Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fist of fury

Sometimes, things are just way slow. You pop in to SL and have two or three hours to kill, and you teleport around, looking for fun and adventure, and all you get are n00bs with no RP skills who run around getting offended when you don't answer they IMs (have I said how much I hate that fucking IM thing for first contacts?)

Last night was one of those nights. I ran around looking for whomever and found nothing. I haven't yet started to call out for people on the group channels. I have seen others do that and, I suppose, with some success. But I haven't gone there yet. I will probably start doing that, especially with the RP groups as I believe they will have much better role players in them than the general n00b running around.

You know, I suppose I should explain myself. I don't mean the term n00b as any kind of slur, or with bad intentions. Hell every single person in SL was a n00b at some point. Hell, I have fucked n00bs who were great RP, but with shitty avs, and I have fucked people who have been in SL for years with excellent avs and shitty-ass RP. So when I say n00b, I only mean a new person, OK? Don't go getting all 'oh, she hates n00bs' on me! So, figuring I didn't have anything to do anyway, and I was a bit bored, I headed over to my favorite "make a quick buck" place...Sakura's. I made another L$100 in a little over an hour, got used by three different people. One in the mouth, one in the pussy, and the third guy fisted me nearly to death! Check out the snapshot I took of John Doe #3 as he fisted my pussy while I was still covered in cum from the other two blokes!

Me - getting fisted at Sakura’s

I just love being a sex object in SL. There isn't much I have found that gets me going more than being objectified! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment or two!


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