Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back in-world

Finally I got everything working again. I think it was my monitor it was bitching about because when I disconnected my monitor, and installed and ran it from the notebook monitor, it started up on the second try. Then I put the monitor back and fixed it all back up and voila! it worked.

Oh but I was scared at first because my inventory was completely empty! I had my prim skirt, my shoes with the 'fuck me' walk built into them, the nipples, gag and ass I was wearing, but nothing else. And my skin was 100% black. I don't mean black as in African-American either, I mean black as in a skin tight black body suit. Which, truth be told, was kind a sexy. I may have to make a skin like that.

Since I looked so hideous, I didn't do much. No, really, I look completely atrocious. I looked like that nun must have felt after she was raped by 50 maniacs and became pregnant with Freddy Krugar. Sheesh I was ugly. So anyway, I spent my time teleporting around trying to get some good SLURLs for you blessed readers. So check out my SLURLs page, because there are some new additions. They can be very extreme, so if you are timid at all, I'd not recommend going there.

I'm turning in. I still have some more stories to tell. I have some already written down, I just have to post them.

Ta-ta *kisses*

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