Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Gorgeous Pet

As I was looking for someone to thoroughly and completely abuse and humiliate me, I popped into the Heaven & Hell BDSM site. This place is great, a bit laggy, but they have a full range of awesome stuff. The only problem is that I almost never see anyone around there.  But today I was kind of lucky. Ok, first, a bit about the place if you haven't been there. They have a huge area with several different rooms. And when I say rooms, I really mean areas about the size of a high school gymnasium (relatively speaking of course). There is one for Bondage, one for Torture, a Prison, a Room of Beds for loving, a Dolcette Room (for eating), a Bathroom for...er...bathrooming (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I think a couple of others that I can't quite remember what they are at this particular moment.

They also have a maze down underneath it all for capture role playing. There is an entire Sim in SL dedicated to this, it is called CARP. I spent some time there early on, but it was extremely laggy, and the games just didn't seem to suit me. The idea was you would go into the maze and people would chase you. When they caught you, you would have to remove an article of clothing. So when you are completely naked, I guess you loose. Big whoop. The maze at Heaven & Hell is run different. The rules are, you go down into the maze, you are chased, captured and then the captor does whatever the hell he wants with you. Much more my kind of maze. Sad thing is, there is almost never anyone there.


But anyway, I was hanging out in the torture room when I saw this girl, all decked out in purple latex from head to toe, locked into a box which allows people access to any of her holes. She looked completely helpless and adorable. Bored, I started to torment her some. Teasing her about her predicament. Some n00b guy was walking around with his freebie cock sticking out of his pants. I hate guys that do that. It looks utterly ridiculous. Guys, take a bit of advice here; don't run around with your cock sticking out of your pants, please.

Anyway, I goaded this guy into using the caged slut. He used her pussy and her ass ruthlessly. She would have been screaming if not for the ball gag that was in her mouth. He started with her pussy. He walked up behind the cage and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her tight, dry pussy. She let out a muffled scream as he started humping her good and hard. After a while she started creating some lubrication and that made it easier for him to hump the hell of that little cunt.

He pumped his dick in and out of that latex slut's pussy until she was practically crying. Then he grinned a big grin as he slowly pulled his cock, now well moistened by the slut's pussy juices and his own precum, out of her pussy. She seemed to sigh a sigh of relief when he did. But that was short lived. Next he place his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them part, exposing her extremely tiny little asshole. Her eyes began to widen and she started shaking her head from side to side as if she was trying to say 'No'. But we simply couldn't understand what she was saying through that gag. I grabbed the slut's left tit and pinched and yanked on the nipple. She made a loud muffled sound as spit dripped out of her mouth, around the ball gag.

Mr. N00b then rested the head of his wet prick against her little ass, and then forced it all inside her tight ass in one solid thrust. Her eyes bugged and she started making all kinds of noised through that gag. I laughed at her, walked around and kneeled in front of her, laughing at her and looking into her eyes and said "You fucking little slut, you know you like it" and slapped her good and hard across the face.

While Mr. N00b was wrecking this bitch's ass, I started in on her tits again, pinching, twisting and pulling them until they were red and angry. Mr. N00b released his load in that hot tight ass and I could hear her sobbing and crying as his cock, softened by the ejaculation, slipped out of her ass.

Later, the latex-clad slut wanted more punishment and humiliation. Not being a Domme, but having been known to switch on occasion, I told her I'd try to help her. So I strapped a chain to her collar and took her to the BSDM Bondage Bukkake dungeon. There I tied her to a wooden crate, and bade men to use her in any way they wished. I had to remove her ball gag as plenty wanted to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers - and plenty did. Man after man come to her and used her tight cunt, her extremely tight little asshole (well, it was before all this started, but by the time we were finished, her ass was nearly as gaping a hole as her well used cunt), and her mouth. She must have swallowed eight or nine loads of cum. And at least twice that much she took into each her ass and her pussy. The lined up like they weren't going to stop.


To give her a brief respite, I unshackled her and led her outside where she could stand, and let some of the cum drain from her. It was outside that I noticed something very enticing. A horse. Not some fake decoration-only horse either, this was a horse that was designed to be used! I grinned and yanked her chain and dragged her over to the horses pen, threw her in and instructed her to lick that gigantic horse cock. Which she did, the beautiful obedient little cum slut.

The cock was just too big for her to get ready by licking it, so I stepped into the pen, grabbed the fleshy meaty thing with both hands and started jerking it off. Once it started spewing its lubrication, I had her take the giant horse cock into her mouth. She gulped and looked at me pleadingly, but two sharp hits across her tits with my quirt was enough to make up her mind that I was not in the mood to offer mercy tonight. She grudgingly took the horse cock head into her mouth, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She gagged on the nasty, strong sour taste of the horse's lubricant, but holding the horse cock in one hand, I grabbed her ponytail and shoved her face deeper onto it, using the ponytail as a handle, I moved her head back and forth, her mouth enveloping not even a quarter of the horse's cock before she would gag as it reached her throat.

Tear were streaming down her face as her mouth was forced to fuck that horses cock. She seemed so relieved when I yanked her head off the thing telling her it was enough of that. She shouldn't have been relieved though. She shouldn't have protested so much. I hooked her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs so she was standing, but bent over, providing such easy access to her now widened pussy and ass. I maneuvered her into position under the horse. She figured out what was happening and started protesting loudly. More smart strikes from my quirt didn't shut the bitch slut up any though. She didn't want that gigantic horse cock inside her, but that didn't matter to me. She gave herself to me for this night, and since she wasn't owned by anyone, I was going to do my best to destroy that beautiful tight (at one time anyway) cunt of hers.

I guided the horse's cock to her pussy. Using my fingers to spread her lips and my other hand to guide the horse cock's head into it. The horse must have recognized the feeling of a hot warm tight pussy because it neighed and began humping himself into her without further assistance. The thing was ruthless. Shoving his cock all the way into her, humping and bucking. She was screaming from the pain, screaming from the humiliation. A nice crowd gathered around to watch this little bitch's cunt get brutalized by the stallion. It looked like she was going to pass out, so I gave her cheeks a couple of slaps with the quirt, bringing her to attention again. The cries and protests and screams really got my pussy juices flowing. It was then that I wished I had a cock so I could stick it in mouth, shut her up and have her suck me off while being fucked by a horse.

The brutal horse fucking only lasted about five minutes before the horse shot his load deep inside her body. She shuddered and screamed, and when the horse pulled out, she collapsed, the horse cum dripping from her brutalized pussy. I grabbed her ponytail telling her we could not leave this property a mess, and forced her face into the puddle of horse cum that had accumulated between her legs. Making her lick the horse cum from the ground was what really set me off. I came watching that.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I promised, and I deliver...

I told you before about my new black Master. I am his little cum slut. I follow his orders and directions. He has, in return, promised to share me, to pass me around to his friends and others.

One of those others was a giant of a man. He was tall, and thick and scary. He kept grinning a big, grin that was all teeth with that demonic twinkle in his eye. He is bald and even his muscles have muscles. And he smokes a big stinky stoagie.

A snack for my Master He showed up a Masters house, looked at me, an grinned that big toothy grin. "Aw shit, lookit dis, she just gotta have dat cock, she got it tattooed all over her little body. Dis bitch goan be fun to fuck up." I laughed nervously, I knew Master would not let his friend damage me. Or, at least I thought I knew.
"I gots ta go bitch," Master said, "take care of my friend, if I hear you fucked with him, or dint serve him right, I'll fuck you up beyond fuckin belief, you got dat?"

"Ye..yes Sir" I managed to squeak out. I was thinking that this might get real bad real quick. Even worse when the friend - let's call him Bull - said "Doan worry bitch, he just get's squeamish sometimes. He doan want to be around to see what I do to you. And since you aint mine, iffin I fuck you up too bad...ain't nuttin but a thang cause I aint out nuttin anyway."

"You break his stuff and just laugh about it? What kind of a friend are you anywa..." SMACK the back of his hand, fast as lightening and as hard as a brick came sailing across my face. My head being rocketed to the left as my lip was cut on one of my teeth. Then the lethal right hand came back from the other side, balled into a fist and connected just to the right of my left eye, I crumpled to the floor.
"You don't ever fucking question me BITCH! You got dat? If I fuckin break you, I fucking break you, aint not big thing. If I fuckin kill you, I fucking kill you. Yo fuckin Master aint nuttin but a big pussy anyway. What he goan do? I'll fuckin eat him for fuckin breakfast."

Me and my big fucking smartass mouth. My lip was bleeding and my eye was throbbing and already beginning to swell. One of these days, I've got to learn to keep my big fat smartass mouth closed. I was really scared now. I had pissed him off, and pissed him off good. If he didn't destroy me, Master might hear and would turn me out. Probably keep all my clothes too. Turn me out on the street, in this ghetto, a naked white woman who wasn't completely ruined yet? It wouldn't take long before I was completely ruined.

As I lay there on the floor, holding the throbbing left side of my head, he peeled his pants off. I gasped. And not a little gasp either. It was a loud, gasp of utter terror. His package was gigantic. By far the largest I had ever seen. I reminds me of those giant rolls of salami, or bologna you might see in an Italian deli. It was fucking enormous! I didn't think that thing was going to fit in me. Not all of it anyway, maybe part of it, and even that would be more pain that I had ever experienced in my life. He could see the look of terror in my eyes. He laughed "You like dat? Its big aint it? Dat cock is goan tear you up little bitch."

He picked me up by my hair, I screamed, and he threw me onto the bed. I rolled over onto my back, but he just smiled and grabbed around the waist with those big meaty strong hands of his and flipped me over onto my stomach. Then he reached under my belly and yanked me up, the air was driven from my lungs as I was almost hanging there, doubled over his arm. His other hand groped my ass "Hmmm, yeah, I'm gonna bust dat ass" he said, more to himself than to anyone else. I was the only other one in the room, and it was clear he didn't give a fucking shit what I thought about anything. I started shaking, there was no way in God's green earth that that thing was going to fit in my ass. At least not so that I would be alive when it was over.
He said, "I was goan be nice to you and lube you up first, but you done gone and pissed me off, so I gotta go at yo tight little ass dry. Oh, you goan hate dis bitch," and laughed gleefully. Like a little boy who had just accidentally seen his sisters tits or something.

Tears were rolling down my face, "no..please...not that....please, its just too big, you'll kill me, please don't." He loved it. He laughed a evil cackle sounding laugh. "What tha fuck do I care if I kill a little nuttin cum slut like you? I don't give a shit about you bitch. I just want to fuck yo ass," He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, he leaned forward, the heat of his cigar was near my cheek, I could smell the acrid cigar smoke smell as he whispered, "and you are going to scream bitch, you are going to scream until yo voice is gone."
The tears were flowing freely, I was shaking and scared to death. There was no way that monster cock was going to fit in my ass. It had to be at least 24 inches long, and probably closer to 30, and bigger around than my fist. He let my hair go and my head collapsed back onto the bed. I was on my knees and my ass was sticking up in the air. He roughly grabbed my cheeks and yanked them apart, I could feel the heat from his rock hard monster cock teasing the entry to my ass. He stopped and said "Shit, I got precum dripping" I looked around and saw him wiping his cock with the sheet, "a mouthy bitch like you don't get no lubricant at all."
He guided the head of his massive cock to my asshole. And began to push it. My ass didn't give even a little. I could feel his meaty fingers on either side of my hole, spreading it open, and the tip of his head meeting it, and entering it. The pain was unbearable. As he forced the head of his cock into my ass, it was like sand paper scraping my insides. The heat and pain was enormous. I cried out, begging him not to, but that only made him more determined. Made him more wanting to rape my ass until it was a bloody mess. He grunted and gave a hard push. Pain exploded in my ass as he shoved the entire head of his massive black cock into my tiny white ass. I screamed into the bed, pounding it with my fists as he grabbed my hips with both of his hands, and yanked my body back, impaling me with is gigantic tool. I felt the burning searing pain as my skin was torn, the sandpaper feeling reaching deeper into my ass.

He was truly filling my body with his massive black meat. But that was only a little bit of him inside me. He yanked my hips, grunted and shoved again, causing a new explosion of pain inside me. He pulled out a little - not all the way, just so his head was left in, and yanked my hips and shoved his enormous cock a third time. I was screaming from the pain, crying and begging. He was grunting and laughing as he kept pulling almost all the way out, and shoving with such force back into me. My head slammed against the mattress, and my nose tweaked to the side, causing a new sensation of pain.

He yanked my hair back while he gave another shove. I screamed again. He was right, my voice was going to give out. I didn't want to scream. I didn't want to give this fucking monster the benefit of hearing me scream like I did, but I couldn't help it. The pain was just too intense. After what seemed like an eternity of his forcing himself deeper, and pulling out and going deeper still, he cried out in triumph as his cock was all the way into my ass. It got easier as my ass started to bleed and create some meager lubricant. But that didn't seem to lessen the pain any. I couldn't tell how far up my intestines his cock was reaching, but I was pretty sure if he was any bigger, I would almost be gagging on it. I could feel the pressure of his massive intrusion more than half way up my body. I didn't know how much of that was his giant black cock, and how much was my own insides being re-arranged by its presence. 

He started pumping in and out of me in earnest now that he had managed to mangle my ass enough to get that fucking monster cock all the way inside it. He seemed pleased that the blood flowing from my ruined ass was acting as a lubricant, and making it easier for him. He pounded my ass and pounded my ass. I started to pass out from the pain and exhaustion. He must have noticed because he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, causing my body to arch and reached around and roughly grabbed my nipple between his fingers and yanked hard on it. This brought me back to reality. "You aint goan pass out BITCH. You gots to stay away and enjoy dis shit, cause I'm enjoying dis shit."

He let my hair go and grabbed my other tit with his other hand. Grasping them brutally, he used them as hand-holds, pulling me back onto his rod as he pumped and pumped and pumped. He was pumping faster and harder now. I could hear the  SMACK SMACK SMACK as his thighs slammed into my ass. I could feel his over-sized balls slam against my clit with each inward thrust. It could have only been a few minutes that he was brutalizing my ass, but it seemed like hours. I had lost all track of time and purpose, except to possibly not die like this. Finally I felt his cock begin to throb, I knew he was close to cumming. He thrust his cock as deep inside me as it would go and let loose his stream of gooey jism. The stuff built up inside me. Causing more pain and pressure because my ass was so filled and airtight with his giant cock inside it, the cum couldn't leak out. I was experiencing a completely new sensation. It was similar to an enema, but one that was painful and not at all pleasant.

When he was spent, he didn't ease his cock out either. In a flurry of pain, I screamed as he ripped it out of my ass. I could fee part of my ass turning inside out, coming out with his cock. His cock was followed by a forceful jet of blood and cum and shit as all the pressure that had built up inside me found a release. My ass was in excruciating pain. The left side of my face was swollen and throbbing and my lip and nose were bleeding. I crumpled down onto the bed. Exhausted and wracked with pain. He laughed at me, looking at my ass, with part of my intestine hanging out, he said he thought it looked like a little tail. The he grabbed my hair roughly and threw me onto the floor. I was thinking 'what more can his possibly do to me? he has already ruined my ass.' But he wasn't finished. His cock was covered with shit and blood and cum, and he wanted it clean.
He grabbed the top of my head and my chin, digging his fingers between my jaw and scull, forcing my mouth open and he shoved that massive, stinking bloody rod between my lips. I couldn't open my mouth enough, so he grabbed my forehead with one hand, and the lower part of my mouth with the other. He yanked down on my jaw, dislocating it. I didn't think I could experience more pain than i was already experiencing, but I was wrong. I tried to scream, but it was muffled as his cock was shoved into my mouth. I could taste his salty cum, my blood, and the tangy taste of my own shit on that tool. He shoved it deeper and deeper. Fucking my mouth like he had fucked my ass. He shoved it all the way down my throat. I couldn't breath, I was gagging, or trying to gag, but there was simply no air. I was thinking 'so, this is how I go, suffocated by a  giant black man's cock.' But he finally pulled it back out. I gasped from air just before he shoved it in again.

Again, all time was gone. This seemed to go on forever before he came again. Shoving his cock deep into my sore and broken mouth, his balls resting on my chin as his cum was pumped directly down my throat into my stomach. I couldn't even taste it. There was a wet, sucking popping sound as his yanked my head off his cock by my hair. He pulled me up, and threw me against the wall. I crumpled to the floor like some rag doll. I don't know how long I was there. He was gone when I finally woke up. The intense pain in my body told me I had not been dreaming about the ordeal. I tried to stand, but I couldn't. My jaw was on fire, my lip and nose were bleeding and my poor ass was completely ruined. I didn't think Master would want me anymore. I cried, laying there on the floor, in a heap of blood and sweat and cum and shit.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I haven't quit, I've just had lots going on

I know, I know, it has been God, like FOR-EVER since I posted anything. Lots of things happening in RL, plus I have kind of run into a lack of abusers lately. I talked about my Master, the Italian fellow. Well, that didn't work out so well. We were never on at the same times, and then there was that he didn't seem all that interested in abusing and humiliating me. So I ran away.

I belong to a group called "Barebacks for Blacks" because, you know, horny white cumsluts like me just can't get enough of that giant, hot, meaty black cock! So I met me new master at a club called "Blackhouse" (NOTE: GET SLURL!!!) awhile back. He fucked me pretty good in one of the rooms the club has. His large, thick black cock was just what I had been needing.

We got together again at his place a little while ago, and he asked if I would be his full-time cock sucking cum slut. I asked if he would share me with is friends, if he would pass me around like a cheap piece of meat, and he assured me he would. Who could argue with something like that? I said i would. Then he brought over a couple of guys from his posse. The first guy ravished me pretty good. I was exhausted and in some pain when he finished with me. But the second guy. Oh my God, I had never seen a cock as fucking huge as this guys. He was totally brutal to me. He fucked my ass with that giant cock so hard I thought I was going to die.
I'll post some pictures and a lot more detail of his brutality soon (promise, I will, really).

But alas, it seems that my new Master and I aren't on at the same times very much either. Of course, maybe it is because I haven't been on much, and when I am it has been kind of odd hours. I have to tell you about a place I have found. Now, you all know that I am a hopeless cock sucking, pussy licking submissive cum slut. And, if you've read my other posts, you know that I do have it in me to switch at times. This place is called "Forced Feminization". How to explain a place like this? Women rule the roost here. Men are annoying people that need to be trained to be more like women. They have a medical clinic where your sissy man can be transformed into a woman. This might be a place I start hanging out in more often. I have to tell you, the thought of humiliating and forcing a man to become a woman, especially over time, a long-term process if you will, really gets my loins quivering. Flooding his body with hormones, making his cock and balls shrink to little more than dried up gristle, enlarging his breats, painting his masculine face with makeup. Making him parade around in women's underwear and high heels. Oh, and I wouldn't just do it there. If I were to agree to feminize some sissy man, I would demand his full cooperation in all areas, long term. I would put that sissy cock sucker on a leash, in women's clothes, and parade him around at different clubs. I would even offer the use of his mouth or ass for L$ (not much L$ because, you see, he is only a small dicked sissy cock sucker anyway).
Anyway, maybe I can find some man there to humiliate and destroy. I'll have to see.