Monday, April 7, 2008

One of Three

Ok, so right now, I basically have three relationships going on. To distinguish them, I'll call the D, R and S. D is a dominant man. He isn't brutal, and he isn't violent. He reminds me of the Masters in "The Story of O". My pleasure seems to be as important to him as his pleasure. I would not call him my "Master" because I do not belong to him, and he has not asked me to belong to him. He is strict, and metes out punishment with harsh severity, but he doesn't just beat me. He places me in devices and positions which are painful, and stretch and contort my body in ways that cause my muscles to cramp and extreme pain to be experienced.

R is just a regular guy. Well, sort of. He has ears and a tail, but otherwise regular. His i my regular relationship. We just sit and talk, and fuck like wild monkeys. But it isn't anything 'out of the ordinary' so to speak. No domination, no submission. He loves to eat me. And I love the way he eats my pussy, tickling my clit with his tongue. Mmmmhhh I get wet just thinking about it. He is very loving, and very kind and very generous with his affections and attentions. I love just hanging out with him, and having him sex me up.

S is my slave. Yes, I know, I've said I'm not a Domme, but lately I have been finding that being a Domme is quite fun. S is a male. I met him one day while I was just looking around at Heaven and Hell. We met in the doclett room. We talked a bit, and he didn't actually come right out and say he was sub, but I got the impression somehow. We exchanged cards, and went out seperate ways. A couple of days later, we hooked up, and he showed me a place (which I didn't LM -damn I can be so stupid sometimes - note to self: get the LM from S) which was a tower for femdom fantasies. This was a very, very sensual place. There were areas of course for brutal punishment. But I would say the majority of the place was for women to have their slaves pamper them.
Oh, let me tell you sisters. What a great thing that is! To have a man tend to your needs. What a great feeling that is. So S began with a very nice foot massage. Rubbing and massaging my tired and sore feet. Those high-heeled thigh-high leather boots that create that domineering prescence? They suck and positively KILL your feet. But S gave them new life and had them feeling refreshed and relaxed in no time at all. He is truly a master with those fingers. Next he gave my pussy and ass a good cleaning with his warm, moist tongue. Sticking his tongue deep into my ass, rolling it around and cleaning it well. Mmmhh I can almost still feel his hot wet tongue licking me clean. He finished me off with expertly executed cunnilingus. I don't know who had him before I got a hold of him, but whoever it was was stupid to let him go. Too bad for her.

After words, he washed me, and brushed my hair, and painted my finger and toe nails. While he did this, I would playfully brush my hand against, and sometimes stroke his nice, meaty stiff cock. I started stroking it. Gently, barely touching it. Smiling as it would jump and twitch when I reached that little but just under the head. I put my other hand between his legs and gently and softly caressed his balls. As I was stroking his cock, oh so softly, I squeezed his nuts as hard as I could. I could feel the trying to slip out between my fingers, but I clamped my hand down on them like a pit bull on a neighborhood kid. He screamed out and his knees began to buckle, but he didn't fall. As he was screaming from the pain, I felt his cock twitch wildly in my hands. He really liked this pain. I smiled.

I took him to the bed, where I allowed him to bring me to another orgasm with his wonderful tongue. Then I sat him up on the bed, spread his legs, and kneeled before him. "I'm going to test your will power now. You better not let this thing go off in my mouth" I told him as I parted my lips, and took his cock into my mouth. "Oooh" he moaned, "I'll try Miss, I...wo...won't down." he said. Moaning and sighing as I rolled my tongued around the head of his cock, suckling on it. Taking the warm flesh all the way into my mouth, fucking his cock with my mouth. After a few minutes, I was assured he had enough control not to cum in my mouth, or anywhere I didn't want him to. I released him from the pleasure I was providing him.

I reached into my bag, and pulled out my strap-on. His eyes got wide. I don't have an ordinary strap-on. I call it my "Fist O' Doom". It is long, and metal, and thick, and on the end, there is a metal fist. Sure, it's a bit smaller than an ordinary human fist, but is still impressive, and strikes tepidation in those that see it (especially those on whom it will be used). I smiled an evil, broad smile, turned him around on the bed, and bent him over. I spread his cheeks with my thumbs and examined his anus. It looked tight. I don't think much had been in it. "How many times have you been ass-fucked?" I asked. "Ju...just once Miss" he replied "bu...but it was much smaller than yo..yours." I could tell he was scared. Scared of the pain, but at the same time, his cock was leaking precum like there was not tomorrow. He wanted it, and he wanted it bad. "Well" I said, "you should feel all of this then. This is going to get painful. I am going to start slow, because I don't want you damaged. But I will put every inch of this metal dildo into your ass, and you will feel an enormous amount of pain." I explained. I looked through my bag, and realized I didn't have any lubrication. "Oh shit" I said almost giggling, "this is really going to hurt because I don't have any lubrication. I have to go in dry." He didn't say anything intelligible, but did let out a long, whimpering moan. Kind of like a puppy laying on the side of the road, after being hit by a car and is just about to die.

I looked down at his tight brown anus, and spit a glob of spit on it. I rubbed the spit around and into his asshole with my finger. He twitched as my fingernail scraped the inside of his ass. Then I placed the balled up fist of my metal cock at the opening of his anus. It puckered, tightening at the fear of being penetrated. "Shhhh shhh, there there, just relax, and it will go much easier." I grabbed the shaft of my metal dildo, just under the balled fist end of it, and placed the cold metal against his anus. I started working it in, pivoting it form side to side, sort of working around in little circles, parting his ass with hit, and pushing it in. He grunted as he felt the cold metal fist invade his ass. It took a while, but I finally managed to get the fist inside him. His breathing was heavy, I could see sweat on his back, he was grunting and groaning and trying to be man enough not to cry. I paused, letting the big metal fist rest just inside his opening. Once is breathing slowed, I pushed in further. More grunting and groaning. He grabbed a pillow and bit into it, trying to control the pain. All this time, his cock was twitching. I think he was ready to cum right then.

"You better not let that thing cum before I tell you to. You understand me?"

"mmsssh mmss" was his reply, but I took that as an affirmative. Like the elephant on those old "Stuckey's" road signs I used to see travelling on vacation with the family, I "pushed on" and inserted more of the cold metal cock into my man's ass. I kept pushing, slowly. After about 1/3 of it was inside him, I paused again, then pulled it back to where just the fist was inside him, and pushed on, a little harder, a little faster and got the metal dildo 1/2 way in, then I pulled back again, and on in again, 3/4 of the way. I paused there for a bit, letting the little bitch catch its breath. Its cock twitching and jumping and leaking with pleasure and expectation.

I began humping his ass, only putting about 3/4 of the strap-on into him. Pulling it back to where the base of the fist was just cresting his anus, then pushing in. Humping him like that, listening to him grunt and squeal, pushing in and pulling out. It was all so exhilerating. My strap-on has a button that rubs against my clit. I was getting near to cumming again as I fucked this man's ass. I reached down and turned on the vibration for my dildo. He squealed again, not expecting that sensation. I grinned, pulled my metal cock to where the fist was about 1/2 out of the opening. I looked down, the metal shaft was covered with shit and blood, this thing was tearing him up inside. I grabbed both is ass cheeks and pulled them apart as I slammed into him hard. Forcing the metal dildo all the way in with one final thrust. He screamed out with pain. I think he thought I was all the way in already when I was humping him. I slammed the dildo all the way in, there was one point where there was a bit of resistance, but I plowed through that as my hips smaked against his ass. The bud on the other end of the strap on slammed into my clit sending a shockwave of shivers through my body. I gasped and moaned, and began slamming the dildo into him hard. The blood, now giving lubircation. I could see some tricking out of his ass, and down his balls as they flapped and jiggled with each thrust.

"You may bring yourself to climax as I brutalize your ass bitch" I told him. Immediately he reached between his legs and started jerking himself off. I was nearing my third orgasm as I slammed my dildo into his near virgin ass. Bucking my hips, trying to force it farther and farther in. With each thrust into his ass, my own clit was treated to more attention and excitement. He cried out and came which sent me over the edge and we came almost together. I gingerly pulled the dildo from his sore and brutalized ass. It was covered with streaks of blood and shit. I grabbed his hair and pulled is face around. "You made my toy dirty." I said looking down into his tear-filled eyes "clean it." He looked around, as if to find something to wipe it with. "Not that way you fucking idiot. With your lips, and your tongue. Clean your shit and blood from my fucking toy!" I yelled at him. Startled, he tentatively opened his mouth and started to stick out his tongue. I lost patience with the little bitch and grabbed my dildo and guided it between his lips and shoved it into his mouth. His eyes bugged wide. He wasn't expecting it. He gagged on the taste forced into his mouth, but dutifully cleaned it all off. When he was finished with that, he turned his attentions to licking his own cum from the bed where he spilled it. I didn't even need to instruct him in this. He just did it, as if he knew that was expected of him.

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