Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In The Beginning...

This is pretty much a mirror of my Wordpress blog. I don't know why. I wanted to see which was better I guess. Wordpress gives you the option to have static pages, such as an entry page (which blogger doesn't allow). I like the entry page because this blog contains very graphic adult sexual and violent content and some pictures of the same type as well. The entry page allows me to warn visitors before I subject them to my demented sense of erotica and sexual gratification. The links I post here referring to the SLURLS and acronyms and possibly some others, will take you to the wordpress site. Or you can just visit the wordpress site here.

I use some acronyms here, and I might not remember to explain what they are. You can find my list of Second Life acronyms here.

Back around 12 June, 2007 my Second Life character was born. She came into that world with crappy clothes, very faint nipple, no pussy and some sort of play-do type of hair. I wasn't ugly, but I was very, very plain. In short, I looked (and acted) just like a n00b.

When you first go into Second Life, you have to go trough some tutorials. I would highly recommend not skipping these. Using everything in there is easy enough to figure out for the veteran gamer, but it is much better to do the tutorials, and then not have to ask questions and let everyone know you are a complete n00b.

The whole reason I wanted to go into Second Life was for the sex. I had read about sex in Second Life, about rape and torture and what is called "age play." Age play is where two consenting adults participate in virtual pedophilia. Apparently that is illegal in Germany (but perfectly legal in America). Because of the Germany problems, the Powers That Be (a/k/a Linden Labs - owners and creators of Second Life) changed the user agreement to expressly forbid age play.

But that isn't what I was interested in, it was the brutal sex that attracted me. And believe me, there is plenty of rape, torture, Dolcett and other brutal sex situations you can get yourself into. I should note that everything is consensual. Everyone has the option to close the program, or teleport (TP) out of whatever situation they are in that makes them uncomfortable.

It didn't take me long to find my way around though. In search I found a place called Desperation Island. This place was completely wild. It has several buildings all over for all sorts of neat, exciting and brutal sex. There is a section for medical experiments. A section for forced feminization. For those not in the know forced feminization is where a person with a male av is placed in a machine, and his av is changed to a female av. Great for those sissy boys who need to be raped in the ass with either a large, meaty shemale cock or long, plastic strap-on.

There is also a barn on the property. The barn has a milking machine which is so erotic it isn't even funny. I sat on it, and my tits fit in specialized suction devices which then started pumping. I watched as the milk left my tits and filled a milk jar with creamy tit milk. Near that is a dog, and in another room is a horse - both for having sex with.

I just started TPing around the place, looking at this and that. Then I met someone who gave me some Landmarks (LMs) to freebie stores. In SL people create items. Clothes, realistic looking skin, better hair, add-ons like cocks, clits, dildos, nipples and asses just to name a few. People sell these things, and some make pretty good money doing it. At least enough to maintain the SL lifestyle they like to maintain.

But there are also "freebie" places. These are places where you can go and get some pretty good looking stuff for free. Hair, clothes, shoes, underwear, swimsuits, whips, paddles, sex animations, gags, handcuffs and all sorts of other stuff.

Check my SLURLs page for some LMs to some freebie sites (and places I have been that I really like).

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