Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Once upon a time...Now with SLURL!!!!

It's been way long since I wrote anything here. And even longer since I have actually been in SL for more than just a couple of minutes. Seems every time I log on, something comes up to make me log off and take care of it. Case in point... I've been writing this little thing for almost an hour. Too much, too fast and just not enough me to go around (and I don't mean that in a good way either *wink*).

But, just to keep things going a little bit, here is an old picture I ran across today. It was one of the first blow jobs I ever gave in Second Life. It was in the gym at Hard Alley Detention School for Girls Gone Bad (I know, what a hell of a long title).

Fuck, I don't have the SLURL for it right now, but I'll try my damnedest to get it and edit this (and put it on my SLURLS list). <-- DONE!!!!

One of my frst blow jobs in SL

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