Friday, August 10, 2007

My Visit to Sakura's

6 Aug 2007
Over the weekend I was teleporting around, seeing the sites (so to speak). I did a search for "bukkake" and landed at a place called Sakura's. This is a fairly small area, not a large sim, and is designed primarily it seems for n00b sex. However, there are camp areas...sort of. Here is the way it goes, there are tip jars near certain devices and pose balls. The girl sits on the pose ball or device, and it logs her into the tip jar. Then, while you are there, anyone can come along and use you, and if they so choose can give you a tip.

When I got there, girls were sitting already on most of the camping spots, but the bukkake area was free. I took my top off and sat, waiting for men to come and spray me with their cum. I have flexi-cum and White Honey cum clothes, so I was all set for some good bukkake action. I hadn't done bukkake before, but was eager to see what it was like.

For those not in the know, bukkake is a Japanese term of somewhat ambiguous origin. The basic premise is that a woman sit or kneels in front of multiple men as they masturbate and shoot their load onto her face, into her mouth and on her body.

Only one guy came over to spray me. It was terribly exciting. He tipped me L$40. He masturbated and came all over me. Then tied me into a contraption that made me available to everyone (but didn't have a tip jar) and fucked me good, hard and long. It was all very exciting and I was sexually aroused by the end in real life. He said he came in RL, which made it even more exciting. I love it when I can make a man cum in RL through my SL role-playing skills (which, and I don't like to brag, are pretty good).

Afterwards, another device was freed up when one of the girls left. I strapped myself in and was almost immediatly approached by a tall, sexy blond woman. In the device, I completely opened up. I was on my back, my head tilted back so someone could shove their cock in my mouth, my pussy was spread wide, giving access to anyone. The blond woman, began to finger my pussy. She pumped her finger in and out of me, getting me extremely wet. She increased the number of fingers slowly, stretching my pussy until all four fingers were in.

She continued to pump her four fingers in and out of my pussy. It was painful, the stretching and pulling, I felt like I was going to be ripped open. Then a shemale came over and shoved her large cock into my mouth, gagging me and fucking my face. I could see her balls as she pumped her cock into my mouth. She laughed and asked if I liked women with cocks. I mumbled an affirmative mumble, and tried to keep from vomiting as her cock slammed against my uvula. Meanwhile, the tall sexy blond was working her thumb into my pussy. She twisted and pushed and pulled until her whole hand was in my pussy. The pain was intense, the pressure of her hand expanding my pussy. She made her hand into a fist, which put even more pressure on me. She was in my up to her wrist, her hand in a fist, and she pumped, hard and without mercy.

The only thing that kept me from crying out was the large shemale cock in my mouth. Puming in and out as she held my head steady. Blondie leaned down and sucked on my clit, then bit it...hard. I let out a muffled shriek in pain. She was torturing me now. The shemale came in my mouth and I swallowed it hungrily. She laughed again and walked away. I don't know why she found it so funny to fuck my mouth as if it were a pussy, but she did.

All the time Blondie is tormenting me. Shoving her fist in and pulling it out. Twisting it and punching my insides. She would use her other hand to twist and pinch my clit and nipples, and her teeth to bite them. As she pumped my harder and harder, she would bite with more ferocity. I could hear the sucking and squishing sounds of my juice as she twisted and pulled and pushed her fist in my pussy. I could feel my juices seeping out of my pussy, and dripping down my ass crack. My eyes rolled into my head as a humongous wave of orgasm spread over me. I could hardly breath as my body was rocked with the orgasms. I convulsed and shook and trembled and shivered so much that my wrists and ankles were bruised from the restraints. The orgasm lasted what seemed like hours, but was more like five minutes or so. I swear, it is one of the longest and wettest orgasms I have ever had.

I heard the sucking sound as she started to pull her cum covered hand from my snatch, then a slight 'POP' as she pulled it out. She licked her fingers to taste my cum. Then rubbed my cum into my tits and over my belly and into my mouth. Tasting myself was so arousing I can almost not even explain it. She gave me a deep, long kiss and told me "I will have you again slut", tipped my L$50 and left.

The people around were getting scarce about the only ones left right now in Sakura's were the other girls on their tipping pose balls, and myself, so I left. I was watching around, and noticed that the other girls weren't getting any attention. I was there about 30 minutes, and earned L$90. I can't complain too bad about that. Before I left, I took a quick look at their tip jars, and only one other had a tip, and it was only L$10. I don't know exactly why the people chose me instead of the others, but I have to assume it has to do with role playing, and narration instead of just sitting there getting fucked without saying anything, like a 'dead lay' as my brother would call them.

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