Thursday, September 13, 2007

Caught Red-Handed

I was wondering around the Hard Alley School for Girls Gone Bad, wearing my new cheerleader outfit, when one of the Abusive Guards caught me.

"Hey!", he demanded "do you have a pass miss?"

"Well, like, yeah, of course" I said, hoping I could just slide by this one time.

"Why don't I believe you? Where are you coming from?" He was very stern, and I think he was already pissed off, so there really wasn't going to be much of a way out that I could see.

"" I replied.

"Uh huh..and where are you going?"

"Like - duh - to class?"

Me and the Guard

"Well then, get in there and settle in." He said, then added "I don't want to see you wandering around without a hall pass again...or there will be discipline."

"Ok, um..sure...thanks." I was somewhat bewildered and relieved. I thought for sure he had a fight with his old lady or something, and I was going to get the beating for it, but he let me slide. 'He he' I thought to myself, 'I fooled that asshole!' I sauntered into the sex ed classroom really working the hips. They were popping from side to side with each step, I could feel his eyes following me, wanting me. But I didn't care, I wasn't being punished for being in the hall without a pass! I was on top of the world baby!

Then he followed me in, and some of my relief went up in smoke as the room seemed to get this really heavy vibe all around it. "Do you know what class this is?" he asked. Shit,any fool new that. It had "sex ed 101" written right there on the blackboard. I mean, I knew the guards weren't all that smart, but are you fucking shitting me? He can't read the board?

"Yeah, like, sex ed" I replied as if I was talking to a moron (which I was - but don't tell him I said that).

"Then why are you wearing underwear?" He inquired. Damn, this guy didn't want to punish me, he wanted to FUCK me. I'm down for that, anytime, anyplace!

"Uh...sorry...I forgot" I replied, looking and sounding real sheepish like. Bowing my head down, and looking up at him with those big puppy dog eyes that I do so well.

"Do you plan on passing or what?" He asked. "I sure hope so," I said sarcastically "Like, how hard can sex ed be, ya know?"

"Hmmm well, actually, it depends on your teacher my dear."

"This is my first day, are you like, the teacher or something?" I asked, trying to be all little girly inquisitive.

"Stand up, lose the pom poms, lose the underwear and let me see you without your top." he demanded. So I tossed my pom-poms in the corner, and bent over, showing him my cleavage as I removed my panties. But he was getting impatient "NOW" he screamed. It made me jump a little and I hurried the panties off, tossed them in the corner with the pom-poms and practially ripped my shirt over my head, just throwing it anywhere.

There I stood in front of him. Naked from the waste up, the cold air conditioning making my nipples hard and erect. "Turn around, let me see how you look from behind." I pivoted, looking at him over my shoulder. "Good, now bend over." I did, exposing my pussy and ass as my short cheerleader skirt rose above everything as I bent over. "Now, turn around, and tell me what you do with this?" I turned and gasped, he had his cock out, and it was huge, and not even fully hard. I could feel my pussy becoming wet and warm just looking at it.

I sauntered over to him, and softly wrapped my hand around his shaft, stroking it along its full length. I could hear him take a deep breath as my cool, soft hand touched his member and begin to stroke it. I pressed my breasts against his large, muscular chest and breathed my hot breath on his neck. "Mmmm, you really want a good grade don't you miss?" He asked.

I opened my mouth, and licked the palm of my hand, getting it good and wet with my saliva, then returned it to his cock. Its always easier, and I think more pleasurable for them, to stroke the shaft with a good, wet hand. I could feel his cock hardening in my grasp, getting longer and hotter and thicker and stiffer. The feel of that just got my juices flowing even more. Imagining that monster inside my tight little pussy, forcing its way in, humping and pumping in and out of me. God I was hot and horny and wanted sex BAD!

"Oh yes sir, I have to pass this class. It is the only one I'm not failing so far." I sad innocently.

"I see that" he said, barely able to keep his compusure. I had this guy in the palm of my hand (literally!). "Now, stand against the desk."

I moved to the desk and leaned over it on my elbows, sticking my ass in the air, spreading my legs and perfectly exposing my pussy for him. I'm certain he could see how wet it was. "Like this?" I asked.

"Mmmm yes, that loks very nice" he said.

"Is this the right way?" I inquired.

"Mmmm that is the right way"

I moaned as he started rubbing his fingers between my lips, getting them all wet with my juices. Then he spread them with his fingers, and inserted the head, the just went on and pushed it all the way in.

"God that pussy feels nice" he exclaimed. I could feel the heat of his cock as it prodded deeper into my body. Filling me up, pumping my. I squeezed my pussy muscles as best I could (with them being so stretched and all from his massive size) milking his cock for all it was worth.

"You like having me fill you up don't you?" He asked,"you're a good little slut."

"Mmmm yes, it feels sooooo good." I purred.

"I want to fel that little mouth wrapped around my hard cock," he said breathlessly, "you'll never pass without an oral exam." He slid his cock out of my pussy, I could see the precum dripping from it and my own juices glistening on the shaft.

I kneeled and began by caressing his balls, softly and gently. I started to stroke his staff again. Slowly I moved my hand along the length of his cock, from his balls to his head, and wrapped my palm around his head and gave a little twist there at the top. That made him sudder a little.

I opened my lips and, looking up at him, so that he was watching me, stuck my tongue out and slid it id on the underside of his head while my lips slowly ecompassed his bulbous tip. I suckled on the head for a little while, rolling my tongue around it. He was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could get it, and swallowed his cock like a hungry bird taking a worm from her mother. I gagged as it reached the back of my throat, but with constant swallowing I was able to get the whole thing into my mouth. I could smell his sex, I could feel his balls as they carresed my chin.

"Ohhh yeah, that's good, be aggressive, I want your spit dripping off my balls." He said with delight. "Suck it hard...fuck it with your wet hot mouth."

I bobbed my head up and down faster and faster, sucking hard on his cock with all my strenght each time I engulfed it."Yessss" he hissed. He grabbed the back of my head and started to force my face faster and harder on his cock. He was fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. My own pussy was dripping even more, I was ready to cum and it didn't matter if he was going to fuck it again or not."Mmmm goood...earn that grade!" he said as he fucked my face.

I pulled my face from his cock, I needed to breath, a line of precum and spit dangled in a loop from my lips to the head of his cock. I took a couple of deep breaths while I stroked him. The I spit a glob of saliva on his cock, and immediately devoured it again, swallowing the whole thing, causing his balls to bounce off my chin. I reached between my legs and inserted a finger into my pussy. I started finger fucking my pussy, while the guard grabbed my hair and forcibly fucked my face like a cunt.

He moaned and shuddred, and grabbed my head and forced it all the way down on his cock, and held it there. His cock filled my mouth and throat completely, I couldn't breath at all. I was trying to breath, but he had my face air tight with that massive man meat.

"Mmmmhhh mmmhhh" was the only sounds I could make. He pulled my hair roughly and basically ripped my lips from his cock. He threw me on my the ground, rolled me onto my arms and knees, grabbed my hips and slammed his massive, hard, hot, thick long cock into my wet and willing pussy. I let out a loud, pleasureable groan as I felt him all the way in, his balls hitting my clit as he pounded into me.

He held my hips as he filled my tight little pussy up with his throbbing hard cock, I could tell he was ready to explode, he was fucking me so deep and so violently. I came, and it seemed like the orgasm lasted for hours, it just kept cumming and cumming as he slammed into me again and again and again.

I ground my hips into him, taking as much of him inside me as he had to put there. He reached under and grabbed my tits. Using them know for balance instead of my hips. He grabbed them hard and squeezed them roughly. "Aaaarrrhhh" he moaned out loud, "I'm ready to cum all over that pretty little face, are you ready to yeard your grade my little slut?"

"Oh yes yes yes yes!" He pulled out of me and I swung around to my knees again, I looked up at him, sweat was glistening from his forehead. I grabbed his cock with my had and started to jack him off fast and hard. His cock was slick and shiny with my cum. It make squishy noises as my hand jerked up and down his shaft.

I opened my mouth, waiting for his load, looking into his eyes, seeking approval of my actions. He approved. "Cum on daddy, give it to me, yeah, that's it" I egged him on. "Give me your cum daddy, I want it so bad." I went on as I jerked his cock, his balls flapping in rhythym with my hand movements. I stuck out my tongue, and a smile came to my lips as I noticed that his cock did a little jerk all on it's own.

"FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK" he moaned as his cock started to throb, and his hot stickly liquid started ejecting from the tip. The first wad landed just beside my nose, and he sprayed my face and neck and mouth with what seemed like gallons of his hot jism. I could feel the cum rolling down my face, off my chin and dripping onto my tits. I came a second time, much smaller, but still satisfying, as his cum dripped from my face.

I planted my mouth back on his cock, squeezing and stroking it to get every last drop from his shaft. "Keep sucking slut. Clean that cock off. Take it deep. AAHHHH yes."

Pulling my mouth off his cock, I looked up at him, his cum covering my face and tits. "Did I pass?" I asked.

"You passed the first test," he replied. "We will have to have the final later."

"You mean there's like, more?" I asked, exasperated.

"Oh yeah, a LOT more."

"What-ever" I sighed with near disgust. I mean, seriously, I just let this guy fuck me, gave him a stupendous blow job, and jerked him off until he came all over my face and tits. And now I don't even pass? What a fucking asshole!

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