, I purchased a shape that came with pre-teen, teenager, adult, and I think about 7 different pregnancy avs, maybe only six. I can't remember the first month of pregnancy it offers. I wondered at the time what in the world I would ever want a pregnancy av for? But now I have a reason to use them. I think the next time I see him, I'm going to be four or five months pregnant - kind of speed-age the role play a bit.

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