Friday, March 21, 2008

Blowjob Contest

So there I am, just hangin' out at the TBX sorority, home of the Bimbo Cheerleaders (of which I am proudly one), having a beer and chattin' up some guy from Europe who kept complaining about how tired he was. It wasn't terribly busy that night, but there were a couple of people mulling about. I had entered a contest they are holding. A blowjob contest. The sister with the most votes wins something. I'm not certain what though, I'm sure the announcements said what it was, but hey, contest for giving blowjobs, well, all I need to win is bragging rights and I'm there!

So I'm sitting at the bar, having a brewskie when this guy...or something asks if I mind if he joins me. He was male, even if I'm not a hundred percent on the species. He looked mostly human, but had feline ears, and a tail. All in all, very hot looking. I looked him up and down, pouting because he was actually wearing green, on St. Patrick's Day. Damn, couldn't pinch him. Although he was yummy looking and I almost did anyway. He noticed I wasn't wearing any green, and pinched my ass...hard (I still have the welt) causing me to jump and nearly spill my beer.

"Now, we can't have ya spill yer beer" he says in some completely phony (but cute) Irish accent.

"Oh no" I replied giggling, "that would be alcohol abuse!"

"So, how's the contest going?" he asked.

"I don't know, I only entered this morning, I think I have a vote, but who knows for sure?" I said.

"Well, let's see what pops up and then we can see if we can get you some more votes." He replied slyly.

I leaned over, placing my hand on the inside of his thigh, caressing it softly and whispered in his ear "what did you have in mind?"

"Is it rude if I just ask you if ya wanna fuck?"

"It is, but I won't hold that against you." I said smiling.

I took his hand and led him upstairs. After some heaving kissing and petting, he realized he had to run to the store on the corner for some condoms. I was fresh out, and he didn't have any either. While he was gone, I undressed and jumped in the shower. I figured he'd be gone for at least 15 minutes, plenty of time to rinse off and refresh myself. I was in the shower, with my back to the door, my right hand had snaked down my belly, thinking about what the cat-man's cock would look like, getting myself all worked up. My left hand was twisting my nipple between my forefinger and thumb, I began to moan a bit when suddenly the door popped open. Startled, I spun around, covering my breasts with my left hand and my privates with my right. "Oh, I...I didn't realize you were back" I said, blushing at being caught buck naked in the shower, fondling myself thinking about this hot and hunky cat-man looking at me.

"Yep" was all he said as he seemed to fly out of his clothes, and join me in the shower. He turned me around, so I was facing the glass shower wall, and began to run soap over my back and my ass. He touch was soft, and gentle and strong all at the same time. He kneeled down, placing his lips on my ass and kissing it.

I moaned and leaned forward, my tits smashing against the glass shower wall. The hot water of the shower cascading over my curves as his tongue began exploring my anus, circling it. I could feel his hot breath on my asshole and my knees about gave out when he darted his tongue into it, sending spasms throughout my body. I pushed my ass back farther as I let out a loud lustful moan.

While he tongued my asshole, he reached around and began massaging my pussy, slipping a finger in every once in a while, and pinching, pulling and twisting my clit around. The water started getting cold so we turned off the shower. We left the enclosure and I pulled a towel out of my locker and started to towel him off. I turned him around and first dried his large, wide muscular back, paying careful attention to his ass and between his cheeks.

I then moved around to his front, stood on my tip-toes and kissed him long and warmly on the lips. My tongue darting into his mouth, rummaging and around and exploring the inside of his mouth while I moved the towel over his chest and down his abdomen. I kneeled in front of him and carefully and slowly dried his legs. First moving down the left, then up the right. When I got back to the top of his legs, I let the towel drop and wrapped my hand around his large man-meat. I lifted it, and with my left hand cupped his balls. My head moved in, and I extended my tongue, pulling one of his balls into my mouth, I moved my tongue over and around it, wetting it with my spit.

I slowly allowed the ball to roll out of my mouth as my tongue went to work on his shaft. I started at the base and moved my wet hot tongue up and down his shaft, from the hilt to the tip, paying careful attention to that sensitive little area just beneath the head. I opened my mouth and placed my lips around the side of his cock and moved my head back and forth along the pole, wetting it well with my saliva.

I then began to stroke his cock with my right hand, and looking up at him, opened my lips and took the head into my mouth. I suckled the head, feeling his knees buckle slightly, and feeling his cock getting harder and thicker in my mouth. I moved my head farther down the shaft, slowly and purposefully. I wanted him to really enjoy this. Finally, I grabbed one ass cheek in each hand, and pulled him quickly and forcefully farther into my face. He cock slammed into the back of my throat, causing me to cough a bit. I held him there, swallowing and rolling my tongue around his cock. I could feel his balls resting on my chin.

"OH FUCK!" he screamed as I began to bob my head up and down his pole with earnest. He grabbed my hair and began slamming my face onto his cock. I could feel his cock begin to twitch when he yanked my face from it. I took deep breaths, and screamed out in surprise and excitement as he picked me up and slammed by back into the locker.

He pulled my legs apart, picked me off my feet and drove his long hard shaft into my wet and willing pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in deep with each thrust. I felt the air hole fins of the locker biting into my back and heard the metallic clink as the doors on the locker jiggled as he slammed his magnificent cock into my pussy. Our skin slapping together with wet smack, smack, smack sound as he drove his prick in deeper and deeper, his balls slapping my asshole with each quick thrust.

He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulled my head back and forcefully kissed me hard. His hot wet tongue forced into my mouth. He reached around with his other hand and inserted two fingers of it into my ass. I let out a muffled squeal into his mouth at the surprise move and began rolling my hips faster and harder. My pussy was on fire, filled with this cat-man's enormous cock, stretching it wide and filling it with his heat.

He let out a giant loud roar as his cock released is goodness and his hot, sticky, ropey cum coated the inside of my pussy. I screamed out in pleasure when I felt his giant cock throbbing and spurting. He held me there, against the locker, while he pumped a few more times, finishing his load, then stepped back and let me fall to the floor. I could feel his hot cum beginning to drip from my snatch and seep down my thigh.

I pushed myself to my knees and took his cock into my mouth again. Cleaning his cum and my juices from it. Squeezing the last bits of cum from the tip of his cock with my suckling and stroking. He pulled my head from his cock and looked down at me, smiling, a small bit of cum dripping from the corner of my mouth. Then he got dressed and left.

He did say he voted for me. But I have no way of knowing that for certain. I hope he did, but either way, it was a great experience! (Sorry I don't have a pic this time).