Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My First Good Rape

Had a really awesome time tonight. I met a guy who as exceptional RP skills. He teleported me to a platform in the sky and beat and raped the living shit out of me...

He invited me to meet with him. He seemed normal enough, so I agreed. He took me to a very secluded location, a platform high up in the sky. Once we were there with tremendous speed and agility, and before I could register what was happening, he grabbed my arm, spun me around and had a rope around my wrist pulled tight and shortly wrapped around my other wrist. With my arms incapacitated, he yanked my hair back, pulling some out in the process, and spat in my face. I cursed him and tried to fight him off. Kicking and screaming and biting. But he was stronger, and I could not use my arms. He beat me around the face and split my lip knocking me down.

He ripped my panties off, and started shoving his fingers in my pussy and ass. It was painful. Especially in the ass, he used no lubrication, and his fingernails where rather sharp. I was fighting to keep this from happening. I didn't want to be raped. I kicked and tried to bite him. and spat on him and cursed him to no end. "You mother fucker, get the fuck off me" I screamed at him as he drove three fingers into my ass. He made me choose, get fucked in the ass, or in the pussy, risking pregnancy. I didn't think I was going to survive this encounter. This man was a monster. He seemed to almost relish in the prospect of my bearing his child, the product of a brutal and violent rape. I begged him to take my ass, not wanting to take the risk of being pregnant with this monster's child.

He laughed at my decision, forced my legs apart, and shoved his cock into my pussy and started pounding and pounding my pussy. I screamed until I was hoarse, hoping above hope that someone would hear me. That someone would come and rescue me. But it was no use. We were to far away from anywhere to be heard. Tears rolled down my face as he pounded his manhood into my aching, torn and sore pussy. He spat on my face again before releasing his cum inside my pussy. I was crying pitifully. I was humiliated, and now might get pregnant with his child. I could feel his warm sperm leaking from my pussy and dribbling down my leg.

After this excruciating 45 minute ordeal, he patted my ass, told he I was good slut and that my ass raping would have to wait for another time. He also said he hoped I had a daughter by him that he could abuse in much the same way, then he left. He left me there, on a platform in the sky, my hands tied behind my back, ruined and crying and humiliated.

God, that encounter made me so hot and wet I could hardly contain myself! I checked his profile though, and he belonged to a group called "Guillotine Girls." This sounded like a delicious group, so I joined up.

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