Friday, May 29, 2009

SPCA Grand Opening


This Saturday, starting at 7 PM SL time, the Slave Protection Center of Adoption will be holding a grand opening party. The dancing starts at 8 – DJed by the incomparable Pantie “Giggles” Strangelove. All of you, dear readers (yes, BOTH of you) are of course invited and welcome to attend!




                                                            The SPCA

The Slave Protection Center of Adoption (SPCA) seeks to protect and promote the welfare of all slaves and submissives, alleviate the pain and suffering of any abused, neglected, mistreated or abandoned slaves. It provides a learning facility for people in the BDSM lifestyle to learn about the life, their limits and how to successfully enforce them. It also serves as an agency to help Dominant and submissive personalities find long lasting relationships.

Here slaves and submissives will find a sanctuary, a place of respite and healing.  The center will not actively solicit those who need protection, but it will welcome those who come through its doors.

The SPCA provides education in regards to role play, servitude (sexual and other types), SSC, BDSM, and other topics of interest.

We offer a safe and protected environment for abused and unowned slaves to meet, mingle and relax.  Come and sit by the fire, enjoy one of the available games, or relax on the deck.  The center is always open for your enjoyment.

The center offers a kennel service for slaves whose owners need to have them cared for while they are away.  You will be able to be away and know yours is well looked after.

Come here, and be yourself. Roleplay is fine, and supported, but not mandatory.  This is not a strict full time RP location, but free to indulge.



The Triumvirate:

This group of three are the head council for the SPCA. They create and clarify any rules. Decisions made by the Triumvirate are final.

The Protectors:

Protectors act as guardians to all pets and protected. It is a high level of responsibility. Any pet or protected may call upon a protector at any time. They are our priority.

This group is by invitation only. To apply for this group, contact one of the Triumvirate (Taurmaries Chaffe, DagnyT Dagger, or Irena Zenovka).

The Volunteers:

These are the helpers, either Dominants or submissives,  who help teach, offer advice, a shoulder to cry on, or any other talent they have to share.

To apply for this group, contact one of the Triumvirate (Taurmaries Chaffe, DagnyT Dagger, or Irena Zenovka).

The Pets:
These are those slaves and submissives who choose to live at the center full time.

The Protected Ones:
These are the slaves and submissives who come in to the center's care for a period of time. 


LOCATION: SPCA Protection Shelter, Crystal (205,99.87)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Asian delight

It has occurred to me that while I have written about my slave meat, I haven't told the story of my Asian delight (the one who wrote the last article, about having fun with teddy bears). I met this girl on one of her first days in Second Life. She made the mistake (or good fortune, depending on how you want to look at it) of popping into the place I used to spend practically all my time. I was up in the mall, not doing anything really, just basically vegetating. There were a lot of times at that place where there was just nothing at all happening.

ka2 At these times, I'd go hang out in the mall. Catching n00bs as they spawned...erm...rezzed I guess is proper SL speak for that. She popped in and almost immediately my slut radar went crazy. I thought it was going to go into full slut meltdown. Bells were ringing, horns were blaring, lights flashing. It was like the red alert on Star Trek, but 12 times more so. I approached, introduced myself - and told her I loved her outfit. The only thing missing was a collar to hide her oddly long neck. I, of course, was talking about a house collar. I wasn't looking for another sub at the time. I had one, and it wasn't working out very well (we've since parted ways - I truly hope she finds happiness, but I realized she could not with me).

I teased her about putting a collar around her neck for probably a month or more. She quickly went through the tasks to become a 'certified' role player - and Mistress of the sim we played in. She was a well loved Mistress, taking boys, bois and girls alike and giving them a 'good' treatment - everyone I talked to really liked her a great deal.

Then the day came when the place conducted a "Dominant's Auction". Where Dominants would place themselves on the auction block, and subs/slaves would bid on them, so the slaves could get dominated by the Dominants (I know, it's kinda backwards but...whaccha gonna do?). Of course I put myself on the block. I thought 'hell, I could use an extra few lindens, so, why not'. So up on the block I went. The auction started out rather iffy - some problems with the block, and then some cunt who bid L$2 only. I was half hoping she'd in, because I would have skinned the bitch alive.  But it was not to be.

The bids soon started coming in. One of my trainees had given the auctioneer a fistful of money to bid on me since she was unable to attend the auction. Another began bidding against this silent bidder. I could not understand why. The guy was not human. He is some demon from some other dimension or some such, and is complete Dom as far as i could tell. I could not imagine what I could do to Domme this man. After the auction, I spoke with him, and was informed he actually purchased me to Domme another Mistress there. I was purchased for a three hour session.

Now, my Asian delight is...well...Asian - and as such her timezone is about 13 hours ahead of mine. So it took several weeks before we were able to actually get together. Once we did, I placed a collar on her neck, and got it all setup and locked it. I then went about stripping her. Oooh..and what a lovely sight that was. My knees became weak as she stood there in nothing but a collar, the chain leash attached to it, hanging between her naked breasts. I fondled my new toy for a bit before instructing her to kneel - which she did, although, I'm not sure if i detected a touch of reluctance in her actions, she is was after all, a Mistress.

I then took her on the leash, naked and crawling to the Suck Halls - a horrid n00b hangout where people go to use their expensive and vociferous prim add-ons. Our ears were filled with the pollution of all of these talking genitalia. I thought it would make a nice place for this 'Mistress' to be perfectly humiliated. She is, after all, and excellent role player - and a top class emoter. But here she was, dragged like a dog, naked into a free sex facility, and made to suck the cocks of anyone who wanted her to. Three hours of sucking cock, and being humiliated and her mind was pretty much turned to mush.

ka1At the end of our time, back at the cabin, I took out the key to the collar I'd put on her neck, held it up in front of her face, and chucked it into the lake. "Nope" I said "I'm not letting you get away. I'm not unlocking the collar, and I'm not releasing you. I rather like you, you're mine now." And that was the end of the discussion. Still she remains on my chain. I suppose she is happy, she doesn't complain - but then, I'm happy with her, so whether or not she is happy, really, is immaterial.

I still chuckle when I think of the whole thing. Most slaves have to be either captured or purchased. For this one, I was paid L$7,200 to take her. And really, I’d have taken her for twice that in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visit to the Inspired Playground

*Editor’s Note: This post was written by one of my slaves…my Asian delight. We visited a place called Inspired Playground. The place is somewhat like a strange dream – or an acid trip – or an a strange dream after taking a hit of acid (not that I would know what it is like to drop a hit of acid mind you..just stories really ;) ).

Just A Walk In The Park

I was with Mistress back at the Inspired Playground, savoring every moment with her as always. She said that she wanted me to do something, which was to be captured by the cute teddy slaver.

So, after getting ready, and watching the teddy bear slaver come round the corner, I ran towards it, jumping at it with wide open arms…

Not Good Enough

badgirl2… to fall flat on my face. Apparently, the RLV Relay in my collar wasn’t working. So Mistress passed me stand alone relay, which I attached, and waited. Who knew that to get captured, I had to ambush the slaver?

Our efforts paid off in the end, with the slaver capturing me, and got me into his small cage pull cart thingy and dragged me to a very non-descript grey building.

Revenge of the Teddys

So after being brought into the building, I was unceremoniously dumped out, and the only way for me to go is in, as the entrances were locked up tight. Upon entering, another teddy walked in, and as cute as that might sound, he was stern, and he told me that I could either slip on a collar, or he would force it on me. thiswayslave2

Not having much of a choice, I slipped it on, and stood in front of the desk. The teddy was quick with his judgment; before I could even utter a word of defense, he considered me a nuisance and is done with the paperwork. Grabbing the chain attached to my collar, he roughly pulled me into the next room for an examination.

I was expecting to be checked everywhere, but not like how this teddy did it! He forcefully strips me and leads me over a platform, with a pole sticking out, and made me stand over it. The pole tip pressed against the opening of my sex, almost penetrating it as he grabs my mouth and checks it, forcing it’s furry arm in, causing me to gag a little.

cavitysearchAfter that ordeal was over, he chained me to the wall. No, not only my collar, but my arms and legs above my head, making me reveal my pussy and ass obscenely. It then sends it small arm into my pussy roughly before forcing it into my ass, brutalizing it as it searches for any hidden contraband.

I tried to relax, but my body naturally started to react to the pain and I got a stern warning. After what seemed like eternity, it was finally done, and lead me to a small cell and chained my collar in the wall, to await for another teddy that was to come in.


Soon, another came in, and told me I was out of shape for what was to be made of me, a slave. I wanted to protest, but decided against it as I knew that would only bring more trouble. So the teddy pulled me into a room filled with exercising equipment, and I was promptly chained to a treadmill. He then started it up, and I was forced to run, least I lag behind and loose my balance, which would choke me hard. He started insulting me, and started to increase the speed. I was desperate, as I tried to keep up, tears welling in my eyes as I know I will not be able to keep up with the intense speed for long.removeyourclothes


Thankfully, He stopped it right before I loosed my balance, and brought me to a cycling machine. My legs, which were burning with the run, couldn’t take much more but I tried hard… who knew what else these teddies were capable of!


Right before I was about to pass out from exhaustion, the teddy told me to stop and dragged me off the machine and back out. By then, my legs were weak and wobbly, and towards the end, he literally had to drag me across the ground as they gave way.

xcisebikeSo with that, I was let go, and Mistress came in to bring me out.

It was a very interesting experience, and as exhausted as I was with the training equipment, I was kind of hoping for a little more. Anyways, best wishes goes out to the creators of Inspired Playground, must have taken a long time to make that, and I now have a new view on teddy bears!




Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return of the slave

The slave meat I had purchased several months ago had been gone for a time. It went on vacation (see how nice of an owner I am? I send my toys off for rest and recuperation once in a while). So last night, it returned to me. I came home, and found it kneeling there in the center of the house. It was naked. Its thighs spread wide in the traditional 'nadu' position, its palms turned upward, its back straight, its ass resting on its heels. My eyes followed the slaves curves and valleys, from its head, down around its large breasts, and flat stomach, coming to a stop at its sex. I took in a deep breath through my nose, relishing in the aroma that comes from my slave's arousal. It's almost always aroused when it kneels for service, its thighs spread wide, allowing me, and anyone else within is sight to view its private area. To see its state of arousal.

I walked up to it, and pulled from behind my back a blindfold. Squatting, I wrapped its head with the blindfold, adjusting and tightening it to make sure it could see nothing. It shivered as it looked up at me while I placed the blindfold over its gorgeous eyes, and secured it around its head. Left with only the memory of what I looked like, after having seen me only briefly, a few seconds really, after its long absence. I turned, and walked across the house, pulled back a curtain I had hung across an alcove to hide my new purchase. My purchase, was also covered with a tarp. I wasn't taking any chances that the fuck toy might accidentally see it. As I pulled the tarp off, you could hear small, metallic clanks and clicks as the metal pieces of the purchase moved, and collided with each other. Hearing the sounds, the slave titled its head, and moaned softly. Its world was all black. It sniffed the air, catching a faint whiff of my own scent.

I went back to my slave. Took it by the arm, and led it over to my new purchase. I guided its hand to touch the highly polished and extremely smooth metal base of my purchase. It crinkled its forehead with curiosity. I gently guided it further forward, into the center of my purchase, careful not to let it trip over my new equipment. I didn't want it scratched up before it was even a day old. I helped it to kneel again, and, pushed it forward, laying its breast and face onto the soft straw mats. I took each of its ankles, and bound them to metal shackles at either end of the device. Its legs now spread wide, its ass pointing up into the air. It was quivering from the excitement as I bound its ankles. I could smell its arousal. Looking between its legs, I could see its labia, thick and opened, and glistening with its nectar.

More clinking, and a ratcheting sound is heard as I pull down a bar, connected to a chain that disappears into the new furniture. I take its left wrist, and place it in a cool metal shackle, closing the band with a 'snick' as it latches. I repeat the procedure with its right wrist. Its arms are now spread as far apart as they can be, the bar connecting the wrist shackles laying across its back. It gasped, and squirmed, rolling its hips with its excitement and arousal.I could smell its scent even stronger than just a moment ago.

I stood and removed my gloves, dragging the soft thin material down my piece of slave meat's back, and over her ass. The gloves were followed quickly with my nails. Not digging them in, but more tickling its skin with the tips of them. It shivered, excited by the anticipation and lack of knowledge of what might happen next. I dragged the nail of my index finger between its ass cheeks, pausing to circles its tight little sphincter. It pushed its ass back, pressing the tight hole against my finger, wanting me to push into it. Wanting to feel the discomfort of its tight anal ring stretched and prodded dry. I didn't. I just tickled it a little before moving the finger on downward, and forward, sawing it between the thick, meaty, wet lips of its pussy.

Pushing my finger into its cunt, I teased it with a few quick jabs at it, before pulling out completely. I dragged my finger back up its ass cheek, smearing what slave juice was on it over my Nubian slave's dark skin. More of the clinking and ratcheting sounds filled the slave's ears as I pulled on another chain. I used the fingers on my free hand to spread its cheeks open, exposing completely its little brown eye. I moved the glimmering metal hook in close, and rested it against its puckered hole, then pushed the polished smooth metal into its body. The hook was polished smooth, soft and slick like glass. I didn't use any lube, and the slave's ass had not been used since before I sent it off for its relaxation, neither had its pussy for that matter.

My slave quivered as the metal hook slid into is anus, I saw goosebumps rising on its skin. Its breathing became labored as I pushed the hook deep into its ass. I gave it a few good tugs to ensure it was well seated and would not dislodge accidentally. "Oh Mistress...what slave would give to be able to see you," it whispered in a gasp.

I ignored it as I pushed a button. A small electronic hum vibrated through the device, and the ratcheting sound of the chains was audible as the chains attached to the anal hook, and the bar holding its arms apart, began to be sucked back into the furniture piece, raising my slave from the floor slowly. Upwards. Its arms bent back behind it in agony. Its ass raised into the air, the hook pulling in its tight sensitive ass, the cold metal cutting into the soft flesh. The chains shortened until the slave's feet was lifted from the floor, and it hung there in mid air, supported solely by the shackles on its wrists, and the hook in its ass. It threw its head back, quivering and squirming on the device, its tits hanging free. A cool breeze blowing over its tight, stiff nipples and its exposed soppingly wet sex.

I glided my fingertips along my flesh bag hanging there, naked, spread, suspended. I took a moment to insert two fingers into its dripping wet pussy teasingly. "Ohhh Mistress...that feels so good," it gasped as my fingers entered the warm, moist confines of its slave cunt.

I pulled my fingers out, and drug them along its smooth, soft dark flesh, leaving a trail of its nectar in their wake. Taking a position in front of the slave, I grabbed both its nipples, squeezed them, and pulled them down hard. The slave gasped. I leaned close to it. My hot breath on its hear, whispering "You've been gone a long time, slave, and have denied me much fun at the expense of your body."

"And slave has missed being at Mistress' mercy," it whispered breathlessly.

I chuckled, "There is a lot to make up for," I whispered, standing erect again as I released its nipples. I brought my right hand back, and threw it forward fast and hard, the flat of my hand stroking the slave's dangling tit squarely. The loud clapping sound reverberating of the walls of the confined alcove. It opened its mouth wide, trying to gasp, but no sound escaping as its dark tit swung, and began to redden from the slap.

Bringing back my left hand, I delivered a similar blow to its other breast, but this one harder than the last, lifting the slave's body a few milimeters. It bounced a little on the shackles and hook as it settled back down into place. It gasped again, gritting its teeth. I guess it was determined to try and deny me the lovely song of its screams.

"I'm pretty sure you want to be able to much as you can anyway" I said as I removed its blindfold, return it it, the sight I had taken away minutes ago.

It moaned from the excitement. Its labia dripping with its juices from arousal as it hung there, in agony, exposed, open and spread. Its head slowly raised as I removed its blindfold, looking up into my face, a smile spread across its own face, "slave is so happy to be back, Mistress", it said as I lifted its chin a little more with my fingers, leaned in and kissed its full lush lips softly. "anything Mistress does today, will only increase slave's arousal," it added as our lips touched.

I smiled, and hummed as I broke the kiss, and began again to walk around the slave's suspended body, dragging my nails down its flesh. "I've missed the touch of your soft body, mine" I said. It struggled, and turned its head, trying to keep me in its sight, but soon gave up, and let its head hang down, watching my legs as I stood behind it. I moved my palm over the roundness of its ass, slapping its left cheek, and holding my hand there, digging my fingers into its meaty cheek, kneading the flesh. My right hand moved between its legs, the fingers moving back and forth up and down along its slit.

I drove two fingers into its sopping cunt. "Ohhh yess, Mistress" it cried out, its pussy clamping around my fingers. I moved the fingers deep, pulling them almost out, and pushed them back in, a third finger joining the first two. It rolled its hips as much as the restraints would allow, its pussy spasming around my fingers. I pushed the three deep into the dark recesses of its dark body, and spread them apart, moving, feeling, touching its insides.

I fucked the cunt with my three fingers, listening to the sounds of arousal escaping its mouth, along with the soft, wet squishy noises emanating from the pussy. Its aroma rose on the air and filled my nostrils. I sighed lustfully as I felt my own sex clench, dampening my panties as I slapped its ass again, causing it to jiggle on the hook.

"Ohhh yesss...Mistress...slave has missed you sooo much, Mistress" It exclaimed just before I slapped it, eliciting a loud gasp.

I added my pinky finger into the mix of fingers fucking the slave's cunt. Pushing them in as far as I could get them - until my knuckles ground against its pelvic bone. It shuddered. It groaned. It clenched its teeth and closed its eyes tight. I could tell it was fighting to control a building orgasm, but I did not let up my assault. I slapped its ass hard again, and pounded its pussy with my fingers.

"May slave climax, Mistress?" it asked, its voice a trembling whisper, its pussy spasming around my fingers.

I crouched low, slowly pulled my fingers from its sopping pussy, leaning forward, I utter "no" as my tongue contacts its pussy, and drags along its slit. Finding its clit, I flick the nub with my tongue a few times before clamping my lips around it, and suckling hard on it.

"Please, Mistress..." it gasped. It was quivering now, panting, and sweat was dotting its forehead, Please, Mistress..." it begged again.

I turned my head from side to side, murmuring "nuh uh" without removing my lips from its button. I inserted my thumb into its hole, pressing it down, against its wall.

"Please...." it whispered in an almost whining beg. It was quivering good now. Right on the verge. Ready to climax. I touched my teeth to its clit, biting down and dragging them along the nub until my head pulled back far enough that it fell free of my grasp.

"No means no, pet" I said pulling my thumb out, and slapping its ass again hard. I made a cone of the fingers of my right hand. The index and pinky fingers placed on the underside of the ring and middle fingers. My thumb pressed against the palm of my hand. I had just begun to insert the fingers into its cunt again when I felt it spasm hard. And then again, and again. It was climaxing...after I'd told it not to.

"NOOOoooooo" it wailed as its body betrayed it. Climaxing with out permission.

I grabbed hold of the hook in its ass, and gave it a good solid yank. "I told you NO you stupid little slut..." I yanked the hook again "...can you not follow simple orders?" I asked, yanking the hook a third time.

"Please..." it whispered, dread was evident on its voice "..forgive the slave..." It cringed with the pain of my jerking the hook "slave is sorry...Mistress..." it stammered, tears beginning to track down its cheeks

I slapped its ass again, and resumed pushing my fingers into its pussy. I was moving them in more harshly now, somewhat ticked that it had so blatantly disobeyed me. I twisted my hand in its pussy, the knuckles of my fingers and thumb ground painfully against its bone, working my fingers in a little deeper with each twist. It dropped its head in shame as its climax subsided, gasping and moaning as I widened its pussy with my hand.

I reached around its leg, and grabbed its left tit. Clamping my hand around it, my fingers and nails digging into its flesh. Digging in hard enough to break one of my nails. I yanked on the tit as I grunted and forced my hand inside its body, wincing with the pain in my thumb as it ground past my slave's pelvic bone, pushing forward into the slimy wetness of my slave's womb.

The slave threw its head back in agony as I plunged my fist into its pussy. I slowly pulled my arm back, and pushed it forward again, slowly, driving my fist deeper into my Nubian's body. I splayed my fingers wide as I pull my hand back, pressing them along the thin membrane separating her love canal, from her anal cavity. I pushed my fingers hard against it, until I just feel the hardness of the hook. The slave meat on a hook trembled, sweat dripping from its dark body as it squirmed in agony with pain washing through its body - its face distorted.

I pulled back and closed my fist again, and shoved it inside the Nubian's body, burying 1/2 my forearm. I let out a gasp as I felt my knees become a little rubbery with the arousal I was feeling at this slave's expense. It opened its mouth, and screamed in agony, tears running down its face as it threw its head from side to side, squirming in the cuffs. I gasped again, shuddering, my pussy contracting at the lovely song of my piece of slave meat's screams. I pushed in farther, my free hand reaching forward and grabbing its collar. I yanked back on the collar as I forced my arm deeper into its orifice.

It screamed again, louder this time. The agony in its cunt becoming unbearable. Its whole body shook from the pain. It squirmed and pulls hard, the metal shackles cut into its flesh, and warm blood ran down it arms and ankles - with the slave barely registering it from the pain it its pussy. "You wanna cum now...hmmm?" I asked "You fucking whore that can't follow a simple damned instruction...YOU WANT TO?!" I pulled my arm back out, to the wrist, and drove it inside the dark body again, fast, pumping my fist in and out of its body forcefully. I could feel my climax building with each thrust of my fist, and each cry of agony it released. It hung is head down, sobbing and crying. The room had started to spin and blur for it. The pain of its ordeal almost too much for it to bear and remain conscious.

"Mmmh...gawd....YESSSS" I exclaimed as my climax began, encouraged by the slave's screams, tears and finally, its withdrawal, giving in to the darkness the pain wanted to bring to it. I orgasmed hard, my knees almost giving out as I shoved my hand into its cunt up to my elbow and held it there. As my orgasm subsided, I slowly pulled my arm out of the tight, hot hole. Making a cone of my fingers in much the same manner as I did going into it. I twisted and cajoled my hand out of the dark meat's dark hole with a loud slurping sound, followed by the sound of air escaping, and flapping its meaty lips.

It hung there as I recovered from my orgasm. Trembling, tears flowing freely from the slave's eyes, sobbing in the shackles. The hook buried deep inside its sore bleeding ass. Red warm blood also flowing from the cuts made by the steel shackles on its wrists and ankles. I walked around to the front of the slave, stepped out of my soiled panties, "clean them" I ordered, holding them to her lips.

It struggled to lean forward, extending its tongue and began to lick my panties. A smile spreading across its pained, tear streaked face at the taste of my juices. It strained forward more, and bit down on the panties and pulled back, taking them with her, working her mouth to get more of them in. I stood there watching it. My own labia swollen and glistening. I used my finger, and moved a sweat plastered lock of hair from my toy's beautiful face.

I pushed the button. The electric hum and ratcheting of chains came to life again as the slave was lowered back to the floor. I freed its wrists from the shackles, inspecting them to ensure it did not have any wounds that required immediate attention. Satisfied that the wounds were superficial, I took the shackles from its ankles. Leaving the anal hook for last. I removed that slowly, almost tenderly, wiping what blood there was on its skin before taking its collar in my hands again, and helping to its formal, kneeling position.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Latest Acquisition

It was a hot day, I had just the hint of perspiration on my forehead as I walked across the barren sand towards Ma’am, the bank draft in my hands. “Ma’am,” I said, “just the person I was hoping to see.”

“You are happy to se me?” asked Ma’am, “why so?”

I handed her the bank draft, confirming a transfer of funds; “Well, I’m always happy to see you, but I have this for you, to confirm the transfer of funds as discussed.”

By now the people around had started paying attention. A quiet hush fell over the common gathering area, where people sit, and talk and decide what they want to do with which slave that day. People and slaves leaned in, listening, as the Ma’am unfolded the paper and read it carefully. “Ah, yes, I recall. We spoke about it. So you really paid the agreed amount.” She said, more of a statement than a surprise, as if for some reason, she thought either I could not acquire the funds, or I would have second thoughts.

“Of course, and I still believe I got the better end of the deal” I replied, looking over to the slave I had grown so fond of these past few months, as it kneeled there in the sand, its arms behind its back, its legs spread wide, the slave petals glistening in the sun from its near constant state of arousal.

Ma’am held the paper to the light, checking for proper watermarks. “I hope you did not fake the wire transfer,” she said smiling innocently “but I think, guess, hope – I can trust here – if not, I will reclaim the goods.”

I blinked, and tried to look aghast; “Fake it? I’m almost offended at the thought.”

“Aren’t there bankers around that can check for the validity – it is a large sum, Ma’am, whatever it maybe for.” the slave had injected itself into the conversation. We continued on, ignoring it, as if it had not spoken.

“Yes,” Ma’am said, “I would be too, but aren’t we where we are because we know who we are?” She asked.

Even though we had the rapt attention of the entire crowd, the slave did not falter on its greetings to Mistresses, Masters and others who were arriving. I chuckled, “true Ma’am, very true” I responded.

One of Ma’am’s personals craned her neck around Ma’am to catch a look at the paper, and muttered something, I could not understand it, nor could I tell if it was impressed with the sum, or nonchalant about it.

“However,” she continued, “you know this item has some marks, some scratches and so on? You buy this item as seen.” More people are gathering around the transaction, curious to know what is going on. “…and I do not want to mention the, well, uhm, mileage.”

“I understand completely, nothing a little plastic surgery cannot fix.” I said, catching the slave from the corner of my eye, kneeling, quivering slightly in the sand. So full of lust, always so ready to please.

“Well, so be it, but again, here all of you can witness it, a refund is not an option.” Ma’am said as if it were the final word on anything and everything. “girls” she said addressing her personal slaves “you are my witnesses. I told her.” The statement was followed by a round of “yes Ma’am” from her girls.

The slave, who is kept next to a post, near the center of the gathering area, attached by a chain from its clit ring to the post – scooted as close to the conversation as the chain would allow, wincing a little as the chain pulled on its clit ring.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be seeking a refund,” I said.

One of Ma’ams slave girls piped up “you gave her plenty of warning.”

“Has there been a test drive, I hope?” another of Ma’ams girls asked.

“What it cannot do now, it can be trained to do.” I said with confidence, “I’ve seen its ability to learn.”

At this, Ma’am smiled and opened her pouch, she took out a set of keys on a ring, selected one key from the rest and handed them to me, “here, this should be the one for the collar, the others are for the cuffs and what not”

I took the keys, and bounced them in my hands a few times, smiling “thank you.” I said with a little nod.

Ma’am smiled at me, then looked to the slave chained to the post “well, I just sold you.”

One of the other Mistresses there smiled and nodded “yes, it does learn well…sometimes that is.”

“Say hello to your new owner” Ma’am said, addressing the slave – “Mistress Dagger that is.”

The slave blushed, and looked almost hurt “you sold this slave, Ma’am? To Mistress Dagger?” It asked “the slave hopes it did not displease you, Ma’am.”

“Mhm…you know how that is, we all have to earn a living, and food costs, expenses etc. The curse of capitalism, and theses bankers…” her voice trailed off before she went into another tirade against bankers, and capitalism in general.

One of the visiting slaves giggled, covering her mouth “oooh, it was the slave being sold!” she exclaimed.

The slave, my new property, smiled up at me, its face alight with joy, and shuffled closer, wrapping its arms around my legs.

“I wish you both a prosperous future,” Ma’am said.

“Thank you again Ma’am,” I said, running my fingers through my property’s hair, “for such a great deal.” The slave at my feet, leaned down and began kissing my sandy toes, tears streaming down its face.

“So, the slave will leave the Den?” One of the Mistresses asked. “Congratulations Dags!” exclaimed another, clapping with excitement.

“So, if you want, you can rent of course a slave kennel, if it needs a rug to sleep on.” Ma’am said grinning as the slave scooted away from my feet, towards Ma’ams feet, and kissed each of her feet, before returning to its new owner.

“Thank you, Ma’am, but I have a house.”

With that, on 29 April, I acquired my latest piece of property. The slave had caught my eye some months before. A near perfect specimen. It had a body that seemed to be built for sexual slavery.

We had not discussed my owning it, except once, shortly after I came across it. At that time, I had told it I would not own it. That I would not claim it as mine. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…. It did not know I was going to take it as my own. it did not know I had worked out with the owner of the sim to claim it as mine. It was sold to me, so much like the piece of slave meat property that it is. I own it, its body, its mind, its soul…its future. All of these things belong to me. They exist for my enjoyment. For my pleasure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Depths of Paranoia

** Edited on 09 May, 2009:
The owner of the place contacted me, she was naturally not very happy, but did point out some facts that I had not gotten quite right. And I do want to be factual, so I've added the edits in here, italicized **

I once saw a bumper sticker which read "I may be paranoid, but that doesn't mean they aren't out to get me." Paranoia, is an odd thing. says paranoia is "..systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission." Another definition it offers is "... characterized by delusions of persecution, with or without grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason."

I know what you're thinking about now. What the hell does have to do with sex in second life? Well,....nothing really, but I do have a few things to get off my chest. Some observations if you will - as well as concern for certain people in the orbit of on paranoid person, who not only wields power of her own islands, but has managed to brainwash some very nice girls into thinking she is as close to a goddess as one can get.

As you know, I don't mention names in this blog - and I'm not going to start naming names now. Those of you who know me, and know this person, will know exactly what and who I'm talking about. The rest, well, does it matter really? I mean, if you have no contact with any of us, then what's the point of knowing who we are anyway? That being said, I will map out some nicknames here, to keep everyone straight. The paranoid delusional person, I'll call "Stalin" ( cause-really, that's how she acts...and I'm not exaggerating here). I'm going to call the slave I have that was involved in part of this story "meat" (because...mmmhhhh...what a beautiful piece of slave meat she is...yummy!). I'll make up the rest as I go along.

Now, I've been told my many...MANY people that Stalin is not a nice person. That she is vindictive and that she quite possibly suffers from one or more mental illnesses. These people, I have always ignored. I had not seen anything in her that was like that. I quite liked her. I have known her for nearly 1 1/2 years. Sure, at times she was short of temper, but I mean, who isn't? Other times, she seemed to have enough patience to make the Pope blush.

But about 2 or so months ago, I felt something changing in the atmosphere of the kidnap, rape, slavery sim where I used to hang out and where I was a slave trainer. I really noticed it, when Stalin took a girl prisoner for wearing shoes shooting arrows at her, and while interrogating her, pulled out several teeth, and most of her fingernails. That seemed a bit brutal for Stalin - who has always maintained she did not like or participate in blood sports. Her RP only got darker and darker from there. I could almost see the waves of wrath and irritation coming off her avatar. The people would quit talking around her. She was running around, breaking her own rules and her own limits. Any question put to her was met with replies full of vinegar.

Then came the "Good Friday Affair" as it has come to be called. A decisive turning point for me, my slave meat, and our future at the sim we had loved, and gave our time talents and effort to freely. For those of you who do not know, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is the day - to those of the Christian faith - when Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a cross, and killed. Now, meat used to teach a class at this sim. It was an introduction class - explaining what kind of role play goes one there. Assuring everyone that everything at the place is consensual and that Stalin and all the safe practiced SSC. She would tell them what a great place it was, where even new people were welcomed. Part of her class went over some rules. One rule is, there is no OOC (out of character) below 400 meters. It is a full-time role play sim, and people on the ground are expected to be in character at all times. Another rule is that above 400 meters is OOC only (i.e. no IC above 400 meters). 400 meters being the magic number, as that is where the floor of the mall and landing point is.

During much of the class, Stalin and her minions - one of whom I'll call "princess" cause, that's what she is; though she'll argue she isn't - were talking loudly, and generally interrupting and being a nuisance at the class and making it difficult to teach. It should be noted, that Stalin has been known to eject people who behave this way in other classes. After the class, Stalin entered into an IC game with meat. It should also be noted, the classroom where classes are held are above 400 meters, which means the classroom is OOC - and not IC (since there is no IC above 400 meters). Now, meat, being the nigh perfect slave it is, politely informs Stalin that it has to leave SL soon, and does not have time for a role play scene. Stalin ignores this completely (against exactly what she has preached since I've known her - which is that an OOC "NO" means "NO" and nothing else). Stalin says she will put meat on the cross, where she expected meat to remain during the next class being taught by another person. Please note, again, that meat stated she had to leave second life - which was ignored, and it seems that Stalin expected meat to forgo whatever it was she had to do in real life - and remain on the cross. One of the bystanders asks Stalin "In Good Friday style?" to which Stalin said "yes, exactly."

Now, getting back to Good Friday, the day Jesus was killed. It is not an unreasonable leap to say "they want to crucify me and kill me." Cornered, and threatened with death, meat drew a dagger, and said she wanted to just talk calmly with Stalin. Princess and the other minions around - two that I know of I'll call puta and fairy - drew weapons. Stalin threatened to kill meat again "you are dead" followed by "and no...i am not kidding". It was at this point that meat responded that that she would take Stalin down with her.

Now, lets take a step back here and examine the situation. It's pretty tense. Stalin, by the way, has been role playing being pregnant with twins. So here we are, with a pregnant Stalin with a dagger to her throat. The dagger held by a naked, cornered and scared slave who is woefully outnumbered for any battle. meat stands alone against Stalin and her lackeys. Asking just to talk, to work things out. Seems pretty tense. But let us not forget here, dear readers, that is is all happening in Second Life. A virtual world. It is entirely probable, that Stalin is not pregnant in real life (though, she could be, but that is really neither here nor there). It is entirely probable that meat is not holding a dagger in real life - and even if she is, the chances of her actually being in a position to use it on Stalin is ridiculously absurd. Double so because meat lives 1/2 a world away from Stalin. So, lets keep this in mind while we go through this..mmmkay?

Stalin tells meat to drop the knife, or "you are dead...and no...I'm not joking". meat drops the knife. Stalin then ejects and bans her. Now, mind you still, all of this occurred in an area that is decried by the rules as an "out of character" area. Stalin then rants for a few hours about what a sicko meat is for attacking a pregnant woman. Huh? The way I read it, meat was attacked at the bequest of Stalin, and was defending herself. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I misread the chat logs (which, btw, I'm including at the bottom of this, properly redacted to remove actual names).

So there we are. My slave is banned for reacting to an IC death threat, in an area that is OOC, after she tried to say in OOC that she did not have time to role play. This, mind you is in a sim where snuff, dolcett and death are not allowed to be role played.

So there we are. My slave is ejected from being a house slave, for reacting to an IC death threat, in and area that is OOC, after she tried to say in OOC that she did not have time to role play. This, mind you is in a sim where snuff, dolcett and death are not allowed to be role played. Later that night, she was banned because she answered questions in IMs - the one that was presented as an example, was an IM actually started by one of Stalin's personal slaves - but really that is neither here nor there. Stalin did remove the ban on Easter Sunday (kind of ironic,....huh? Banned on Good Friday - and resurrected on Easter Sunday). She has since been banned again - at the same time as I was.

As you might imagine, I was not very happy with the whole ordeal. Sure, things could have been done differently by meat, sure she could have just teleported out (though, to be honest, that probably would have landed her in the same situation - ejected from the groups and banned). Stalin was furious that I would even infer that perhaps she went a little far with the role play - and OOC consequences for an IC role play gone bad. The way I look at it is this. A slave got the better of Stalin in a role play scene. Stalin could see no way out of it for herself, so instead, she ejects and bans the slave. One rule it seems one should remember if they are going to be playing there: "Do not put the owner of the place in an untenable situation in a role play, because she will take her ball and go home."

Now, this is just how full of herself Stalin can be. After the Good Friday Affair, I asked another trainer to monitor my trainees there, because I was going to need time with meat to calm her down, and get her mind set right again. This seemed very reasonable - at least to me. But did that make sense to Stalin? Of course not, not in the least. She fires off some very angry IMs to me, but finally admits she "will let me have the time off." Uhm...excuse me? She'll LET me have the time off? Or what? It isn't like I was getting paid - so even if Stalin promised to quadruple my salary....4 x 0 is still 0.

That was pretty much the end for me. I had quit in all manners except leaving the groups. Recently, an avatar - newly created just that day - showed up at the sim, in the main gathering area, slandering Stalin, the house slaves and the place in general. Stalin got it into her head that the avatar was me, so she banned me, without a word, in the wee small hours of the morning. Stalin, and I'm jumping to assumptions here, is obviously projecting. For some reason, she thinks I care enough about her or that place to be petty enough to actually go through the trouble of making a new avatar and slandering her. I was informed by the sim owner, that she is not the one that banned us, but it was someone else to whom she gave authority. I did not ask who it was, because quite frankly, I don't really care.

The thing is this. When I started writing this, I really disliked Stalin. I thought she was being petty and judgemental. But as I am finishing up here, I have found that I don't dislike her. No. What I feel for her is pity. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live day to day looking at life with such suspicion. No wonder she behaves the way she does. To look at everyone and everything with such must be a horrible existance. I hope she can find help. I hope she can figure out how to live life to its fullest, without such dark thoughts that everyone is in someway out to get her. In addition, I pity those close to her.

I have been told, that over this past weekend, 115 names have been added to the sim's ban list. 115 names. When I heard that, my first thought was of Pinochet and "the disappeared" as they call the people who simply vanished during his regime. It really is sad, there are some good people there. I have been informed this is not true. I'm going on what the owner tells me, because frankly, there is no way to verify this one way or the other.

From the "The Sim Rules" notecard dated 26 December, 2008 (the most recent as of this incident - though I don't believe they have been changed since then either - emphasis is mine.)

10.There is no OOC Area below 400 meters height. The entire ground level is IC, all above 400 meter is OOC.

** Edit 09 May, 2009 - because it was pointed out I missed a few names while redacting **

[15:14] meat: Have fun and enjoy yourself at the the sim. I will be around a bit longer to answer any question you might have.
[15:15] Stalin: how much is the tent there?
[15:15] meat facepalms and can't help breaking out laughing at all the things Ma'am and princess whisper to her
[15:15] Princess grinz
[15:15] meat: 100 L$, Ma'am - but we'll make a special price of 200 for you
[15:16] Stalin: then i wont take it
[15:16] Innocent Bystander looks at the tent and looks thoughtful.
[15:16] Princess waddles up on stage, preparing to arrest meat
[15:16] meat looks to the Misses and girls at the front, ignoring Ma'am "any questions?"
[15:16] meat: princess , what are you doing on the stage?
[15:16] Innocent Bystander: Thanks for the class.
[15:17] meat: Innocent Bystander, I need your help here it seems
[15:17] Princess: I believe I need to arrest you for Overcharging of Tents
[15:17] Stalin: if you have no questions, say thank you to your instructor, you might not see her for a while - since she is getting arrested now
[15:17] Innocent Bystander: (( I thought it's OOC above 400m ))
[15:17] Innocent Bystander: (( It's outside of your RP jurisdiction *grins* ))
[15:17] witness 1: Thank you! *smiles*
[15:17] The puta: OOC is allowed above 400m
[15:17] The puta: but that won't keep you out of prison
[15:17] witness 2: Thank you meat
[15:17] meat: (( it is no OOC below 400, but IC allowed up here ))
[15:17] trainee c: thanks sis
[15:17] Stalin grins
[15:18] slave 1 smiles and claps "Great class meat, hope you make the next one. Thank you sis!"
[15:18] Fairy: loops holes loopholes
[15:18] meat: Why overcharge if all goes to Ma'am anyway, princess
[15:18] Stalin: Innocent Bystander, pick your side
[15:18] Princess: Arguing With princesss is 30 years, meat
[15:18] Innocent Bystander frowns, wishing she would miss the bondage at the other side of the grid.
[15:18] The puta: choose wisely
[15:18] Innocent Bystander: +not
[15:18] Stalin: meat, do not struggle
[15:19] Stalin: you were trying to overcharge me with the dress,errm, tent
[15:19] Innocent Bystander: Does she have the right to appeal?
[15:19] Stalin: rights?, pfff
[15:19] Princess: yes, on Sundays at 2 PM, that is time for appeals
[15:19] Fairy: well she is already appealing
[15:19] The puta: but she has no rights left
[15:19] Fairy: i thought that it was last Sunday for this month, Ma'am was I mistaken?
[15:19] meat: Who sets the prices for tents, Ma'am?
[15:20] Stalin: uhm, does this month have sundays at all?
[15:20] Fairy: only one
[15:20] Stalin: you tried to do, meat
[15:20] Fairy: last week
[15:20] Princess: The courts are closed on Sundays anyway
[15:20] Stalin: ah, yes, and anyway, we will jsut make up our own calender
[15:20] Fairy: as well as every other day
[15:20] Stalin: give me an hour
[15:20] Stalin: then no sundays anymore
[15:20] Princess grinz
[15:20] Fairy: smiles
[15:20] The puta: perhaps we should change it to "slutday"
[15:20] Fairy: coghs
[15:20] Stalin: much better, puta
[15:20] Princess: I like that
[15:20] Fairy: coughs
[15:21] The puta: in fact
[15:21] Fairy: every day is slut day now
[15:21] The puta: every day can be a slut day
[15:21] Fairy: lol
[15:21] Fairy: jinx
[15:21] Stalin: jinx
[15:21] Fairy: lolol
[15:21] Stalin: so, meat, and now?
[15:21] The puta: and it isn't even about me :)) we're all sluts after all
[15:21] Stalin: what do we do with you?
[15:21] Fairy: but you are the head slut
[15:21] Princess is a slut
[15:21] Princess: wait
[15:21] Princess is a virgin
[15:21] meat: Doesn't Ma'am think that 100 L$ is undercharging?
[15:21] The puta: i give head but i am not in head of anything
[15:21] Fairy chokes
[15:22] Fairy: of the sluts...yepper
[15:22] meat: We should arrest Ma'am for unfair competition - 100 L$ for a tent that's worth 400 L$
[15:22] Stalin: well, meat, you said you want to charge 200 L$ instead of the regular 100L$
[15:22] Stalin: and see, you now even try to start a revolution
[15:22] The puta: what was that meat?
[15:22] Princess: 200L, 400L...
[15:23] The puta checks her ears thinking she 'must' have been hearing things
[15:23] Stalin: ok, disarm her
[15:23] Innocent Bystander laughs, listening to the accusations.
[15:23] Stalin: stripping can be missed
[15:23] meat: Yes, if a slave has to spend 400 L$ to get a bow to defend Ma'am, the slave has to recoup the money somehow, Ma'am
[15:23] Stalin: and then tie her up at the gatherign spot
[15:23] Innocent Bystander: This slave is helping you earn a better profit and you want to arrest her, Ma'am?
[15:23] Fairy: yep too late for that
[15:23] The puta: you want to hand over that bow voluntarily meat?
[15:23] Stalin: and arrest Innocent Bystander too, for supporting the revolutionist
[15:23] meat: Just after buying it for so much money, puta?
[15:24] Princess: ack, Mistress Dagny is going to be pissed that we are arresting all of her slaves
[15:24] The puta: so then you are planning to resist?
[15:24] Innocent Bystander: Sure you jest, Ma'am.
[15:24] meat: She will be - she had real plans for tonight for us
[15:24] Stalin: jest is?
[15:24] The puta: (joke)
[15:24] Fairy: joke
[15:24] Stalin: ah, ok, no i do not, and if Dagny complains, well, we will arrest her too
[15:25] Princess: we need a bigger jail, Ma'am
[15:25] Princess: perhaps we can start jailing people in the tent
[15:25] Innocent Bystander: Oh, it could get quite heated sharing one cell
[15:25] meat hands the bow to puta
[15:25] Stalin: well, we do it differently
[15:25] Stalin: puta, get some crosses here
[15:25] meat: (( I need to go to rl in 15 minutes ))
[15:25] Stalin: we strap these two revolutionists on crosses on stage
[15:25] The puta takes the bow and tossses it over her shoulder
[15:26] meat: During the next class?
[15:26] Stalin: yes
[15:26] Innocent Bystander: A celebration in Good Friday style? ;)
[15:26] Stalin: exactly, Innocent Bystander
[15:26] Innocent Bystander: You'd need six hours for that
[15:26] Stalin: Innocent Bystander
[15:26] meat pulls her dagger
[15:26] Fairy: 3
[15:26] Princess: draw bow
[15:26] meat steps up behind Ma'am
[15:26] Princess: Careful with that dagger around Ma'am...
[15:27] Innocent Bystander shakes her head.. "Drawing weapons against unarmed civilians.."
[15:27] Stalin: waht is this going to be, meat?
[15:27] meat: Just a nice pleasant discussion, Ma'am
[15:27] Stalin: i will tell you what
[15:27] Stalin: if i feel a scratch, you are jsut dead
[15:27] Stalin: and no
[15:27] Stalin: i am not kidding
[15:27] Stalin: you drop taht dagger, now
[15:27] Fairy: please do not aim the bows int he same directioin as Ma'am
[15:27] Stalin: i am very serious about that
[15:28] Fairy: meat drop the dagger
[15:28] meat: Why should this one drop it?
[15:28] Princess takes aim at meat's butt
[15:28] Innocent Bystander says in a calm and amused voice, "You will all put down your bows and dagger."
[15:28] Stalin: meat, you are actually threatening a pregnant woman which is unarmed with a dagger
[15:28] Stalin: you are quite on the loosing track with that
[15:28] Fairy: meat drop the dagger, now
[15:28] meat: It is useless anyway so all a slave can do is take down Ma'am with her
[15:29] Stalin: you want to take me down?
[15:29] meat: If you threaten to kill this one
[15:29] Innocent Bystander: "meat..."
[15:29] meat: Or we can all calm down and have a nice pleasant chat
[15:29] Stalin: get Dagny here, now
[15:29] Fairy: meat, drop the dagger
[15:29] Stalin: oh, she iis off, too bad
[15:29] slave 1 blinks and looks up from her paperwork "meat nooooo.... Ma'am, the babies..."
[15:29] Innocent Bystander: (( She's not online. ))
[15:29] Stalin: ok, meat, here is the deal...
[15:30] Innocent Bystander: "Drop your bows.. show her you can be trusted, and rest assured she will do the same with her dagger."
[15:30] meat puts the dagger away and listens to Ma'am
[15:30] Fairy steps quickly between the two in the stage
[15:30] Stalin: you drop the dagger, and you are dismisssed - as house slave as well, and as teacher too
[15:30] Princess: sheath bow
[15:30] Fairy: MEAT that is enough
[15:30] meat drops the dagger
[15:30] Princess: ao off
[15:30] Princess: ao on
[15:30] Stalin: it was nice to have known you, good bye,, meat
[15:30] Fairy: this is not to go on, you are not to threaten a pregnant woman
[15:30] meat leaves the group
[15:31] meat: It was nice having known you
[15:31] Innocent Bystander: "What a hurried decision.. "
[15:31] meat: I am sorry
[15:31] Stalin: you can leave now
[15:32] meat: Please tell me what went wrong
[15:32] Innocent Bystander sighs at the words.
[15:32] Stalin: copy the chat log to Dagny and ask her
[15:32] Stalin: i am done with you
[15:32] Stalin: bye
[15:32] meat: (( I thought this was role play ))
[15:32] Innocent Bystander: "Ma'am.. please reconsider."
[15:32] meat: (( i swaid i needed to leave ... did not want to start RP ))
[15:32] Stalin: threatening to kill me is a form of disloyalty which i can not allow
[15:33] Stalin: we are done, meat
[15:33] Innocent Bystander: (( 15 minutes is not enough for roleplay ))
[15:33] Princess: acchannel 9
[15:33] Slave Collar Master Copy: Princess listening on channel 9.
[15:33] meat: (( please, I was stressed and under pressure - you always say we should not rp if there is not ime but forced me ))
[15:33] meat: (( Ma'am??? ))
[15:33] Stalin: ((yes??))
[15:34] meat: (( please forgive me ))
[15:34] Stalin: ((lets talk about it another day))
[15:34] meat: (( I did not want the RP now - i need to run to rl - I paniked ))
[15:34] meat: (( please ))
[15:34] Stalin: ((lets talk about it later, tomorrow, or so))
[15:34] meat: (( I love it here, Ma;am - invested time in the class and all ))
[15:35] slave 2: [meat, you won't help your situation pressing as you are right now.]
[15:35] Fairy: ((better to talk tomorrow, OK??))
[15:35] Innocent Bystander: (( Accept her offer, sis, while Ma'am is still generous with her offer to talk. ))
[15:35] meat: (( ok ))
[15:35] Fairy: ((go to your rl and talk later))
[15:36] Innocent Bystander: (( That certainly went badly.. ))