Thursday, August 2, 2007

Losing One's Head

I was teleporting around. I landed at a place where there were male dancers (again - dammit- I didn't create a Landmark. Fuck I need to create those more often. I will find it and edit this post with it - I can be sooooo blond sometimes). There weren't any dancing on stage. There were a couple , but they were lounging around on the couches, holding girls. I felt like the odd girl out. Then I get an IM from someone I had never met. And an offer to TP. The IM said he had an ax and a chopping block. This piqued my interest, so I accepted the TP.

I arrived in a very dark and rather dank place. No doors or windows. The place was part rape house, part slaugher house. After knocking me around a bit, he strung me up by my feet and slit my throat. Not deep enough to kill me, just to bleed me real good. I was hanging there, gurgling on my own blood and I could see it pooling above/beneath my head on the floor. When he released me, He bound my hands and forced me to lean over a block of wood. I begged and begged him not to kill me. I told him I would do anything, anything at all. I was crying hysterically at this point. I really didn't want to die. About that time another girl showed up. She wanted to watch I guess. I kept begging him not to kill me as the ax swung down and THWOP! suddenly my avatar's head was gone, replaced with a bloody stump of a neck spewing blood. It was so hot, I had an orgasm righ then. Not a big one, but big enough. Shit that was hot.

Then, without a word whoosh the guy was gone, leaving me kneeling over the chopping block with no head, and the other girl...watching. When I was finally satisfied that he wasn't coming back, I stood from the platform and my head magically reappeared on my shoulders, right where it was supposed to be. The other girl, I'll call her Dhalia, wore a tag that read "Dolcett Girl" or "Fan" or something like that. But her tale is for yet another post (hey, it was a HOT and busy night, okay?).

Have fun, and stay wet - or hard, which ever works for you!!!!

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