Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Protest Against Violent Fantasy Roleplay


My dear friend Gera has a post up on her blog about a protest against violence in the sim Hard Alley.

Now, Hard Alley is  place where the main theme is rape and hard, violent sex.

Of course, the protest is against places that cater to violence against women. I guess these folks don’t give a hoot about places that cater to violence against men.

Frankly, I’m a tad jealous of Unca Hard. You can’t buy advertising like this. Too bad they didn’t come to Dogan, we could use the publicity.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finding a new camp whore

I was busy at Dogan, rearranging the cantina, taking out a few of the dancing poles, making more room for people to dance, and lounge. Making it a bit more open and less crowded, when I heard a little squeak. I had to look around, then finally down to see this little mouse of a girl standing there. Looking all sexy, hawt and, well, kinda pathetic overall. I smiled at her, as I do with most of them, a benevolent, kind (dare I say 'maternal'?) smile. The girl was very pale, and vibrant purple hair, wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, and some sort of army type pants.

Now, it should be noted, we do have another pale whore, with very shiny skin. I normally call her our "china doll whore" (meaning, of course, no offense to China-men, nor dolls). She is taller though, with lovely red/rust hair, braided back into a ponytail - perfect for grabbing hold of and dragging around.

"Hmmm..." I commented, "another white skinned china doll. Something must be catching."

"Maybe they are swine floosies" IZ chimed in.

"I hope not" said the china doll whore "I like being unique."

The new milk skinned girl blushed, a great look for her. The red in her cheeks clashing with the milkiness of her skin.

"Oh, trust me china doll, you are unique" I retorted. "she's not as shiny as you are though, but maybe we can fix that with the buffer."

"Buffer?" it was the first thing I'd heard the squeaky little milk skinned mouse say, she seemed nervous, and a bit scared.

"The Madame's must have gone to Lowe's recently, nail guns and buffers." chimed in IZ's faceless slave. So ugly she has to be masked.

"Yes" I said "a buffer, you know for buffing things"

"oooh" the mousey whore said weakly.

"I like her, she's a dork" the china doll piped up.

I nodded towards IZ's masked slave "Well, at least you aint so ugly we gotta put a mask on that one over there"

She blushed again - beautiful, simply adorable. "She is a bit covered though, she has, what, like 18 layers of clothes on?" The mousey girl squeaked and blushed again.."get your top off girl" I demanded. Looking a bit unsure of herself, and also a little scared, she grabbed the hem of her thick and over-sized shirt, and lifted it up over her head, her face growing brighter red, her fingers trembling a little. Seeing how nervous she was, got me aroused, as seeing the fear and uncertainty in these girls usually does. She had smallish breasts. Not, like, 14 year old boy small, but not much more than a handful. That's alright though, there was plenty there, and when abused, the small ones hurt just as much as the big ones do.
"She seems easy" The china doll whore injected.

"The tits are small, but their enough I suppose" I said reaching out and grabbing one of them, squeezing it, kneading my fingers into it, like someone testing a tomato at the super market.

"Nothing wrong with small tits" IZ says while the mousey girl winced and let out a little cry of pain, turning her face towards the ground, looking like she just wanted to curl up and hide somewhere "isn't that cute, she's shy". I pulled my fingers down her breast until my finger tips were at her nipple. I took the nipple between my finger and thumb and squeezed it a little, not  much mind you, but just enough to let the mouse feel it.

"I can see that..." I agreed "that is cute."

"And they don't have stretch marks like yo....some people" IZ commented - she tries to be funny sometimes, usually failing miserably.

IZ wanted to get the rest of her undressed, to see what she really looked like. I pinched the nipple harder. "I wanna see her ass" IZ said. I held onto the nipple while the mouse squeaked, kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her pants, revealing something akin to granny panties with the term "Dick Shit" written around the waistband. "She's got breeder hips" IZ added.

I looked down at the girl's underwear, and grimaced. "We wanna ss your ASS bitch" I slapped her tit hard "how can we do that with those granny panties on?"

"This whore much be the B&O Railroad" IZ is great at humiliating them "she's got a big caboose." I laughed at that sometimes IZ can make a good joke.

"I think she likes it up the ass too" I said "don't ya, whore?"

"That's the biggest tail I seen not on a neko" IZ was on a roll. The mousey whore quickly removed the panties, grinding her teeth. She was probably wondering why she was so eager to do what she was told.

"Yeah, she's way to easy" the china doll continued with her assessment of the whore.

"She's a whore, she should be easy when it counts." IZ replied.

Ignoring the bantering of the other two, I clapped my hand between the whore's legs, pressing it against her pussy "well? do ya?" I asked. I could see her looking at the china doll, her lips pulled tight, jaw muscles tense and her fists clenched tight, all of that went away when I slapped my hand against her cunt and she let out a surprised cry. "Let me explain something, whore," I forced a finger into the whore's pussy "I don't like to repeat myself, and I asked you a question."

The mousey whore intook a deep, sharp breath as my finger penetrated her body "Wh..what was the question?"

I sighed, grabbing the whore's nipple with my free hand, I tweaked it hard "Do you like it up the ass?" I asked again as she cried out in pain, moving a hand instinctively to cover her backside.

"Th...that's dirty!" she replied, looking around, as if to see if there was some way to escape the camp. The heavy gate is locked, and secure, that is the only way in or out of the camp. I forced a second finger into the whore's cunt.
"You got any diseases whore?"

"M...maybe?" I hooked my fingers in her cunt, and yanked up. "So, you're a slut then?" She cried out again, and raised up on her tip toes "AAAAAH" she screamed "ALRIGHT, I LIED!!" I grinned and removed my fingers from her cunt "So I figured...bend over and grab your ankles, whore." She began to shake visibly, her mouth opening in closing in silent protest "NOW SLUT!" I yelled, slapping the whore's tit again. She yelped and bent over, grabbing her ankles.

I leaned over the whore, grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands and pulling them apart, teasing the whore's asshole with my index finger. "My my, you are tight back here whore, you EVER have a cock in your ass?" She trembled..stammering out her answer, "n..n...never". I let a glob of spit drip from my mouth onto her ass between her cheeks, she gasped and watched as it rolled down, settling in her little brown eye. Then pressed my finger into her virgin ass.

She began shuttering, I thought she might pass out. "Fuck you are tight, we can sell your anal virginity...some guys LOVE making a girl scream when they shove their meaty cocks into a whore's tight ass for the first time." Then the water works started, the sobbing and crying. God, I love it when they cry like that, just gets my....mmmhhhh...juices really flowing!

I pulled my finger out of the whore's ass, wiping it off on her cheeks, and moved my hands down, my fingers prying apart her pussy lips, revealing the soft pink insides, "Your cunny don't look too used up either, that's good, you'll last longer that way." For some reason, she tried to stand up when I said that, not sure why. It surprised me, almost making me loose my balance. If I hadn't been leaning over her that way, with my hands on her cunt lips, who knows. I shoved two fingers into the tight pussy again, twisting them back and forth. She let loose with a shrill, almost screaming sound from her throat, convulsing and sobbing, the tears flowing freely from her eyes. Pulling my fingers out of her hole, and used her hair to clean them off, I stood "get up, whore" I commanded.

She stood, her knees looking weak, turning her head about as if looking for an escape route. I grabbed a fistful of hair "There ain't no getting out of here...whore." I pulled the whore by the hair towards the processing hut, she screamed and cried out in pain the whole way. In the hut, I slapped a collar around her neck, and then things got a bit strange. She become suddenly not to meek and mousey. She quit crying, and even become a tad beligerant.

I left her in one of the in-ground tiger cages for the night. Maybe she'll be nicer tomorrow. I'm wondering if she might have split personalities....but she wont' be the first crazy bitch we've had, and certainly won't be the last.

(( as always, comments and complaints are welcome :) ))

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Reunions


Old friends, re-united. It was a good day at Dogan. Friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while dropped by.

With the purchase of the new whore – a true and unending painslut. She’s a crazy, panther like slut, but we love her dearly!


Other friends, whom I haven’t seen for nearly as long, such a sight for my eyes. Lovely people, a wonderful man, and his slave who is as lovely on the inside, as she looks on the outside.

Monday, November 9, 2009


brandinghook When I woke up that day, I knew what I was going to do. I approached it, and slowly began to remove its garments. It was dressed in a soft corset, with bicep length gloves a skirt, and what I endearingly call its "pussy corset" - a set of leather panties with a drawstring that can be drawn oh so deliciously tight. I stripped it naked, slowly, caressing it, kissing it. Tasting the sweet moisture my attentions caused it to create. I then placed a gag and blindfold on it, connected its chain, and walked it out of our cabin to the whore camp, where I had ordered everything I would need to be arranged and set up. We entered the compound, the slave's lovely breasts swaying as it walked, naked, gagged and blind behind me.

I had waiting for us, two of the camp whores, they were there to help. I lead my plaything to a pipe structure we built which works great for securing girls. It is made from scavenged rusted pipes, and has several chains hanging from it in different locations. Thick, heavy steel chains. The kind that you feel the weight of almost just by looking at them. I took one of these chains, and attached it to the slave's bound wrists and pulled it tight, raising the slave's arms behind it, tweaking my fuck meat's shoulders back, it mumbled in discomfort into its gag. As the 'coups de gras' so to speak, I inserted an anal hook into my toy's ass, and shortened the chain, lifting it to its tip-toes.

thebrand I nodded to one of the whores, who began to tease and pinch my slave's nipples. Now, I know that my slave has very sensitive nipples - it can climax just from having its nipples tortured. The whore seemed to be having a really good go at them. Taking out her frustrations on my slave's nipples. Pinching, pulling, twisting. My slave, had it not been gagged, I'm sure would be screaming.

The other whore knelt in front of the bound and gagged piece of slave meat, and started teasing it's pussy with her tongue. Sucking and licking at the clit and lips with a hungry, wet slurping sound. I checked the iron in the fire, seeing that it was glowing bright red I knew it was time. It should be noted that my piece of meat did not know what was going to happen. We hadn't discussed anything about this before. I rubbed baby oil over her right ass cheek, pulled the iron from the fire, and jabbed it onto my plaything's flank. It tensed and screamed against the gag...and of course, it climaxed. It came hard while its nipples were tortured, and while the red hot branding iron sizzled on its ass. Little tendrils of smoke rising in the still air. The aroma of fresh burned meat filling our senses.

Now it is branded. It is completely mine - forever.