Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Dogan Compound

I’ll post some pics of the compound up here soon, I’ve just been sitting on this article for a while now, and thought I’d get it finally put up.

The Dogan is a different kind of place. Called both "Dogan" and "the Dogan" (either is correct, really - heck we don't really care what you call it, as long as you visit :) ) is a kind of combination of a whore house, slave den, prison and capture sim - and yet, at the same time, it is none of those. I'll explain the visions for Dogan, then we'll visit each of the things in the list above, and give some deeper explanations.

The Vision:
What we've envisioned for Dogan is a kind of human trafficking place. A former POW camp, that we found and fixed up (sort of). We capture or buy girls on the black market (completely RP, we don't really buy girls) and make them whores. Renting out their bodies for the pleasures of the clients. The camp is somewhat run-down, and in a bit of disrepair. The buildings are old and rusty, it isn't the cleanest environment. The idea was to give the impression that we'll spend as little money as possible to keep the camp (and the whores) in working order. After all, we're in this for the money, it's just an easy way to get a lot of money, with little effort on our parts - oh, well, yeah, and a reason to abuse the lovely whore flesh we have running around.

Is Dogan a prison?
No...well...kinda. Dogan has some cells and some cages, and an area for severe isolation. We are not a prison in that we have cell blocks and guards, and the prisoners are expected to be in their cells each night and all kinds of prison-ish rules and regulations. We are a prison in that we have...well...prisoners. Prisoners that we force into prostitution.

Is Dogan a slave camp?
Yes..aaaand no. Dogan's prisoners are forced into prostitution. So, they are, in essence, sex slaves. Though, do not expect them to call you "Master" or "Mistress" or whatever title you think a slave should use for a dominant. The theme is a contemporary one, not ancient Arabia, not Gor, not quasi-Gor, not antebellum southern. There are other places for that. Our whores are sex slaves, plain and simple. They are trapped and held prisoner here. Some of the whores have had their spirit broken and their will shattered, and are eager and willing to serve. Others have not, they are made of more rigid stuff. These might take a bit more convincing to get them to do what you want.

Is Dogan an escort sim?
No, not in the context that you have to pay L$1000 for 30 minutes of RP, no. While we welcome donations (hell, we even ENCOURAGE them!), the play is that once a client enters the compound, it is assumed they have already paid for whatever whore(s) they want to use. Tipping of the whores is allowed, any tips they receive are there's alone - but they should not be soliciting tips.

Is Dogan a capture sim?
No....aaaand yes...sorta, kinda. We do not have combat. We use no meters. Weapons are not allowed in the compound. We ask that you remove any bows, guns, slingshots, spit ball straws, swords, baseball bats, broken whiskey bottles (FULL whiskey bottles will be confiscated - and properly disposed of by the camp Madams), or anything else that could be conceivably considered a weapon. Exceptions to this are your normal dominant paraphernalia of things like crops, whips, cats o' nine, quirts, etc. Basically, if you're going to use it to torture a whore, it's all good; if you are going to use it in a fight, it's bad.

These are the visitors who wish to use the whores and slaves to their whim. Some come with a rather mean streak, and really like to abuse the girls, others are more just for a quickie.

camp whores:
New girls who arrive, either through capture or purchase, are designated at camp whores. Usually - but not always - they are a bit rambunctious, having not fully accepted their fate. They think that at some time in the future they'll be able to go back to their previous life. They fight the advances of the clients, and usually have to be 'shown their place' as it were - sometimes rather harshly.

camp slaves:
These girls have accepted their fate, they are easier to get along with, and some actually seem to enjoy their new life. They are resigned to their fate, and do what they can to make the best of what they realize is the rest of their life.

camp slaves who have a bit (or a lot) of switch in them. The are prisoners, just as the slaves and whores are, but have gained favor with the Madams of the camp, and are allowed a little more responsibility.

Whore Handlers:
These are the dominants of the camp. They keep the whores inline, train them, try to break their spirit to make them slaves. They train the slaves to be better slaves, and provide back up for the trustees.

Dogan Madame:
This role is reserved for myself and Irena Zenovka - the proprietors of Dogan - and the Bound Beauty sim.

You might see a few other, specialized tags around besides those listed above. Generally though, whores, slaves and trustees are available for use by clients.