Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad girl...bad, bad girl

So far, I've written about how wonderful my Master is. How generous he can be. But, that is not all he is. I am not always the good girl I make myself out to be. Sometimes I do things which disappoint, or otherwise cause my Master grief. In these instances, he punishment is harsh and painful (not to mention exciting as all HELL). Early on, soon after I took his collar, one such occurrence happened. I won't go into the details of my offense. The transgression I committed doesn't really matter.

"I did tell you there was going to be a price to pay, didn't I little one?" My Master asked. His fingers, raking into the fleshy cheeks of my ass, which spilled about his fingertips like combed sand.

"Yes Master" I whimpered feeling the dull, binding pain of his fingers digging into my ass.

I was in what could be called a "less-than-comfortable" position. Master had rigged shackles to a four foot by four foot square, flat board. The board was not completely rough. It had been sanded some, but not so much that I could not feel the wood grain, nor to such a point as to ensure naked skin rubbing over it would not get splinters. My neck was shackled to the board. My wrists were shackled near my head, and my ankles here shackled next to my wrists. I was completely naked. Doubled over so tight, the aroma of my pussy was thick in my nostrils with each breath. Breathing was difficult in this compressed position, but not so difficult that I might pass out due to lack of oxygen. My ass and pussy were raised up in the air, exposed for whatever my Master had planned for them.

Master dug his fingers hard into my ass flesh. Making fists with my skin between his fingers and palms. The pain was atrocious. I gritted my teeth hard and whimpered and moaned through them. He kneaded my ass like that. Releasing his grip, moving his hands just a little bit, and grabbing another fistful of ass. Tears were already starting to well in my eyes. Then the grabbing stopped. Suddenly I felt a terrible sting in my lower back, then another, and another. My Master was pinching me. Pinching me hard. Moving down (up in this position) my back towards my ass. I could feel the terrible tension in each of the little assaults. His finger and thumb squeezing my skin between them, holding it for a brief second, before releasing it. My back and ass lit on fire. Heat rising in them, I could fee the heat distinctively in each location where he'd pinched me. I flinched and squirmed. Whining and whimpering with each stinging pinch. Tears began to leak from my eyes and track down the sides of my reddened face.

I could feel my ass dotted with little islands of heat. I could imagine smallish glowing red spots all over it from my Master's treatment. I screamed out, trying to lift my head, which was held fast to the board by the shackle around my neck, when he moved to pinching that ever-so-tender skin on the inside of my thighs, just below (or, above in this position) my pussy. More tears rolling from my eyes. I was panting. Trying to keep my breath, trying not to feel the pain. I didn't want my Master to see me as weak. I sniffled, took in a deep breath, closed my eyes, and slowly let it out. It came out broken and raspy. He stopped his pinching. Master was running the palm of his hand over my sore ass. His hand, usually warm, felt cool against the heated flesh of my cheeks. He rubbed them, running his fingers and palms over every inch of my smooth skin.

"AAAYYY" I screamed out almost at the same time the loud 'SLAP' reverberated off the walls of the room. My Master had pulled both hands back from my ass about a foot, and delivered a blow with each at the same time. The sound was loud, sharp and harsh. My ass immediately lit on fire. I was full on crying now. Partially because of the pain, but mostly....mostly because I had wronged my Master. I had done something that caused him displeasure. I hated that feeling. I deserved whatever he was going to give me as punishment..and much more even. He left his hands on my ass. Back to rubbing and kneading it. Letting me calm a little I think, or maybe just lost in the pleasure of digging his fingers into my flesh, I'm not sure which it was.

"You remember your lesson little one?" He asked. He grabbed at my cheeks, not seeming to even care if I answered. He pulled them apart, exposing my tight, anus.

"Y...yes Master" I whimpered, just knowing he was going to dry fuck my ass with at least his fingers, my tears and whimpering started up again in anticipation.

"And what is that girl?" He asked, suddenly his hands, alternatively, rising from my ass and slapping down on it hard. His left hand lifting while his right hand was slapping, his left hand slapping while his right was lifting. One, two, one, two, one, two all in rapid succession. Not giving any time between slaps for recovering.

"" I sniffed..."to  not disappoint you Master". I finally managed to squeak out. I sucked in a gasp when he stopped slapping his hands moving up the crack of my ass, to my tender pussy lips. He rubbed them between his finger and thumbs, a flap in each hand.

"Yes, and in this situation, how could that have been avoided little one?" He asked, working both of his thumbs between my lips, squishing them into my wet pussy.

"To.." sniffle... " to think of you before I do anything Master" I replied, regaining some composure. My back was beginning to burn from the cramped position I was in, my thigh muscles to tighten and tense. He placed his fingers and thumbs on each of my pussy lips, massaging them firmly.
"Good..." He said tensly, pinching my lips hard as I cried out, then releasing the pinch, "...girl" he added with another harsh pinch. I screamed out again, balling now, tears were running down the side of my face. I cried, my mouth opened and wailing. Me moved his fingers..well, not moved them so much, and squeezed them down the length of my pussy lips. Not really letting go and re-pinching them. More like he walked them down my lips, squeezing and rubbing the whole way. The pain was immense. I thought for sure he would succeed in ripping my skin, that he already had, perhaps, considering the amount of wetness i could feel down there. He worked his way to the thick, meaty parts of my lips, and squeezed his fingers together hard. He held them there. The pain seared through my body. I cried out, I could see his knuckles turning white while he pinched and didn't let go.

Master squeezed hard and held on tight. Gawd, the pain was tremendous. I was balling and wailing. He then pulled. He pulled them, holding onto them so tight, until they let loose because he could not hold on tight enough to pull them off. As the blood rushed back to the afflicted parts, a new wave of pain send me into a louder fit of cries and moans. Master then began rubbing the palms of his hands over my bruised and reddened ass again. The 'SWAT'. Three spanks on each cheek. The last one on each, brutal enough to leave red hand prints as they echoed throughout the room. I yelped and screamed with each swat.

"You want my forgiveness little one?" He asked.

I sniffled, "Y...yes Master...I beg your forgiveness....I...I am so sorry" I said, tears flowing, sniffling between the words. The tears, mind you, were only partially due to the pain. A great deal of them, were because I had disappointed him. Had made my Master not be proud of my actions. I had done something that offended him. And that, dear readers, is more painful, and more distressing, than any form of punishment he could imagine to deal out. I deserved whatever punishment he was giving me, or would give me. I deserved that, and so much more for my transgression.

"You know..." he went on, moving his hands up the backs of my thighs, brushing over the creases in the backs of my knees. "If I forgive you on this...." his hand moved towards my face. I flinched instinctively as the back of his hand caressed my left cheek, smearing the tears. "It is over with, and we can move on."

"Yes Master" I whispered hoarsely.

"Good girl" he said, moving his hand back down and around my body. He brought it up, softly caressing my ass and rested it on my pussy. I softened, and relaxed  with my Master's touches, then tensed as he placed his hand on my pussy. The expectation of a slap on my pussy caused it to twitch under his hand. I could see a slight grin appear on his face. He could feel my heat under his hand. How hot, wet and excited I had become. Sure, I was in dire emotional straights right then. I had done wrong. I had caused him embarrassment and disappointment. But that doesn't stop my body from reacting. I can't help that. "I forgive you." Those words, coming from my Master's mouth, are the most glorious words I could ever imagine. There is little more that gives me such a feeling of comfort and security. He forgives me. Which means he will keep me. Which means, I am still his. Which means...all is right in the world again. As he said these words "I forgive you" he pressed the heal of his palm against the opening to my pussy, raised his fingers, and brought them down in a little slap against the rest of my pussy and clit.

My Master rested his hand on my pussy like that. Just sitting there. My shoulders and hamstrings here burning on fire from the position I was locked in. My ass and pussy lips were sore, aching and, I was 100% certain, bruised in various spots. He stood there, with his hand on my pussy. I don't know how long. I had stopped crying. I could feel the salty tears drying on the side of my face. 'CLAP' another clap on my pussy sent shivers through me, causing me to jolt and squirm against my bonds, causing my pussy to spasm. Master caressed my right cheek, with the back of his left hand, the raised his hand over my face. pressed his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger together, and pointed them at my mouth. "Open" he commanded. I did. Making an 'O' with my lips, as big as my mouth would allow.

Master was grinding him right palm against my swollen and sore pussy, causing such a pleasurably painful sensation. He pushed the three fingers of his left hand into my mouth. Running them over my tongue. Pushed farther. Farther still. He pushed them in, until he could not push them any farther. I gagged and choked on them. I could feel the webbing by his pinkie and thumb tight against the corners of my mouth, stretching, stinging just a little. I coughed against his thick, meaty fingers, praying I would not throw up on my Master's hand. I closed my lips around his fingers, and suckled them, as I would if he'd put his cock in there. I was slobbering pretty good already from my crying. Now, with his fingers in my mouth, my salivary glands seemed to be working overtime. He slapped my cunt again. I yelped in surprise against his fingers, spittle flying in little bits from what little space there was to escape around the digits.

"Now, slut" he said, pulling his fingers from my suckling lips. "Tell me, " Master was moving his fingers along the slit of my pussy, up to my clit which he began to rub in little circles. My hips began to move (as best they could) in time with his movements around my clit. Trying to press into his fingers. I wasn't doing it consciously. It was just unthinking reaction to what my Master was doing. Pure instinct you might say. "What do you want?"

What did I want? What did he mean by that? I ran through all the possible answers in my mind. Focusing on the two things I wanted most in the world at this point. The second one was to cum, but Master likes truth and honesty, and I decided to voice the number one thing I wanted. The thing, that I wanted most and above any else in the world. "To make you proud and happy, Master" I said, my voice strong and steady, and even, trying to signify the true and deep meaning of what I was saying, despite his constant manipulation of my clit, which was sending me to planes unknown. MY pussy seemed to be in a constant state of clenching and releasing, and clenching and releasing, as if it were pumping the wetness from inside. He rested his left hand on my tail bone. He pressed his middle finger right against my sphincter. My asshole puckered and quivered at the touch.

"Hmm..." he said, nodding his head a touch, his lips pursed "so you don't want to cum?" he asked then.

My head nodded rapidly up and down, a high pitched whimper squeaking from my throat "yes Master" I confessed while he pressed his finger against my anus with greater pressure. His right hand was sending shock waves of pleasure throughout my body by playing with my clit. My sphincter began to open, almost reluctantly it seemed, as he pressed on, his finger sliding into the dark heat.

"I don't know," he said almost non-chalantly, "that didn't sound very convincing to me" he added. My Master worked a second finger into my tight ass. I could feel the burning around the stretched rim. The feeling of his fingers moving in there. Creating heat with their friction. He never relented on my clit either. Gawd...I was so close to cumming. I was panting, and breathing heavy, biting my lip. I wanted to shove my knuckle into my mouth and bite down hard on it. But of course, in my position I couldn't. I whimpered and whined instead.

My Master began to fuck my ass in earnest with this two fingers. The bumpy knuckles grinding inside me. He pushed and twisted his palm hard against my pussy, then replaced his palm with his thumb, pushing it into my pussy while corkscrewing his fingers in and out of my ass, twisting and pumping them. Master rocked his right hand while he thumb fucked my pussy, each time giving my clit a slap. He worked is digits against each other. I wanted to cum so bad. My pussy was aching for relief. I was moaning, and whining and writhing and wiggling my ass against his fingers. Three now, he pushed a third one into my ass. He pulled them out, pushed them in, pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed. The burning from being stretched by my Master's thick fingers was subsiding. The burning of my ass, being replaced by the burning desire to cum. My body cried out for relief. He tweaked his wrist, his thumb pressing towards the front of my body. Pressing against my special spot right there. Pressing, and pulling back, and pressing again.

My Master's thumb stimulating my g spot, his fingers were slapping against my clit, not hard, but just enough. He had three fingers of his left hand buried deep in my ass. Fucking my ass with his fingers. Fucking my pussy with his thumb. Slapping my clit with his other fingers. My mind reeled. I could not think of where I was. Sweat poured down my body. I could feel it tickling my throat, dripping trails down my side from under my breasts. My breathing ragged. I closed my eyes. Trying desperately to wait for permission to cum, if he was going to give  permission.

"You can cum, my slut."

No more needed to be said. No more needed to be done. Immediately the floodgates opened. My passion, my desire, my love for him, my release poured from me in waves and gushes. My ass and pussy clenched and released around his fingers. My hips bucked and thrashed against his hands. I screamed, not just cried out, not just moaned, I screamed as I came. I screamed, and I cried. I cried again, for the sorrow I felt, that I had done something where my Master felt the need to punish me. Then, he stopped. He stopped is movements, and held his fingers and thumb inside me while my orgasm calmed and subsided. Slowly he pulled his digits from inside my body. He unshackled my legs first. Slowly lowering them. Rubbing them as he did, letting the blood and feeling come back to them gradually. Then attended my wrists and neck, finally allowing me movement. He took my in his arms, and held me.

I reached to my face, wiping the dried, and drying tears from it, "Thank you, Master" I whispered.

"All is well."

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