Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad girl...bad, bad girl

So far, I've written about how wonderful my Master is. How generous he can be. But, that is not all he is. I am not always the good girl I make myself out to be. Sometimes I do things which disappoint, or otherwise cause my Master grief. In these instances, he punishment is harsh and painful (not to mention exciting as all HELL). Early on, soon after I took his collar, one such occurrence happened. I won't go into the details of my offense. The transgression I committed doesn't really matter.

"I did tell you there was going to be a price to pay, didn't I little one?" My Master asked. His fingers, raking into the fleshy cheeks of my ass, which spilled about his fingertips like combed sand.

"Yes Master" I whimpered feeling the dull, binding pain of his fingers digging into my ass.

I was in what could be called a "less-than-comfortable" position. Master had rigged shackles to a four foot by four foot square, flat board. The board was not completely rough. It had been sanded some, but not so much that I could not feel the wood grain, nor to such a point as to ensure naked skin rubbing over it would not get splinters. My neck was shackled to the board. My wrists were shackled near my head, and my ankles here shackled next to my wrists. I was completely naked. Doubled over so tight, the aroma of my pussy was thick in my nostrils with each breath. Breathing was difficult in this compressed position, but not so difficult that I might pass out due to lack of oxygen. My ass and pussy were raised up in the air, exposed for whatever my Master had planned for them.

Master dug his fingers hard into my ass flesh. Making fists with my skin between his fingers and palms. The pain was atrocious. I gritted my teeth hard and whimpered and moaned through them. He kneaded my ass like that. Releasing his grip, moving his hands just a little bit, and grabbing another fistful of ass. Tears were already starting to well in my eyes. Then the grabbing stopped. Suddenly I felt a terrible sting in my lower back, then another, and another. My Master was pinching me. Pinching me hard. Moving down (up in this position) my back towards my ass. I could feel the terrible tension in each of the little assaults. His finger and thumb squeezing my skin between them, holding it for a brief second, before releasing it. My back and ass lit on fire. Heat rising in them, I could fee the heat distinctively in each location where he'd pinched me. I flinched and squirmed. Whining and whimpering with each stinging pinch. Tears began to leak from my eyes and track down the sides of my reddened face.

I could feel my ass dotted with little islands of heat. I could imagine smallish glowing red spots all over it from my Master's treatment. I screamed out, trying to lift my head, which was held fast to the board by the shackle around my neck, when he moved to pinching that ever-so-tender skin on the inside of my thighs, just below (or, above in this position) my pussy. More tears rolling from my eyes. I was panting. Trying to keep my breath, trying not to feel the pain. I didn't want my Master to see me as weak. I sniffled, took in a deep breath, closed my eyes, and slowly let it out. It came out broken and raspy. He stopped his pinching. Master was running the palm of his hand over my sore ass. His hand, usually warm, felt cool against the heated flesh of my cheeks. He rubbed them, running his fingers and palms over every inch of my smooth skin.

"AAAYYY" I screamed out almost at the same time the loud 'SLAP' reverberated off the walls of the room. My Master had pulled both hands back from my ass about a foot, and delivered a blow with each at the same time. The sound was loud, sharp and harsh. My ass immediately lit on fire. I was full on crying now. Partially because of the pain, but mostly....mostly because I had wronged my Master. I had done something that caused him displeasure. I hated that feeling. I deserved whatever he was going to give me as punishment..and much more even. He left his hands on my ass. Back to rubbing and kneading it. Letting me calm a little I think, or maybe just lost in the pleasure of digging his fingers into my flesh, I'm not sure which it was.

"You remember your lesson little one?" He asked. He grabbed at my cheeks, not seeming to even care if I answered. He pulled them apart, exposing my tight, anus.

"Y...yes Master" I whimpered, just knowing he was going to dry fuck my ass with at least his fingers, my tears and whimpering started up again in anticipation.

"And what is that girl?" He asked, suddenly his hands, alternatively, rising from my ass and slapping down on it hard. His left hand lifting while his right hand was slapping, his left hand slapping while his right was lifting. One, two, one, two, one, two all in rapid succession. Not giving any time between slaps for recovering.

"" I sniffed..."to  not disappoint you Master". I finally managed to squeak out. I sucked in a gasp when he stopped slapping his hands moving up the crack of my ass, to my tender pussy lips. He rubbed them between his finger and thumbs, a flap in each hand.

"Yes, and in this situation, how could that have been avoided little one?" He asked, working both of his thumbs between my lips, squishing them into my wet pussy.

"To.." sniffle... " to think of you before I do anything Master" I replied, regaining some composure. My back was beginning to burn from the cramped position I was in, my thigh muscles to tighten and tense. He placed his fingers and thumbs on each of my pussy lips, massaging them firmly.
"Good..." He said tensly, pinching my lips hard as I cried out, then releasing the pinch, "...girl" he added with another harsh pinch. I screamed out again, balling now, tears were running down the side of my face. I cried, my mouth opened and wailing. Me moved his fingers..well, not moved them so much, and squeezed them down the length of my pussy lips. Not really letting go and re-pinching them. More like he walked them down my lips, squeezing and rubbing the whole way. The pain was immense. I thought for sure he would succeed in ripping my skin, that he already had, perhaps, considering the amount of wetness i could feel down there. He worked his way to the thick, meaty parts of my lips, and squeezed his fingers together hard. He held them there. The pain seared through my body. I cried out, I could see his knuckles turning white while he pinched and didn't let go.

Master squeezed hard and held on tight. Gawd, the pain was tremendous. I was balling and wailing. He then pulled. He pulled them, holding onto them so tight, until they let loose because he could not hold on tight enough to pull them off. As the blood rushed back to the afflicted parts, a new wave of pain send me into a louder fit of cries and moans. Master then began rubbing the palms of his hands over my bruised and reddened ass again. The 'SWAT'. Three spanks on each cheek. The last one on each, brutal enough to leave red hand prints as they echoed throughout the room. I yelped and screamed with each swat.

"You want my forgiveness little one?" He asked.

I sniffled, "Y...yes Master...I beg your forgiveness....I...I am so sorry" I said, tears flowing, sniffling between the words. The tears, mind you, were only partially due to the pain. A great deal of them, were because I had disappointed him. Had made my Master not be proud of my actions. I had done something that offended him. And that, dear readers, is more painful, and more distressing, than any form of punishment he could imagine to deal out. I deserved whatever punishment he was giving me, or would give me. I deserved that, and so much more for my transgression.

"You know..." he went on, moving his hands up the backs of my thighs, brushing over the creases in the backs of my knees. "If I forgive you on this...." his hand moved towards my face. I flinched instinctively as the back of his hand caressed my left cheek, smearing the tears. "It is over with, and we can move on."

"Yes Master" I whispered hoarsely.

"Good girl" he said, moving his hand back down and around my body. He brought it up, softly caressing my ass and rested it on my pussy. I softened, and relaxed  with my Master's touches, then tensed as he placed his hand on my pussy. The expectation of a slap on my pussy caused it to twitch under his hand. I could see a slight grin appear on his face. He could feel my heat under his hand. How hot, wet and excited I had become. Sure, I was in dire emotional straights right then. I had done wrong. I had caused him embarrassment and disappointment. But that doesn't stop my body from reacting. I can't help that. "I forgive you." Those words, coming from my Master's mouth, are the most glorious words I could ever imagine. There is little more that gives me such a feeling of comfort and security. He forgives me. Which means he will keep me. Which means, I am still his. Which means...all is right in the world again. As he said these words "I forgive you" he pressed the heal of his palm against the opening to my pussy, raised his fingers, and brought them down in a little slap against the rest of my pussy and clit.

My Master rested his hand on my pussy like that. Just sitting there. My shoulders and hamstrings here burning on fire from the position I was locked in. My ass and pussy lips were sore, aching and, I was 100% certain, bruised in various spots. He stood there, with his hand on my pussy. I don't know how long. I had stopped crying. I could feel the salty tears drying on the side of my face. 'CLAP' another clap on my pussy sent shivers through me, causing me to jolt and squirm against my bonds, causing my pussy to spasm. Master caressed my right cheek, with the back of his left hand, the raised his hand over my face. pressed his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger together, and pointed them at my mouth. "Open" he commanded. I did. Making an 'O' with my lips, as big as my mouth would allow.

Master was grinding him right palm against my swollen and sore pussy, causing such a pleasurably painful sensation. He pushed the three fingers of his left hand into my mouth. Running them over my tongue. Pushed farther. Farther still. He pushed them in, until he could not push them any farther. I gagged and choked on them. I could feel the webbing by his pinkie and thumb tight against the corners of my mouth, stretching, stinging just a little. I coughed against his thick, meaty fingers, praying I would not throw up on my Master's hand. I closed my lips around his fingers, and suckled them, as I would if he'd put his cock in there. I was slobbering pretty good already from my crying. Now, with his fingers in my mouth, my salivary glands seemed to be working overtime. He slapped my cunt again. I yelped in surprise against his fingers, spittle flying in little bits from what little space there was to escape around the digits.

"Now, slut" he said, pulling his fingers from my suckling lips. "Tell me, " Master was moving his fingers along the slit of my pussy, up to my clit which he began to rub in little circles. My hips began to move (as best they could) in time with his movements around my clit. Trying to press into his fingers. I wasn't doing it consciously. It was just unthinking reaction to what my Master was doing. Pure instinct you might say. "What do you want?"

What did I want? What did he mean by that? I ran through all the possible answers in my mind. Focusing on the two things I wanted most in the world at this point. The second one was to cum, but Master likes truth and honesty, and I decided to voice the number one thing I wanted. The thing, that I wanted most and above any else in the world. "To make you proud and happy, Master" I said, my voice strong and steady, and even, trying to signify the true and deep meaning of what I was saying, despite his constant manipulation of my clit, which was sending me to planes unknown. MY pussy seemed to be in a constant state of clenching and releasing, and clenching and releasing, as if it were pumping the wetness from inside. He rested his left hand on my tail bone. He pressed his middle finger right against my sphincter. My asshole puckered and quivered at the touch.

"Hmm..." he said, nodding his head a touch, his lips pursed "so you don't want to cum?" he asked then.

My head nodded rapidly up and down, a high pitched whimper squeaking from my throat "yes Master" I confessed while he pressed his finger against my anus with greater pressure. His right hand was sending shock waves of pleasure throughout my body by playing with my clit. My sphincter began to open, almost reluctantly it seemed, as he pressed on, his finger sliding into the dark heat.

"I don't know," he said almost non-chalantly, "that didn't sound very convincing to me" he added. My Master worked a second finger into my tight ass. I could feel the burning around the stretched rim. The feeling of his fingers moving in there. Creating heat with their friction. He never relented on my clit either. Gawd...I was so close to cumming. I was panting, and breathing heavy, biting my lip. I wanted to shove my knuckle into my mouth and bite down hard on it. But of course, in my position I couldn't. I whimpered and whined instead.

My Master began to fuck my ass in earnest with this two fingers. The bumpy knuckles grinding inside me. He pushed and twisted his palm hard against my pussy, then replaced his palm with his thumb, pushing it into my pussy while corkscrewing his fingers in and out of my ass, twisting and pumping them. Master rocked his right hand while he thumb fucked my pussy, each time giving my clit a slap. He worked is digits against each other. I wanted to cum so bad. My pussy was aching for relief. I was moaning, and whining and writhing and wiggling my ass against his fingers. Three now, he pushed a third one into my ass. He pulled them out, pushed them in, pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed. The burning from being stretched by my Master's thick fingers was subsiding. The burning of my ass, being replaced by the burning desire to cum. My body cried out for relief. He tweaked his wrist, his thumb pressing towards the front of my body. Pressing against my special spot right there. Pressing, and pulling back, and pressing again.

My Master's thumb stimulating my g spot, his fingers were slapping against my clit, not hard, but just enough. He had three fingers of his left hand buried deep in my ass. Fucking my ass with his fingers. Fucking my pussy with his thumb. Slapping my clit with his other fingers. My mind reeled. I could not think of where I was. Sweat poured down my body. I could feel it tickling my throat, dripping trails down my side from under my breasts. My breathing ragged. I closed my eyes. Trying desperately to wait for permission to cum, if he was going to give  permission.

"You can cum, my slut."

No more needed to be said. No more needed to be done. Immediately the floodgates opened. My passion, my desire, my love for him, my release poured from me in waves and gushes. My ass and pussy clenched and released around his fingers. My hips bucked and thrashed against his hands. I screamed, not just cried out, not just moaned, I screamed as I came. I screamed, and I cried. I cried again, for the sorrow I felt, that I had done something where my Master felt the need to punish me. Then, he stopped. He stopped is movements, and held his fingers and thumb inside me while my orgasm calmed and subsided. Slowly he pulled his digits from inside my body. He unshackled my legs first. Slowly lowering them. Rubbing them as he did, letting the blood and feeling come back to them gradually. Then attended my wrists and neck, finally allowing me movement. He took my in his arms, and held me.

I reached to my face, wiping the dried, and drying tears from it, "Thank you, Master" I whispered.

"All is well."

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Monday, October 27, 2008

My F'ing AWESOME Master

My Master approached his girl. Placing his hand under my chin, he lifted my head, pointing my face towards his. He took a step closer to me. And another...until our bodies were pressed against one another. Master moved his hand over my shoulder and around my neck, grabbing it, and pulling me to him hard. His lips smashed against mine, his mouth working the kiss. My tits pressed and flattened against his chest. I practically melted in his embrace. I could feel the heat of his breath, coming from his nose, on my cheek. Master's hands began roaming. Touching my body. Down my back, over my ass. His other hand, groping and kneading my breast. My loins lit on fire. Just being around Master, makes me feel like like a bitch in heat. A slutty whore who's only thought is having him inside me. Inside me anywhere. My mouth, my pussy, my ass. I thought of that feeling, and got even more wet than I already was.

His hand came up my back, returning to my neck for just a moment. He traced his fingers around his collar, the one I wear. The shiny, stainless steel collar that has no clasps, no locks, no buckles, no hinges. It is smooth, and unbroken. It is welded onto my neck. It doesn't have to be. I would never remove his collar. But having it secured onto me so permanently, makes me feel secure, and safe. Knowing that he cannot remove it on a whim either. We are bound together by his collar, the one that I wear.

He pulled back from the kiss. I whimpered and stretched my neck. Not wanting it to end. Wanting more. Needing more of him. His hands, roaming over my body, slid up my sides. Tickling my ribcage. He grasped the bottom of my tight top, and with one, fast and smooth movement, yanked it up, and over my head. I yelped and giggled at the sudden nakedness I felt. The cool air of the room brushing the naked skin of my tits, still bouncing a little from the removal of my top. My nipples here already hard from my Master's passionate kiss, and his roaming, groping hands, reducing me to little more than his plaything. Reducing...or, more appropriately, elevating me to his plaything. An object, whose sole purpose is his pleasure and satisfaction.

He tossed the shirt, not caring where it landed, and returned his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He reached behind my head, and grabbed a handful of hair. Grabbed it, and held it, like he was never going to let it go. My knees turned to jello and buckled. I wasn't scared of falling, knowing that my Master had me in his arms, and would support me, as he always does, as he always has, in more ways that just physically. His other hand worked its way to the front of my Daisy Duke style jean shorts. Unbuttoning and unzipping them, he opened the front of them wide, and reached his hand down the front, squeezing between my tight jeans and my body. Wasn't wearing any panties. I don't normally. He likes it that way. Panties just tend to get in the way of his wants and needs. He touched me, briefly, but enough to send a shudder through my entire body. My pussy ached for him. Cried out for his touch. Practically SCREAMED for his attention. He rolled my shorts down, over my ass, and let them fall to the floor around my ankles.

I stepped my left foot out of my shorts, and kicked them off with my right foot, sending the shorts sailing through the air, hitting the half-full coffee cup on the counter causing it to tip, spin, and finally fall off the counter, exploding to hundreds of pieces when it hit the ground. I kiss him harder. My hand cupping the back of his head, pulling me closer to him. Like I'm trying to push our lips so close together they become one, melded together. Completely naked, I press my body even closer to my Masters. I raise my left leg and hook my heel around his ass, pressing my body even closer to his. Though, the phrase 'my body' seems oddly incorrect. The fact is, it is just as much, if not more so, his body, as it is mine. His body to command, to do with as he pleases. To hold, to whip, to pinch, to punish. His to use, to fuck, or to pleasure.

I felt my Master's hands grab my ass firmly and, not breaking our kiss, he lifted me from the floor. Both of my arms shot around his neck. My ankles locked together behind his back. My tits, smashed onto his chest. I moaned deep, long and loud into his mouth. The feeling of my thighs so tight against his clothes. His large, strong hands holding my ass. Each step he took send shudders through my body, causing my pussy to spasm. I was leaking, wetting his shirt with my juices. He sat in the La-Z-Boy, and flipped me around, so my back was to him. I settled my ass down into his lap, wiggling it into just the right spot, and leaned back across his chest.

Master bent forward, taking hold of the underside of my thighs, just above my knees, and lifted my legs up, and to the sides, draping them over the arms of the chair. My pussy spread, the lips parted, and I could feel my wetness when the air contacted me. I moaned and leaned my head back, onto my Master's shoulder. He traced the contours of my body, moving his hands between my legs, brushing against my lips, drawing up my thighs, along the sides of my stomach. My Master's hands cupped my breasts, lifted them on their ascent, then released them to let them fall back to their normal position. His touch, was like tiny bolts of electricity. Each movement sparking and sending tingling sensations through my skin, up my spine, and directly to the pleasure center of my brain. His hands - large, strong, and hard - ran up my flesh. Touching every inch of it, caressing it, loving it. His hands reached my arm pits, and curved with them, down the length of my arms to my own small, slender fingers. Gently he took my hands and lifting my arms, guided them over and behind his head.

I let my arms drop over his shoulders. I leaned back farther, my head lolling back against his neck. I turned my face towards him, and began dotting his neck and jaw with small kisses. Using my tongue to brush against his skin with each kiss. I raised my left arm, and tickled the hair at the bottom of his scalp with my fingers. My Master's hands began their journey back down my body. His fingers dancing along my skin. With my arms raised up over his head, my breasts were pushed up and out. He let his fingers dance around the dark circles surrounding my nipples. Doing their impression of Fred Astair and Gene Kelley as they moved and glided and brushed my areola. Once in a while, one of my Master's fingers would bump into one of my hardened nipples -whether on purpose or accident, I didn't know, and quite frankly, didn't care. Each brush or bump sent more electricity through me. Licking my lips, I moaned a long, low moan. I squirmed in his lap. I knew I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it anymore than someone could help brushing away ants that were crawling on your skin. My nerves were a jumble of signals. My toes flexed and relaxed. My pussy leaking more, twitching...aching for attention.

I felt his left hand leave my body, and heard it fumbling for something on the table beside the chair, then his other hand left my body. It was a noticeable void on my flesh. Still I writhed there in his lap, my fingers tickling his hair, my naked body, squirming against him. I didn't know what he was doing, and I didn't care either. I was busy wetting his neck with my lips and tongue, not paying attention to what he was doing. Suddenly my body tensed when Master placed his hand on my pussy, covering my mound with cool - almost cold - lube. He worked it into my body. The lube creating a layer of silkiness that let his fingers and hand glide easily over my clit and pussy. The gel warmed rapidly, thanks to my Master's moving hands, and the heat in my own body he was causing to rise. I felt his breath on my neck, deep breaths, as if me was breathing in my essence. My body tingled from head to foot. His hands roamed around my pelvis and thighs. The lube covering my skin, my pussy was busy clenching, pushing out the moisture it was generating. I gasped and sucked in a deep breath when he worked his finger between my lips, opening my body to him.

I was fighting. Fighting hard not to cum. When he moved his arm around my waist, cupping my breast softly, I almost lost the battle. I bit my bottom lip and whined. I wanted to cum. Wanted to cum in the worst possible way, but I knew he was not ready for me to cum yet, he had not given me permission to cum. I felt his lips on my collar bone, while his finger found my clit, running up and down the entire length of it. Causing me to whimper, and my clit to twitch, like it was trying to reach out for his touch. He took my nipple between his fingers, pinching it, but not hard, not like he normally does, but lightly, I could feel the tension in his fingers. I could feel that he was holding back. That he both wanted to pinch my nipple, and pinch it hard, but at the same time, he didn't want to.

My Master changed the angle of his attention to my clit. Rubbing it more from the side now. My body was trembling. My breath was broken and ragged. I couldn't think, only feel. I fought and fought my body's body's NEED for release. I wanted so bad to roll my hips up, pressing my clit onto his finger, but I knew that is not what he wanted. I wanted, more than anything at that moment, him to enter me. I so wanted to take out his cock, and straddle him, and ride him to completion. But I couldn't. That wasn't his goal tonight. That isn't what he wanted, and his wants are always first and foremost. His desires are always at the forefront of my mind, are always my primary concern. Master lessened the pressure on my clit. Not removing his finger, but just rubbing the sensitive tip of it. My legs trembled. My insides were quivering with excitement and desire.

Master kissed up my neck, close to my ear, he exhaled, the war breath caressing my naked skin causing goose-bumps to run down my body. His finger was moving rapidly across the tip of my clit. He was barely touching it, the lube allowing him to glide so easily, to...teasingly across it. My insides leapt when his tongue contacted my earlobe. The soft, warm wetness against that sensitive part of my nobody. Then his lips closed around it. He pulled on my earlobe ever so gently with his lips. Closing his lips around my earlobe, he murmured, sending vibrations into my body, through my ear. Then, suddenly, his light, almost nonexistent massaging of my clit stopped. A chill went through my body, causing me to quiver. He let go of my earlobe, and moved his attention to my outer ear. His breath, hot on my skin. Feeling the huff and puff of his heavy and hard, almost uncontrolled breathing. He traces the back of my ear, and the finger, the one just barely touching the tip of my clit, begins to glide again, aided by the lube, allowing it to brush over and across my clit silkily, without actually moving it.

My nerves were on fire. Each on twitching and tingling, like a person who had given up smoking two days ago and was really jonesing for a cigarette, my spine had that feeling just below the neck. That feeling of being a mass of jumbled nerves. Like if you'd look beneath the skin you'd see something similar to what a baseball looks like without it's covering, except they would all be wriggling and firing little electrical sparks at one another. I whined. I whimpered. They sounded pleading. I wanted to cum. I NEEDED to cum, but he wasn't ready yet. He didn't want me to yet. He hadn't given me permission. I bit hard on my bottom lip. It took every ounce of will I had to sit as still as I could, and not cum.

His breath was hot and heavy against my ear "Cum, love" he whispered. Hearing the words, I screamed out, letting go of my will, letting go of my containment, letting go of everything, my body bucked and rocked, and writhed. I cried out to my Master, cried out in a loud, nearly primal sounding wail. His hand continued to rub my clit. His breath hot on my neck. His other hand, firmly grasping my nipple and breast. I kept cumming.After the most powerful of my body wracks died down, my Master turned me in his lap, laying my head on his large chest. His arm around my back, just below my shoulders. He other arm scooped under my knees. He stood, holding me cradled in his arms, tightly, securely, like he was trying to make himself Fort Knox for me. I barely realized what was happening. My orgasm still continued. I couldn't stop. I just kept cumming. It was not the hardest or most intense orgasm I've ever had, but it was a good long one. It seemed to last for hours, but I'm certain it was only a matter of minutes. My Master walked across the house, and up the stairs. Carrying me, still gasping, and shuddering. My orgasm began to subside as he started up the stairs. By the time he laid me on the bed, I was calmed down, my breathing almost back to normal. My pussy, a glazed mess of lube and cum.

I laid, dreamily, on the bed, and felt my Master cover me with the covers, and the climb in next to me. Spooning me. His naked flesh against my own. Our bodies, tangled together. The heat combined heat quickly overcame the slight chill in the air. I felt my Master's heartbeat, strong against my back. His breath, warm against my neck. Soon, his breathing slowed, and steadied, he breathed the deep, rhythmic breathing of sleep. My own breathing slowed to match his, and I drifted peacefully off to sleep.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glorious Morning

When I woke up, my Master was gone. He'd left early. I wasn't sure where he was. He doesn't tell me these things normally. Master's business, is his business, and it is not my place to inquire. He is not an overly secretive man. He doesn't hide things (as far as I know), and I'm certain that if I were to ask him, he would come right out and tell me were he was, and what he was doing. I don't ask, because, as I said, I don't believe it is a slave's place to nag her Master about where he goes, and what he does. I got up, and dressed in my favorite red silks. I like the way the feel swishing around my legs and arms. I like the deep red color, it brings out the reddish tan in my skin.

The phone rang, I knew who it was on the other end. I always know when it is him calling. "Good Morning Master" I said, smiling as I picked up the phone.

"Morning," he said, "You're going to be home for awhile?" He added.

"Don't mind about me, Master, I have plenty of tasks to do. A couple of hours before I'll need to go out".

"K...I'm at the Mansion" he offered.

"Don't let me interrupt you Master," was my response. 

The 'Mansion' is a rather insidious place. Their employees scour the globe for the most beautiful of girls, then take them from wherever they are, and bring them to the Mansion. There ,the girls are forced into prostitution. Sex slaves if you will. Not slaves in the sense that I am a slave. Nor in the sense of what most people think of when thinking of slavery. These are used purely for sex. Their one function, is to fuck and suck whoever, and whatever is put before them. I knew my Master was probably having  good time. He usually did when he visited his friends at the Mansion.

I went about my chores as normal. Windows (gawd I HATE doing windows), floor counters. Regular cleaning and straightening up. I'd been thinking, the whole time I was working, about my Master, getting his funk on with one of the girls at the Mansion. The thought had gotten me quite excited. I could imagine my Master coming home, with his cock smelling of fresh sex, and glazed with the girl's juices. I have to admit, to taking  few minutes every now and then during my chores, to touch myself a little, thinking about that.  I was just finishing the floors when I heard my Master's keys in the door. I quickly put the mop and bucket away, and trotted to the front door, so that I would be kneeling, my knees apart, when he entered the house.

"Have a good time Master?" I asked.

"Had a blast." He answered.

"Get laid?"

"Nah, thought about one, but decided against it. I'm tired. Been up most of the night. I'm going to bed."

"Aww, that's too bad Master. I was hoping you'd have fucked some girl, then I could clean the skank's pussy juices from your cock with my tongue."

"I'm awake now!" he piped up, his eyes widening at my half-teasing suggestion. "Open your legs sweety, let me see how wet you're getting."

I slid my knees along the floor a little wider apart, gathering the front panel of my silks,and laying it across my thigh so my Master could get a good look at just how wet he makes me. I watched him look at my moist labia glistening in the light. As I did, he grabbed my nipple between his fore and middle fingers, clenching them in a tight fist, causing my nipple to cry out in instant pain, which caused my pussy to twitch. Using my nipple, he pulled me to my feet. He placed his other hand on my throat. I trembled slightly, a little scared. I didn't know what he was planning. My nipple screamed with pain, my Master's hand was closing around my throat. He moved his hand up my throat, causing my mouth to produce plenty of saliva. I locked my hands behind my back, causing my breasts to push forward, making certain they were available to him, for whatever purpose he had in mind.

"Such a wonderful creature you are, mine. Completely elegant at times, in your sluttiness, and love for cumming." He said as he twisted his wrist, the one attached to the hand, that was attached to the knuckles which had my nipple clamped between them like a vice. I winced. The pain was completely bearable, and completely pleasurable at the same time, but it was still pain.

"I only love to cum for you, Master." I said, my voice a throaty whisper with his hand around my neck.

Reaching the top of my throat, he moved to of his large, meaty fingers to my lips. Instinctively (or through proper training, I'm not quite sure which), I opened my mouth to them. I could feel my pussy oozing. I was wet, and ready for whatever he had in store. Hell, just having him in the same room with me makes me wet and ready for him. His presence, the sound of his breath, his smell. The way his clothes sound whenever he moves. All of it. My Master pushed two of his fingers into my mouth, and pressed them on my tongue. "Is that so?" he asked, moving his fingers back and forth along my tongue.

He let loose of my nipple to a fresh wave of pain as the blood rushed back to the afflicted area. His hand went directly to my pussy, his fingers spreading my lips. Goose pimples raised on my thighs as the cool air touched the wet insides of my labia.

"I asked you a question cunt!" he snapped, pushing his two fingers deeper into my mouth, heading towards my throat.

"Mmmhh hhmmmm" I mumble around the fingers that were fucking my mouth.

"Good girl" he replied, moving his finger to just barely touching my clit. I closed my eyes to hold back the tears. Not tears of pain or sorrow mind you, but tears caused by the humiliation of utter usage. "Weeelll, cum" he commanded as I involuntarily pushed my pelvis forward, trapping my clit between my body and his finger, the sensation sending shock-waves of pleasure throughout my entire body.

He shoved his fingers deeper into my mouth, then forced a third finger into my mouth. My mouth, now full with his thick fingers, my lips stretching, feeling that sting at the corners of my mouth from being opened farther than my body had intended it to be opened on a normal basis. I fought the urge to gag while his three digits fucked my mouth. "I didn't' say you could move! Only that you could cum" he said harshly, as if he was on the verge of losing his patience with me. I came. I bucked twice when I did. I couldn't help it. Each time, his fingers driving deeper into my throat.

He removed his fingers from my throat, and clasped his hand around my throat hard and fast. The wet fingers stinging and making a 'slap' sound as they contacted my skin. "That little orgasm isn't going to satisfy me cum slut. Get moving, cum again...NOW!" he commanded.

"Yes Maste..." my words were cut short when his hand tightened around my throat, his fingers and thumb pressing into my jugular. My Master's other hand was moving furiously fast over my clit. Almost like a vibrator. I was shaking and running out of breath rapidly.

Fear rose in me. Not mortal fear. I trust my Master utterly and completely. I know he would never damage me. But you're mind races in a situation like that. Like watching a scary movie. You know it is only a movie, but you get scared anyway. You know that Norman isn't going to get you in the shower, that the vampire can't really hurt you. That the killer clown and the giant spider are just pixels on your television screen. But that doesn't stop from experiencing the fear. Knowing you are safe, at home, in your living room, relaxing in your boyfriend's arms, eating popcorn and drinking soda pop doesn't stop your palms from sweating, or your heart from racing. Tears began to well into my eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest, I could feel the blood pulsing strong and fast through the vessels in the throat that he had clamped his hand around, squeezing.

As I drew near to another orgasm, he removed his finger from my clit, and began swatting my pussy with his open hand. Not real hard, but hard enough to sting a little, and hard enough that I hear the wet 'smacking' sound made by each strike. "SLUT!" he almost yelled, "pay attention, you cum for me or not. I'm tired, and here you are, making me work for it!"

"fuu-uu-uU-UU-UUUCK MASTER!!" I screamed as I came, my juices gushing from my pussy.

"Ahhh" he said, removing his hand from my throat, leaving his other hand holding my mound, allowing my juices to coat it liberally.

When he finally removed his hand from my mound. I knelt before him, taking his wetted hand in my own, I began to lick and clean my juices from it with my tongue, lips and mouth. "You like that skank's cum and juices?" he asked. I was shocked..a little, that he basically called me a skank. Not that I mind being called a skank, heaven knows I've been called (and admitted to being) much worse. What went through my mind at that point was that my Master is too good of a man, too good of a person, too good of a Master, to own a skank.

"Yes Master" I said, pulling my lips from around his fingers, "I do like your skank's cum and juices" I said, before returning to my cleaning of his hand.

"Be careful who you call a skank, little one." He used the phrase 'little one', that meant that I'd done wrong. He uses that when lessons are to be taught. I'm not particularly fond of it, and thankfully, don't have to hear it much. It means I've displeased him. Not much, but even displeasing him a little, is way more than I want. "They may not be your calibre at times. But usually they will stay still."  With that, he turned, went up the stairs, and got into  bed.


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Master's Homecoming

My Master had been gone for over a half a week. On his business trip (that's what he called them anyway, but you all know I'm not fool, he was out hunting other sluts to bring home). I knew when he came home, he'd be tired, and cranky from the long drive, and, of course, horny as hell. I laid there in bed, playing with myself, getting my self all warmed up and dripping wet, ready for his use when he walked into the bedroom...just the way he likes it. I knew he'd be home any minute.

As I touched myself, my mind drifted back to the last time I'd seen him, about four whole days ago. The last time he took me. He'd taken me orally that night, forcefully and brutally. He'd grabbed my hair, and shoved his cock into my mouth and skull fucked me, finally driving his cock right into my throat and spilling his seed directly into my esophagus, bypassing my mouth all together. The only downside, is that I didn't get to taste his cum, to feel it filling my mouth, coating it with it's thick gooeyness.  I had to stop masturbating, I was going to cum getting all worked up over thinking about that - and Master has forbidden me to cum without him.

When I heard the key in the door is when the idea came to me. He turned the knob, and opened the door, the sound of his heavy boots stepping into the foyer echoing up the stairs and into the bedroom. Quickly I jumped out of bed and smoothed the covers. I did a quick inspection of the bed, to make certain I hadn't left any wet spots on it from my 'prep' work, then hit the floor, and rolled under the bed just as he yelled "I'M HOME" in his gruff, I-need-a-good-fucking-really-bad voice. I giggled a little, hiding under the bed, hoping the sound didn't travel. I heard him say something under his breath when he wasn't met with a response of any kind, then his foots stomping up the stairs.

He was not in a good mood. The hunting trip must not have only not been successful, but he probably didn't get any good prospects for the next one either. A double negative like that always puts him in the worst of moods.

"SLUT!" he bellowed as he stomped into the room, "where the FUCK are you?" No reply. I was banking on the 18 hour drive, and the fact that it was quite a bit past midnight already, on making him too tired to go looking for me anywhere.

"Fucking slut, I'm too tired to track her down tonight," he grumbled, taking off his shirt and undoing his belt, "but tomorrow, she's going to pay dearly for this." He was speaking (he thought) to the empty room as he kicked off his boots, one tumbling under the bed and nearly hitting me in the head, and removed his trousers. His grumbling was softer now, but no less threatening. Grumbling about being tired, and alone, and hard, and tired, and unappreciated, and so fucking hard and nothing her to stick his cock into for relief. He grumbled as he pulled down the covers, and slipped into bed, naked as usual.

I didn't have to wait long. Maybe 3 minutes, could have been as much as 5, but certainly no more than that, before I heard the deep, slow steady rhythm of a man deep in sleep. Covering my mouth with my hand to stifle my giggles, I rolled out from under the bed. The silks I wear for him wisped softly against my legs as I stood, I looked at the sleeping figure of my Master. 'Good' I thought, he was sleeping on his back, his cock, not quite flaccid, presenting a distinct outline under the covers.

I stood there for several minutes, just watching him sleep, and smiling at his beautifully handsome body, the covers here gathered around his belly, showing off the bull and ram tattoos that adorned each of his pecs. As I watched him, I felt such a feeling of gratitude come over me, I nearly started to cry. I am so grateful that I belong to him. Grateful that he took me to be his. That he puts up with all my antics. With the myriad of things I do that cause him disappointments, yet still he is there. I am his.

I began to pull the covers down, every so slowly, I didn't want him to wake up, at least, not until his cock was in some part of my body. I paused a second when he shifted in his sleep, then began again, pulling the covers and sheets down until they were crumpled around his knees. Slowly, and gingerly, I crawled onto the bed and kneeled next to him - pausing anytime I thought I moved the bed too much - until I was close enough. I reached out my hand and lifted his cock. I lifted it as I lowered my head, pursing my lips I tenderly kissed the head, then down the shaft, showering his cock with light, wet, little kisses.

I licked the palm of my hand, getting it good and wet with my saliva, wrapped my slender fingers around his meat, and began to stroke it, placing my lips around the head, suckling and tonguing it. I was being very careful to lean over him. My hair pulled back and braided, the only parts of my body touching him were my hand and my lips on his cock. I opened my eyes and glanced towards his face. His visage before had been a dour scour, but through which now broke a trace of a smile.

I moved my mouth farther down his shaft, feeling his cock grow in my mouth, wondering if I could make him cum without even waking him up. I opened my mouth wide, careful to avoid my teeth touching his wonderfully magnificent man meat, and took him deep into my throat, just as he'd taught me. As I run my tongue along the underside of his pole, I feel it twitch and become warmer, thicker, longer, harder. I feel his cock begin to fill my mouth with that oh so sweet and familiar and wonderful flesh. I pull my mouth up his shaft, sucking as I do, my cheeks hollow, my lips clamped around my Master's cock, creating a vacuum like seal.

I take a deep breath, and move my mouth back down my Master's growing, hardening shaft. I felt my pussy twitch and leak a little juice which trailed down my inner thigh when he let out a mumbled, sleepy groan. Pleasing my Master with my mouth always gets me going. I could easily cum, just by feeling him empty his seed in my mouth. A gift he gives me that cannot be matched by anything that could be bought or made. I continued down his shaft, my tongue pressing against the cum tube along the underside.

I moved my face up and down his cock like this, until I feel him fully hardened, then I swallowed his entire shaft, the head pressing against the opening of my throat. I want to cough and sputter, but don't want to wake him up, not yet anyway, and manage to resist. With his head at the entrance to my throat, I began to swallow deep and rapidly, massaging the head of his cock with my throat. Spit drooled from my lips, and trailed down his balls.

I breathed deep through my nose, relaxed my throat, and pushed my face father onto my Master's cock, the head pushed into my throat, sealing it with it's size. I held myself there, swallowing continuously, until I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I coughed and sputtered as I pulled my face back - I couldn't help it this time - spraying my Master's balls with a mixture of spit and precum. I paused, glanced toward his face again, seeing the smile much wider now, certain he did not awaken, I swallowed his cock again.

I moved my free hand to caress his spit moistened balls, and smeared the liquid around them, tickling them with my fingernails, as I moved my head farther down again, lodging his cock in my throat. I held my head there, moving my fingers over his balls, but almost not touching them, like wisps of air moving around them. Slowly, with my lips pressed tight against my Master's flesh, I begin to pull my mouth back up his shaft. My tongue was pressed as tight as I could get it on the underside of his cock. I paused at the top, sucking and flick my tongue across that sensitive spot just beneath the head.

I pulled my mouth from his cock slowly, like a tight glove, my lips closed around the tip as they came off of him. Using both hands, I began to rub them down Master's glorious cock, from the tip, to the base. First my right hand, closing it around his head, and dragging the mixture of spit and precum down the shaft, then the left hand, one after the other. I turned, to wipe the spit and pre from my mouth on my shoulder, and gazed at my Master's face. He didn't look angry any longer, but rather, he looked like he was having a pretty damned good dream.

Once again, I opened my mouth, and threw my head down onto his thick, fleshy pole, devouring my Master's cock, forcing myself to take it all the way into my throat. I moaned and trilled my throat around his head. I help myself there until I simply could not hold my breath any longer, and pulled me lips up and off his cock. Breathing deep breaths, I looked down at my peacefully sleeping Master. Slowly, I shifted my position on the bed, careful to try and not jostle the mattress such that it would wake him up. Facing my Master, I place my legs on either side of him, straddling him. I'm standing on my feet, not on my knees, I wrap my hand around his cock. The only thing touching him now, is my hand. I lower my pelvis, my hand holding his cock steady, and guiding it as I lower my pussy onto his cock.

Being plenty wet already from getting myself 'warmed up' before Master returned home, not to mention the amount of excitement I achieve from having his wonderful cock in my mouth, my pussy glided easily around his cock, enveloping it completely. I squatted there for a moment, the only part of my touching my Master, was my warm, wet pussy covering this hard, meaty cock. I wondered if he was right now having a dream about being fucked by a ghost.

I began to slowly move my hips up and down his cock, not taking it all the way it for fear of waking him, but just the first few inches. I grabbed the underside of my thighs, to help support and steady me.  I didn't want to wake him by falling over on him. My legs began to burn from the unusual position. But I didn't care about that. I did not care about anything but what I imagined my Master must be feeling. I began to hump a little lower on his cock, my ass just brushing the hairs on his legs. I licked my lips, and willed myself not to moan. Droplets of sweat began to appear on my forehead, my breathing was heavy and almost panting.

I slowed my movements, and finally lifted my pussy from his cock. Looking down at it, glistening with the wetness of my spit, his pre, and my own juices, I took hold of it, and massaged it while I adjusted my position on the bed again. I turned my back to my Master's face, kneeling on either side of him, I was by now, beginning to care little if he woke up. Kneeling there, I moved my hand between my legs, pushing two fingers into my cunt, getting them good and wet. Then, I moved it further back, to my ass, and inserted my two wet fingers into my ass, moaning, I moved them around and used my pussy juice to lube my hole. Holding his cock steady, I guided my ass down to it. His cock head just brushing...tickling... my anus. I sat back, swallowing a grunt as I sit my weight onto his cock, my ass opening only slightly reluctantly for him.

Moving my hips back and forth, the ring around my ass was stinging from the stretch, I pushed my ass farther down my Master's magnificent cock, taking it all in, my ass cheeks resting on his pubes. I couldn't help myself, I reached between my legs, and began to play with my pussy. Inserting two fingers into it. I moaned so loud, Master rustled in the bed, but I didn't care anymore if he woke up. In fact, the thought of him waking up, with this cock in my ass, just got me more excited. I placed my free hand on his knee, supporting my self as my ass rode his thick cock. My fingers hooked and moving in and out of my pussy, I dug my fingernails into the flesh around his knee, he rustled more, and groaned.

"Wha?...huh?" His words were slurred and a little groggy, but it didn't take him long to realize what was happening. It took him even less time to fully wake up and take matters into his own hands so to speak. He grabbed my hips with this strong hands, just above my hip bones, and held me tightly as he began to push me up, and pull me back down on his rock hard throbbing cock. "Ah, FUCK..YEAH.. MINE!" he exclaimed as he moved his hips in rhythm with the pulling and pushing he was doing to my body.

Then, he thrust his hips up, yanked my body down hard onto his massive pole, and held us there, my fingers still working my pussy and clit, I came hard and long. "GRRRAAWWW" He screamed out as I felt his cock throb inside my tight ass, spraying my bowels with the precious gift of his seed.

Panting, dizzy and out of breath, I collapsed forward, onto his legs, his cock still lodged in my ass.


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Full Circle (and then some)

I happen to have a nun's outfit (shocking, I know!). Robes, scapular, habit, the whole nine yards. I wear it sometimes just for kicks. Sometimes because when I do wear it, the stinking cock-walking n00bs tend to leave me alone, and sometimes I wear it to see what kind of reaction I'll get. I wear it places like Gotham Island or the Dark Den, just to see what people will say. One day, I landed at the Dark Den wearing my nun's outfit. I'd been off-and-on frequenting the place since before the sandstorm which turned the place into little more than a desert (which was before the rainstorms, which transformed the land into a tropical paradise - strange things happen in the Bermuda Triangle).

Sadly, I received little reaction at all. The slave girls there, as well as staff and visitors paid no attention whatsoever to my outfit. Or, if they did, they kept their opinions to themselves. But while I was there, I noticed a man sitting on a ledge, at the top of a ramp with a rather stunning girl at his side. While I had never met the man, I knew who he was. See,  I have a very good friend who is a house slave at the Dark Den. I've known her since her first day in SL, and we've become quite close friends. Some months ago she was having a rather hard time. This and that happened, which she was not expecting, and it kinda messed with her emotions for awhile. This man, Mr. C I'll call him, was like a constant in her life there. He was always willing to talk to her, not about her problem, she didn't share that with anybody there (she should have, she would have gotten over her road bump much quicker if she had, but she is not much of an emotional sharer). But, he always talked kindly to her, treated with a certain degree of respect, like she was important to him and to the Dark Den, which always made her feel good.

So I decided to talk to this man, to thank him for  helping my friend. I made my way across the sandy ground, and up the ramp.

"They tell me you are Mr. C" I said "am I interrupting anything?" I asked him, and smiled at his slave sitting near him "Hello child" I greeted.

"How can I help you sister?" He asked.

"I only wanted to say thank you." I was smiling, my voice calm and soft, and full of blessing and peace. "A good friend of mine has been having some problems, and she told me you were very kind to her. And, I wanted to express my thanks for that." I explained.

His eyes seemed to light with a spark at my gratitude, a trace of a smile on his lips, "Should I ask who this friend of your was?...or, 'is' I should say."

I smiled apologetically "I am afraid I cannot divulge came up in a confidential discussion."

"I completely understand," he assured me nodding.

"Not quite as sacred as the confessional, but I hold it in the same like, even if the Church does not." I continued.

"Would you like to have a seat?" he asked, motioning to the ground next to him.

I was rather warm, in my black robes, scapular and habit, in the desert, the sun baking me in the outfit, "Thank you, perhaps I can rest awhile...but I did not run off your friend did I? I would hate to interfere with your business," I said, noticing his girl had walked off.

"No hun, she was leaving." He said. My eyebrow raised and I looked at him askance as he used the term 'hun', but decided to say nothing at the time.

"Very well." I said, smiling my peaceful, smile again as I lowered myself to sit on the ledge with him. "I have to admit though, after my friend speaking of your kindness..." I paused for effect, "your appearance shocks me a little" He smiled, I could almost see a chuckle caught in his throat. I went on "you do not look like a man that would behave in such a manner." I said, still smiling the peaceful smile, and drawing my gaze to the bow strung across his back.

I should point out here, that Mr. C is an imposing figure. He is tall and thick. His skin bronzed, his hair spiked. He stands, with his fists clenching and un-clenching, like he's ready to clock the next person that looks at him sideways. His eyebrows point up, and he sports a goatee. Across his back, is a tattoo  of some demon, or dragon, or demon/dragon/goat/ram thing. On his chest, two tattoos, one on each pec. One a ram, the other a bull. Both facing each other, in the form of being ready to charge, or to fight. To put it bluntly, the man is foreboding in appearance.

"Looks can be deceiving sister"

"True, one cannot judge a book by it's cover, or else the 'Good Book', with it's plain and simple cover, would never be read."

He looked me up and down. Not ogling really, but with a curiousness. "Would it be rude of me to ask about your clothing?"

"It is hot in this climate," I offered, "but we suffer what we must, I am certain you understand." This time he chuckled out loud, bordering on a real laugh.

"That was not exactly my question...."

"I am curious Mr. C," I went on, cutting him off and ignoring his question as to my clothes completely, "who tends to the spiritual wellness of your flock here?"

He sucked in a breath "Well, for one, it is not my flock." he said.

I bowed my head asking his pardon "My pardon...I assumed....but assumptions, I know are usually wrong." I said.

"For two," he continued, "I would have to say I do my best to take care of their well being. Their spiritual life, I do not dabble in."

I pondered his response for a moment before going on "But still, someone must be available to absolve the sins of these girls, would you not agree?"

"Purge, I think, might fit better as a word I think sister"

"Or I should say 'should be available', and yes, penance must be an ordeal...if it is to mean anything."

"Well sister," he said sucking air through his teeth, "I will have to say that you might be heading into areas of politics there. Something I try my daa...hardest to stay away from." It was my turn to chuckle, watching him catch himself at his words. "You'd have to talk to the Mistress of the house about that, but she is away on an extended break for the time being."

"Yes," I added with a somewhat distant look in my eyes "not much better than a good flogging to really purge those sins" I said grinning.

"Well sister, you are confusing the hell out of me, but in a good way."

"Ignorance is bliss child."

"I've been thinking about my own collar, a nice high white stiff one." he said.

"Oh?" I replied, surprised that man who lives and moves through places such as this would consider a life of celibacy.

"There are plenty here with a priest fantasy. I don't fully understand it, but hey, I can't knock it either." He replied. I nodded, realizing he was talking about just a costume, and not taking the vows.

"My friend told me a priest came here one day. That he wanted to learn the art of love making, because he had fallen in love with a nun."


"Sadly, it was not me" I said out loud (quite my mistake, I assure you).

"Hope he found what he was looking for. Maybe...."

"She said he left with with a confused, yet gleeful look up on his visage."

He laughed, a full out laugh this time "Your fun sister!" He said, smiling a toothy smile.

I smiled back, chuckling a little "That's me, Sister Fun with the Sisters of Service Under Correct Knowledge." He laughed. And not some wimpy courtesy laugh either, a deep raucous belly laugh. Laughed so hard he leaned to the side and nearly fell from the ledge. I grabbed his arm to help steady him, I didn't want him falling and getting a concussion.

"Sisters of SUCK, huh?" he managed after he gained a little composure, wiping a tear from laughing so hard. "Ooooh boy!" he started laughing again. "Man, I needed that laugh!"

"Don't feel ashamed of crying Mr. C," I reassured him, "even Jesus wept." I chuckled as I said it.

"Be careful with religious debates with me, " he warned.

"I am not debating anything with you, am I?" I inquired.

"I tend to be a little forward sister"

"Just two people chatting, and there is nothing wrong with being forward. On the whole, I find it much better to be forward, than backward"

"And now, I believe I get the hint of who you are thanking me for." He said out of the blue.

"Well, as long as I didn't tell you, and as long as you don't let her know that you know, I suppose I can't stop you from guessing."

"And as far as me helping out your lady friend, it was absolutely no trouble at all. She would have done the same for me had I called her for it."

"Ever the gentleman you seem to be Mr. C."

"Mostly, but not always. My emotions can run on high octane fuel at times."

"But, I can say that, I guess, because I am not one of the slave girls here."

"You would be wrong on that assumption sister."

"Which assumption would that be child?"

"I am, I strive, to be a gentleman to those equal, and who wish to be below me."

I patted his leg assuringly "That is good to hear Mr. C. A man of honor I see"

"Thank you" he said, and meant it. I could see that he was a man of honor, and that my acknowledging that fact, meant a great deal to him. Men of honor, you see, often are under appreciated. The very honor they exude, prevents them from every complaining about that little fact though.

"Well, I must be off. Take care Mr. C" I said, rising and brushing the sand from my robes. I made the sign of the Cross over Mr. C's head, and added in parting "And bless you child," I said smiling.

"It was very pleasant meeting you sister. Will this be your only stop in to say 'hi', or will be be talking again soon?"

"We may be talking again soon. I may have to make this part of my regular rounds. A den of sin it is after all." I turned, and walked back down the ramp, and out of the Den, not looking back.

And that, dear readers, is how I met the man who would one day, in the not too distant future, own this slut completely; body, heart, and soul.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Captured Bliss

Ok, so lately, I've been hanging out a lot at the Dark Den. It's an ultra-cool kidnap, rape, salvery RP sim. But, I will add with emphasis that it is not a Gor sim. I don't really know what Gor is, I've never read any of the books. I keep meaning to pick one up, but never seem to actually do it.

Today, I got into a battle of daggers with a wench. She was not just a wench, but I could tell by her looks (and reputation) that she was a slutty wench to boot. Of course I defeated her. As she lay on the ground I chuckled to myself, her barely clothed body lay there, unconscious and utterly delectable. I grabbed some rope and bound her legs and feet, then attached a rope leash to her. My original intent was to try and sell her off. I could use a few lindens, and I thought with her unconscious, I could find some sap to pay for her. Unfortunately, the only ones around at the time were a couple of naked house slaves. And they just don't have the kind of cash I was looking for.

Dragging her into the castle, I figured there were other uses for this wench. She was a beauty after all. Red haired, nice, plumb round, soft tits, a fine shapely ass. I stood her up, and removed my dagger from its sheath, placing it flat against her belly.

"Erm...Miss? What are you doing?" the wench asked.

I began to move the dagger upwards, sliding it along her skin, I grinned, "Let's see what you are hiding beneath that top," I said, moving the dagger under her top, between her tits, and pulling it up and away from her. My well honed blade easily slicing through the thin fabric of her shirt.

"Hey! That was new!" she protested.

"Still is new wench" I chuckled, "only now slightly damaged." The shirt was trapped between the wench's back, and her arms which were tied behind her back with heavy ropes. I grabbed one side of the top, and gave it a good yank, pulling it off her entirely and let it flutter to the ground. The wench watched her new top fall to the ground with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. I took a step closer to the wench, reached out my left hand, grabbing and kneading her right tit, I leaned in close and whispered into her ear "you won't be need that anymore dear."

The wench visibly shivered from my honey sweet voice, but with just that tang of vinegar that let you know perhaps, the honey wasn't really honey after all. I straightened up and drug my fingertips across her breast to the middle of her chest. My latex gloves moving slowly own her body, over her stomach, down toward her mound. I snaked my hand inside the wench's panties, my gloved fingers traveling her crevice, down and back up. She squirmed, and arched her hips, pushing her wet pussy onto my hand. I twisted my hand in her panties, getting a firm grasp on the waistband, then yanked on them hard, down and outward, ripping them from her shapely body.

I tossed the ripped panties across the room, and returned my attentions to the wench's pussy. Sliding my finger up and down her slit again, pushing it deeper with each stroke, she moaned, opening her legs wider as I pushed my finger farther between her lips. I looked down, and noticed a wet glean on my glove. I brought the gloved finger to her lips, pressing it against them saying "You've soiled my glove wench!"

The wench, being a real slut, actually whimpered when I took my finger from her cunt, opening her eyes, whether at the finger to her lips, or because she could smell her own scent right under her nose, I don't know. "Sorry Mistress may I clean it for you?" she replied, but almost before the words left her lips, her mouth clamped onto my finger, her tongue running all over it, licking and sucking her juices from my glove.

"Good girl" I said smiling, pulling my finger from her mouth. She smiled at the words, and quickly sat back down on her ass. She gazed up at me, like some love struck schoolgirl as I began to unbuckle my top, letting it drop from my shoulders, I catch it, and toss it to the side of the room. I removed my gloves, tossing them to the side, letting them join my top. I looked down on the waif-like face of the wench, noticing her watching me disrobe. Keeping my eyes on her, watching her watch me, I removed my thong, boots and hose, all of them joining the top and gloves along the wall. Standing in front of the wench, naked and horny, she finally took her eyes from my pussy, and turned a bright crimson red as she catches me watching her admire my body.

I walk around behind the wench, lean forward, and begin to search the few remaining places she might have hidden any money, my arm brushes her breast as I reach for her leggings. I could feel the heat wafting from her pussy. This slutty wench was wet, and raring to go. To tease her a little, I stuck my tongue in her ear, rolling it around her ear, making it moist with my saliva, then blew a cool breath over it.

( be continued)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've actually managed to meet someone in-world, who figured out I write this blog, and what's more, she actually likes it. To know that someone has actually read this blog is a tremendous ego boost. Add to that this person enjoys it, well, my head is about as big as the Goodyear Blimp about now. And what is even more amazing to me, is that she is not only a great and wonderful person, but my best friend in SL to boot.

This has renewed my passion for this blog. You can only write so much, without knowing if people are reading or enjoying it, before it begins to grow stale. Now, knowing there is at least someone who enjoys it, I've been given the kick in the pants I need to keep this going. Comments and feedback are always appreciated, and always welcome. It lets me know you folks out there enjoy reading about my adventures.

Look for more posts to come soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not quite sure what the hell it is I'm I've gotten myself in over my head. But, that I am observant, and a quick study, usually helps, and makes those times fairly short-lived.
I talked before about 'The Three'. The three men I was sort-of kind-of in a relationship with. Well, those are kind of falling by the wayside - at least two of them anyway, I still keep my cute and adorable pet boy. My fault completely. See, I've found a couple of new playthings. I wasn't looking for any, but I happened upon them, and things just kind of clicked in place. Like fate..or karma or whatever.

Now, you regular readers might remember (but I admit, that I have posted so little in the past couple of months, that it is entirely possible you might have forgotten already) that I came into this world as a submissive slut who was out to be used, abused and discarded like a piece of meat. And I fully and completely enjoyed that role, with no exceptions. But, I do have to admit, that finding someone who would regularly use and abuse me, a Master or Mistress for instance, was a daunting task. The fact is, there are so many subs in SL, and not enough Masters/Mistresses to handle them all.

You might also remember my post "My Little Doclett Girl" (which, by the way, is THE absolute most read post here). Where I described in somewhat gory detail my encounters with a girl that I had used. If you remember, I was quite brutal, to the point of biting off the slut's nipple, and spitting down her throat, forcing her to swallow it. That, just before taking my knife, and gutting her, leaving her dead so no one else would enjoy her bounties (GAWD! I still get wet thinking about that).

And you will probably remember my talking about my pet boy. He is a treat. I just love to abuse his cute little ass, and whip his nice, large cock. So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I've migrated...evolved if you will, from the cock loving cum slut sub to a Mistress. The other day, I was a bit bored, and I popped into Wendy Lemay's, not really looking for anything, just popped in to chat with the folks there a bit. But my attention kept being drawn to the cutest little thing standing in the corner. She was wearing such a cute frilly dress, like you might see on an expensive China doll, glasses and was sporting a beautiful head of curly black locks. She seemed a bit forlorn, lost and sad, like a little puppy or something. I thought she looked almost on the verge of whimpering.

She mistakenly wandered into Wendy's, not knowing any better. At that time she was a man. I walked up to her and asked her why she looked so sad. Her story is a sad one. One that really should not have happened. He was befriended by what he thought was a nice lady there. He is very susceptible to suggestion, and the lady (a shemale) quickly took charge. Before he was able to fully comprehend what was happening, he realized the pills the lady had been giving him - which he thought were vitamins (he isn't very bright either) were hormone pills. His breasts became larger while his cock shrunk. She transformed his body, but left his mind in tact. So here is this boy, in a girl's body, thinking she is still a boy.

I felt for this little thing,  I really did. It had no idea who, or what it really was. Something clicked inside me - probably some sort of motherly instinct or some crap like that, I don't know, but I put my arm around her and hugged her tight, and explained that everything was going to be ok. She clung to me like a scared little kitten. I told her not to worry, that I would take care of her. Someone has to finish her training, someone has to finish her re-education, so that she knows exactly what she is, and what she is to be used for, and by whom. I wasn't sure I was the one who could do this. It seems like an enormous task. I've never conditioned a man into admitting that he is no longer a he, but rather a she, and even more, that she is a cock-sucking sissy cum slut, only good for pleasing others, swallowing cum, and being reamed in her tight little ass by giant cocks - but she doesn't need to hear that now. Right now, she needed reassurance.

Luckily, my friend Kitten showed up. Kitten I'd met a few days ago, and we had a pleasant enough conversation. Like the girl, whom I'll call Sissy, Kitten was once a man. But Kitten's transformation into a shemale cum slut was her own choosing, it wasn't forced upon her like it was Sissy, so she made the transition much more smoothly. I employed Kitten's experience in the matter to help with Sissy. First stop was Wendy's hypnotic reconditioning chair. With a little encouragement, Sissy finally got into the chair, and I set the machine up, and flipped the switch. Lights flashed and things whirred as it fired up and began Sissy's first hypno session. While Sissy was busy with that, Kitten and I retired to the next room to engage in some heavy petting and kissing. I worked her up pretty good, her cock was dripping with precum and stiff as a signpost.
When Sissy finished, she felt much better about herself - even though she kept referring to herself in the masculine gender - she was not near as skittish as she was before. Kitten took her in her arms, and cuddled with her a bit. Then slowly, almost non-chalantly, moved Sissy's head down, and put her cock to Sissy's lips. Sissy opened her lips to protest and Kitten took the opportunity to push forward, inserting her cock into Sissy's mouth before Sissy even realized what was happening. Kitten grabbed Sissy's head, and worked the girl's mouth down and around her cock. Instructing her in what to do to make a cock's owner feel good in the process.

Kitten then, lovingly, pulled Sissy onto the bed, and began to work her large shemale cock into Sissy's ass. Sissy screamed, and scampered away, jumped off the bed and cowered behind me. She is so cute that way. She kept insisting that she is a boy, and that she isn't gay. That she didn't mean to suck on Kitten's pole, and she didn't want Kitten's member in her bottom. Poor thing was in a terrible state. I could see the lights glisten off the wet tears welling in her eyes. 

I hugged her tight, smiling and reassured her that everything was going to be ok. That she will feel much better about everything, about herself, about who she is, about what she is, when I finished her training. But that it was not going to be easy. That there would be times where she didn't understand why she had to do what she was made to do. I assured her that I was only looking out for her well-being. That everything that was to transpire was for her benefit - to help her to understand what she is - to help her to attain her full potential (I didn't add as a sissy cock-sucking cum slut whore - I thought that would too much for her in her currently fragile state of mind).

Monday, April 7, 2008

One of Three

Ok, so right now, I basically have three relationships going on. To distinguish them, I'll call the D, R and S. D is a dominant man. He isn't brutal, and he isn't violent. He reminds me of the Masters in "The Story of O". My pleasure seems to be as important to him as his pleasure. I would not call him my "Master" because I do not belong to him, and he has not asked me to belong to him. He is strict, and metes out punishment with harsh severity, but he doesn't just beat me. He places me in devices and positions which are painful, and stretch and contort my body in ways that cause my muscles to cramp and extreme pain to be experienced.

R is just a regular guy. Well, sort of. He has ears and a tail, but otherwise regular. His i my regular relationship. We just sit and talk, and fuck like wild monkeys. But it isn't anything 'out of the ordinary' so to speak. No domination, no submission. He loves to eat me. And I love the way he eats my pussy, tickling my clit with his tongue. Mmmmhhh I get wet just thinking about it. He is very loving, and very kind and very generous with his affections and attentions. I love just hanging out with him, and having him sex me up.

S is my slave. Yes, I know, I've said I'm not a Domme, but lately I have been finding that being a Domme is quite fun. S is a male. I met him one day while I was just looking around at Heaven and Hell. We met in the doclett room. We talked a bit, and he didn't actually come right out and say he was sub, but I got the impression somehow. We exchanged cards, and went out seperate ways. A couple of days later, we hooked up, and he showed me a place (which I didn't LM -damn I can be so stupid sometimes - note to self: get the LM from S) which was a tower for femdom fantasies. This was a very, very sensual place. There were areas of course for brutal punishment. But I would say the majority of the place was for women to have their slaves pamper them.
Oh, let me tell you sisters. What a great thing that is! To have a man tend to your needs. What a great feeling that is. So S began with a very nice foot massage. Rubbing and massaging my tired and sore feet. Those high-heeled thigh-high leather boots that create that domineering prescence? They suck and positively KILL your feet. But S gave them new life and had them feeling refreshed and relaxed in no time at all. He is truly a master with those fingers. Next he gave my pussy and ass a good cleaning with his warm, moist tongue. Sticking his tongue deep into my ass, rolling it around and cleaning it well. Mmmhh I can almost still feel his hot wet tongue licking me clean. He finished me off with expertly executed cunnilingus. I don't know who had him before I got a hold of him, but whoever it was was stupid to let him go. Too bad for her.

After words, he washed me, and brushed my hair, and painted my finger and toe nails. While he did this, I would playfully brush my hand against, and sometimes stroke his nice, meaty stiff cock. I started stroking it. Gently, barely touching it. Smiling as it would jump and twitch when I reached that little but just under the head. I put my other hand between his legs and gently and softly caressed his balls. As I was stroking his cock, oh so softly, I squeezed his nuts as hard as I could. I could feel the trying to slip out between my fingers, but I clamped my hand down on them like a pit bull on a neighborhood kid. He screamed out and his knees began to buckle, but he didn't fall. As he was screaming from the pain, I felt his cock twitch wildly in my hands. He really liked this pain. I smiled.

I took him to the bed, where I allowed him to bring me to another orgasm with his wonderful tongue. Then I sat him up on the bed, spread his legs, and kneeled before him. "I'm going to test your will power now. You better not let this thing go off in my mouth" I told him as I parted my lips, and took his cock into my mouth. "Oooh" he moaned, "I'll try Miss, I...wo...won't down." he said. Moaning and sighing as I rolled my tongued around the head of his cock, suckling on it. Taking the warm flesh all the way into my mouth, fucking his cock with my mouth. After a few minutes, I was assured he had enough control not to cum in my mouth, or anywhere I didn't want him to. I released him from the pleasure I was providing him.

I reached into my bag, and pulled out my strap-on. His eyes got wide. I don't have an ordinary strap-on. I call it my "Fist O' Doom". It is long, and metal, and thick, and on the end, there is a metal fist. Sure, it's a bit smaller than an ordinary human fist, but is still impressive, and strikes tepidation in those that see it (especially those on whom it will be used). I smiled an evil, broad smile, turned him around on the bed, and bent him over. I spread his cheeks with my thumbs and examined his anus. It looked tight. I don't think much had been in it. "How many times have you been ass-fucked?" I asked. "Ju...just once Miss" he replied "bu...but it was much smaller than yo..yours." I could tell he was scared. Scared of the pain, but at the same time, his cock was leaking precum like there was not tomorrow. He wanted it, and he wanted it bad. "Well" I said, "you should feel all of this then. This is going to get painful. I am going to start slow, because I don't want you damaged. But I will put every inch of this metal dildo into your ass, and you will feel an enormous amount of pain." I explained. I looked through my bag, and realized I didn't have any lubrication. "Oh shit" I said almost giggling, "this is really going to hurt because I don't have any lubrication. I have to go in dry." He didn't say anything intelligible, but did let out a long, whimpering moan. Kind of like a puppy laying on the side of the road, after being hit by a car and is just about to die.

I looked down at his tight brown anus, and spit a glob of spit on it. I rubbed the spit around and into his asshole with my finger. He twitched as my fingernail scraped the inside of his ass. Then I placed the balled up fist of my metal cock at the opening of his anus. It puckered, tightening at the fear of being penetrated. "Shhhh shhh, there there, just relax, and it will go much easier." I grabbed the shaft of my metal dildo, just under the balled fist end of it, and placed the cold metal against his anus. I started working it in, pivoting it form side to side, sort of working around in little circles, parting his ass with hit, and pushing it in. He grunted as he felt the cold metal fist invade his ass. It took a while, but I finally managed to get the fist inside him. His breathing was heavy, I could see sweat on his back, he was grunting and groaning and trying to be man enough not to cry. I paused, letting the big metal fist rest just inside his opening. Once is breathing slowed, I pushed in further. More grunting and groaning. He grabbed a pillow and bit into it, trying to control the pain. All this time, his cock was twitching. I think he was ready to cum right then.

"You better not let that thing cum before I tell you to. You understand me?"

"mmsssh mmss" was his reply, but I took that as an affirmative. Like the elephant on those old "Stuckey's" road signs I used to see travelling on vacation with the family, I "pushed on" and inserted more of the cold metal cock into my man's ass. I kept pushing, slowly. After about 1/3 of it was inside him, I paused again, then pulled it back to where just the fist was inside him, and pushed on, a little harder, a little faster and got the metal dildo 1/2 way in, then I pulled back again, and on in again, 3/4 of the way. I paused there for a bit, letting the little bitch catch its breath. Its cock twitching and jumping and leaking with pleasure and expectation.

I began humping his ass, only putting about 3/4 of the strap-on into him. Pulling it back to where the base of the fist was just cresting his anus, then pushing in. Humping him like that, listening to him grunt and squeal, pushing in and pulling out. It was all so exhilerating. My strap-on has a button that rubs against my clit. I was getting near to cumming again as I fucked this man's ass. I reached down and turned on the vibration for my dildo. He squealed again, not expecting that sensation. I grinned, pulled my metal cock to where the fist was about 1/2 out of the opening. I looked down, the metal shaft was covered with shit and blood, this thing was tearing him up inside. I grabbed both is ass cheeks and pulled them apart as I slammed into him hard. Forcing the metal dildo all the way in with one final thrust. He screamed out with pain. I think he thought I was all the way in already when I was humping him. I slammed the dildo all the way in, there was one point where there was a bit of resistance, but I plowed through that as my hips smaked against his ass. The bud on the other end of the strap on slammed into my clit sending a shockwave of shivers through my body. I gasped and moaned, and began slamming the dildo into him hard. The blood, now giving lubircation. I could see some tricking out of his ass, and down his balls as they flapped and jiggled with each thrust.

"You may bring yourself to climax as I brutalize your ass bitch" I told him. Immediately he reached between his legs and started jerking himself off. I was nearing my third orgasm as I slammed my dildo into his near virgin ass. Bucking my hips, trying to force it farther and farther in. With each thrust into his ass, my own clit was treated to more attention and excitement. He cried out and came which sent me over the edge and we came almost together. I gingerly pulled the dildo from his sore and brutalized ass. It was covered with streaks of blood and shit. I grabbed his hair and pulled is face around. "You made my toy dirty." I said looking down into his tear-filled eyes "clean it." He looked around, as if to find something to wipe it with. "Not that way you fucking idiot. With your lips, and your tongue. Clean your shit and blood from my fucking toy!" I yelled at him. Startled, he tentatively opened his mouth and started to stick out his tongue. I lost patience with the little bitch and grabbed my dildo and guided it between his lips and shoved it into his mouth. His eyes bugged wide. He wasn't expecting it. He gagged on the taste forced into his mouth, but dutifully cleaned it all off. When he was finished with that, he turned his attentions to licking his own cum from the bed where he spilled it. I didn't even need to instruct him in this. He just did it, as if he knew that was expected of him.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Blowjob Contest

So there I am, just hangin' out at the TBX sorority, home of the Bimbo Cheerleaders (of which I am proudly one), having a beer and chattin' up some guy from Europe who kept complaining about how tired he was. It wasn't terribly busy that night, but there were a couple of people mulling about. I had entered a contest they are holding. A blowjob contest. The sister with the most votes wins something. I'm not certain what though, I'm sure the announcements said what it was, but hey, contest for giving blowjobs, well, all I need to win is bragging rights and I'm there!

So I'm sitting at the bar, having a brewskie when this guy...or something asks if I mind if he joins me. He was male, even if I'm not a hundred percent on the species. He looked mostly human, but had feline ears, and a tail. All in all, very hot looking. I looked him up and down, pouting because he was actually wearing green, on St. Patrick's Day. Damn, couldn't pinch him. Although he was yummy looking and I almost did anyway. He noticed I wasn't wearing any green, and pinched my ass...hard (I still have the welt) causing me to jump and nearly spill my beer.

"Now, we can't have ya spill yer beer" he says in some completely phony (but cute) Irish accent.

"Oh no" I replied giggling, "that would be alcohol abuse!"

"So, how's the contest going?" he asked.

"I don't know, I only entered this morning, I think I have a vote, but who knows for sure?" I said.

"Well, let's see what pops up and then we can see if we can get you some more votes." He replied slyly.

I leaned over, placing my hand on the inside of his thigh, caressing it softly and whispered in his ear "what did you have in mind?"

"Is it rude if I just ask you if ya wanna fuck?"

"It is, but I won't hold that against you." I said smiling.

I took his hand and led him upstairs. After some heaving kissing and petting, he realized he had to run to the store on the corner for some condoms. I was fresh out, and he didn't have any either. While he was gone, I undressed and jumped in the shower. I figured he'd be gone for at least 15 minutes, plenty of time to rinse off and refresh myself. I was in the shower, with my back to the door, my right hand had snaked down my belly, thinking about what the cat-man's cock would look like, getting myself all worked up. My left hand was twisting my nipple between my forefinger and thumb, I began to moan a bit when suddenly the door popped open. Startled, I spun around, covering my breasts with my left hand and my privates with my right. "Oh, I...I didn't realize you were back" I said, blushing at being caught buck naked in the shower, fondling myself thinking about this hot and hunky cat-man looking at me.

"Yep" was all he said as he seemed to fly out of his clothes, and join me in the shower. He turned me around, so I was facing the glass shower wall, and began to run soap over my back and my ass. He touch was soft, and gentle and strong all at the same time. He kneeled down, placing his lips on my ass and kissing it.

I moaned and leaned forward, my tits smashing against the glass shower wall. The hot water of the shower cascading over my curves as his tongue began exploring my anus, circling it. I could feel his hot breath on my asshole and my knees about gave out when he darted his tongue into it, sending spasms throughout my body. I pushed my ass back farther as I let out a loud lustful moan.

While he tongued my asshole, he reached around and began massaging my pussy, slipping a finger in every once in a while, and pinching, pulling and twisting my clit around. The water started getting cold so we turned off the shower. We left the enclosure and I pulled a towel out of my locker and started to towel him off. I turned him around and first dried his large, wide muscular back, paying careful attention to his ass and between his cheeks.

I then moved around to his front, stood on my tip-toes and kissed him long and warmly on the lips. My tongue darting into his mouth, rummaging and around and exploring the inside of his mouth while I moved the towel over his chest and down his abdomen. I kneeled in front of him and carefully and slowly dried his legs. First moving down the left, then up the right. When I got back to the top of his legs, I let the towel drop and wrapped my hand around his large man-meat. I lifted it, and with my left hand cupped his balls. My head moved in, and I extended my tongue, pulling one of his balls into my mouth, I moved my tongue over and around it, wetting it with my spit.

I slowly allowed the ball to roll out of my mouth as my tongue went to work on his shaft. I started at the base and moved my wet hot tongue up and down his shaft, from the hilt to the tip, paying careful attention to that sensitive little area just beneath the head. I opened my mouth and placed my lips around the side of his cock and moved my head back and forth along the pole, wetting it well with my saliva.

I then began to stroke his cock with my right hand, and looking up at him, opened my lips and took the head into my mouth. I suckled the head, feeling his knees buckle slightly, and feeling his cock getting harder and thicker in my mouth. I moved my head farther down the shaft, slowly and purposefully. I wanted him to really enjoy this. Finally, I grabbed one ass cheek in each hand, and pulled him quickly and forcefully farther into my face. He cock slammed into the back of my throat, causing me to cough a bit. I held him there, swallowing and rolling my tongue around his cock. I could feel his balls resting on my chin.

"OH FUCK!" he screamed as I began to bob my head up and down his pole with earnest. He grabbed my hair and began slamming my face onto his cock. I could feel his cock begin to twitch when he yanked my face from it. I took deep breaths, and screamed out in surprise and excitement as he picked me up and slammed by back into the locker.

He pulled my legs apart, picked me off my feet and drove his long hard shaft into my wet and willing pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in deep with each thrust. I felt the air hole fins of the locker biting into my back and heard the metallic clink as the doors on the locker jiggled as he slammed his magnificent cock into my pussy. Our skin slapping together with wet smack, smack, smack sound as he drove his prick in deeper and deeper, his balls slapping my asshole with each quick thrust.

He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulled my head back and forcefully kissed me hard. His hot wet tongue forced into my mouth. He reached around with his other hand and inserted two fingers of it into my ass. I let out a muffled squeal into his mouth at the surprise move and began rolling my hips faster and harder. My pussy was on fire, filled with this cat-man's enormous cock, stretching it wide and filling it with his heat.

He let out a giant loud roar as his cock released is goodness and his hot, sticky, ropey cum coated the inside of my pussy. I screamed out in pleasure when I felt his giant cock throbbing and spurting. He held me there, against the locker, while he pumped a few more times, finishing his load, then stepped back and let me fall to the floor. I could feel his hot cum beginning to drip from my snatch and seep down my thigh.

I pushed myself to my knees and took his cock into my mouth again. Cleaning his cum and my juices from it. Squeezing the last bits of cum from the tip of his cock with my suckling and stroking. He pulled my head from his cock and looked down at me, smiling, a small bit of cum dripping from the corner of my mouth. Then he got dressed and left.

He did say he voted for me. But I have no way of knowing that for certain. I hope he did, but either way, it was a great experience! (Sorry I don't have a pic this time).

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Gorgeous Pet

As I was looking for someone to thoroughly and completely abuse and humiliate me, I popped into the Heaven & Hell BDSM site. This place is great, a bit laggy, but they have a full range of awesome stuff. The only problem is that I almost never see anyone around there.  But today I was kind of lucky. Ok, first, a bit about the place if you haven't been there. They have a huge area with several different rooms. And when I say rooms, I really mean areas about the size of a high school gymnasium (relatively speaking of course). There is one for Bondage, one for Torture, a Prison, a Room of Beds for loving, a Dolcette Room (for eating), a Bathroom (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I think a couple of others that I can't quite remember what they are at this particular moment.

They also have a maze down underneath it all for capture role playing. There is an entire Sim in SL dedicated to this, it is called CARP. I spent some time there early on, but it was extremely laggy, and the games just didn't seem to suit me. The idea was you would go into the maze and people would chase you. When they caught you, you would have to remove an article of clothing. So when you are completely naked, I guess you loose. Big whoop. The maze at Heaven & Hell is run different. The rules are, you go down into the maze, you are chased, captured and then the captor does whatever the hell he wants with you. Much more my kind of maze. Sad thing is, there is almost never anyone there.


But anyway, I was hanging out in the torture room when I saw this girl, all decked out in purple latex from head to toe, locked into a box which allows people access to any of her holes. She looked completely helpless and adorable. Bored, I started to torment her some. Teasing her about her predicament. Some n00b guy was walking around with his freebie cock sticking out of his pants. I hate guys that do that. It looks utterly ridiculous. Guys, take a bit of advice here; don't run around with your cock sticking out of your pants, please.

Anyway, I goaded this guy into using the caged slut. He used her pussy and her ass ruthlessly. She would have been screaming if not for the ball gag that was in her mouth. He started with her pussy. He walked up behind the cage and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her tight, dry pussy. She let out a muffled scream as he started humping her good and hard. After a while she started creating some lubrication and that made it easier for him to hump the hell of that little cunt.

He pumped his dick in and out of that latex slut's pussy until she was practically crying. Then he grinned a big grin as he slowly pulled his cock, now well moistened by the slut's pussy juices and his own precum, out of her pussy. She seemed to sigh a sigh of relief when he did. But that was short lived. Next he place his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them part, exposing her extremely tiny little asshole. Her eyes began to widen and she started shaking her head from side to side as if she was trying to say 'No'. But we simply couldn't understand what she was saying through that gag. I grabbed the slut's left tit and pinched and yanked on the nipple. She made a loud muffled sound as spit dripped out of her mouth, around the ball gag.

Mr. N00b then rested the head of his wet prick against her little ass, and then forced it all inside her tight ass in one solid thrust. Her eyes bugged and she started making all kinds of noised through that gag. I laughed at her, walked around and kneeled in front of her, laughing at her and looking into her eyes and said "You fucking little slut, you know you like it" and slapped her good and hard across the face.

While Mr. N00b was wrecking this bitch's ass, I started in on her tits again, pinching, twisting and pulling them until they were red and angry. Mr. N00b released his load in that hot tight ass and I could hear her sobbing and crying as his cock, softened by the ejaculation, slipped out of her ass.

Later, the latex-clad slut wanted more punishment and humiliation. Not being a Domme, but having been known to switch on occasion, I told her I'd try to help her. So I strapped a chain to her collar and took her to the BSDM Bondage Bukkake dungeon. There I tied her to a wooden crate, and bade men to use her in any way they wished. I had to remove her ball gag as plenty wanted to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers - and plenty did. Man after man come to her and used her tight cunt, her extremely tight little asshole (well, it was before all this started, but by the time we were finished, her ass was nearly as gaping a hole as her well used cunt), and her mouth. She must have swallowed eight or nine loads of cum. And at least twice that much she took into each her ass and her pussy. The lined up like they weren't going to stop.


To give her a brief respite, I unshackled her and led her outside where she could stand, and let some of the cum drain from her. It was outside that I noticed something very enticing. A horse. Not some fake decoration-only horse either, this was a horse that was designed to be used! I grinned and yanked her chain and dragged her over to the horses pen, threw her in and instructed her to lick that gigantic horse cock. Which she did, the beautiful obedient little cum slut.

The cock was just too big for her to get ready by licking it, so I stepped into the pen, grabbed the fleshy meaty thing with both hands and started jerking it off. Once it started spewing its lubrication, I had her take the giant horse cock into her mouth. She gulped and looked at me pleadingly, but two sharp hits across her tits with my quirt was enough to make up her mind that I was not in the mood to offer mercy tonight. She grudgingly took the horse cock head into her mouth, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She gagged on the nasty, strong sour taste of the horse's lubricant, but holding the horse cock in one hand, I grabbed her ponytail and shoved her face deeper onto it, using the ponytail as a handle, I moved her head back and forth, her mouth enveloping not even a quarter of the horse's cock before she would gag as it reached her throat.

Tear were streaming down her face as her mouth was forced to fuck that horses cock. She seemed so relieved when I yanked her head off the thing telling her it was enough of that. She shouldn't have been relieved though. She shouldn't have protested so much. I hooked her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs so she was standing, but bent over, providing such easy access to her now widened pussy and ass. I maneuvered her into position under the horse. She figured out what was happening and started protesting loudly. More smart strikes from my quirt didn't shut the bitch slut up any though. She didn't want that gigantic horse cock inside her, but that didn't matter to me. She gave herself to me for this night, and since she wasn't owned by anyone, I was going to do my best to destroy that beautiful tight (at one time anyway) cunt of hers.

I guided the horse's cock to her pussy. Using my fingers to spread her lips and my other hand to guide the horse cock's head into it. The horse must have recognized the feeling of a hot warm tight pussy because it neighed and began humping himself into her without further assistance. The thing was ruthless. Shoving his cock all the way into her, humping and bucking. She was screaming from the pain, screaming from the humiliation. A nice crowd gathered around to watch this little bitch's cunt get brutalized by the stallion. It looked like she was going to pass out, so I gave her cheeks a couple of slaps with the quirt, bringing her to attention again. The cries and protests and screams really got my pussy juices flowing. It was then that I wished I had a cock so I could stick it in mouth, shut her up and have her suck me off while being fucked by a horse.

The brutal horse fucking only lasted about five minutes before the horse shot his load deep inside her body. She shuddered and screamed, and when the horse pulled out, she collapsed, the horse cum dripping from her brutalized pussy. I grabbed her ponytail telling her we could not leave this property a mess, and forced her face into the puddle of horse cum that had accumulated between her legs. Making her lick the horse cum from the ground was what really set me off. I came watching that.