Thursday, August 9, 2007

Down again

I was hoping this morning to teleport around and get some screen scrapes to post here, but once again, the damn thing is down. Oh, don't bother looking at their status page. The status pages says everything is just hunky-dorey and the game and the website are up. Bullshit.

Their blog mentions that there are some connectivity issues. No shit Sherlock. Issues like, oh, I don't know "I CAN'T FUCKING CONNECT" that's an issue. Crap, I can't believe I actually pay for this shit. These people are almost as bad as Toshiba where product and service are concerned.

I try to log in and I get the message "can't connect, try logging into a different region". FUCK YOU Lindens, I bought a home, I want to go to my home. Shit, this pisses me off. And I have been told I'm quite the bitch when I"m not pissed off, so you can imagine how my co-workers are going to feel today.

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