Sunday, October 12, 2008

Master's Homecoming

My Master had been gone for over a half a week. On his business trip (that's what he called them anyway, but you all know I'm not fool, he was out hunting other sluts to bring home). I knew when he came home, he'd be tired, and cranky from the long drive, and, of course, horny as hell. I laid there in bed, playing with myself, getting my self all warmed up and dripping wet, ready for his use when he walked into the bedroom...just the way he likes it. I knew he'd be home any minute.

As I touched myself, my mind drifted back to the last time I'd seen him, about four whole days ago. The last time he took me. He'd taken me orally that night, forcefully and brutally. He'd grabbed my hair, and shoved his cock into my mouth and skull fucked me, finally driving his cock right into my throat and spilling his seed directly into my esophagus, bypassing my mouth all together. The only downside, is that I didn't get to taste his cum, to feel it filling my mouth, coating it with it's thick gooeyness.  I had to stop masturbating, I was going to cum getting all worked up over thinking about that - and Master has forbidden me to cum without him.

When I heard the key in the door is when the idea came to me. He turned the knob, and opened the door, the sound of his heavy boots stepping into the foyer echoing up the stairs and into the bedroom. Quickly I jumped out of bed and smoothed the covers. I did a quick inspection of the bed, to make certain I hadn't left any wet spots on it from my 'prep' work, then hit the floor, and rolled under the bed just as he yelled "I'M HOME" in his gruff, I-need-a-good-fucking-really-bad voice. I giggled a little, hiding under the bed, hoping the sound didn't travel. I heard him say something under his breath when he wasn't met with a response of any kind, then his foots stomping up the stairs.

He was not in a good mood. The hunting trip must not have only not been successful, but he probably didn't get any good prospects for the next one either. A double negative like that always puts him in the worst of moods.

"SLUT!" he bellowed as he stomped into the room, "where the FUCK are you?" No reply. I was banking on the 18 hour drive, and the fact that it was quite a bit past midnight already, on making him too tired to go looking for me anywhere.

"Fucking slut, I'm too tired to track her down tonight," he grumbled, taking off his shirt and undoing his belt, "but tomorrow, she's going to pay dearly for this." He was speaking (he thought) to the empty room as he kicked off his boots, one tumbling under the bed and nearly hitting me in the head, and removed his trousers. His grumbling was softer now, but no less threatening. Grumbling about being tired, and alone, and hard, and tired, and unappreciated, and so fucking hard and nothing her to stick his cock into for relief. He grumbled as he pulled down the covers, and slipped into bed, naked as usual.

I didn't have to wait long. Maybe 3 minutes, could have been as much as 5, but certainly no more than that, before I heard the deep, slow steady rhythm of a man deep in sleep. Covering my mouth with my hand to stifle my giggles, I rolled out from under the bed. The silks I wear for him wisped softly against my legs as I stood, I looked at the sleeping figure of my Master. 'Good' I thought, he was sleeping on his back, his cock, not quite flaccid, presenting a distinct outline under the covers.

I stood there for several minutes, just watching him sleep, and smiling at his beautifully handsome body, the covers here gathered around his belly, showing off the bull and ram tattoos that adorned each of his pecs. As I watched him, I felt such a feeling of gratitude come over me, I nearly started to cry. I am so grateful that I belong to him. Grateful that he took me to be his. That he puts up with all my antics. With the myriad of things I do that cause him disappointments, yet still he is there. I am his.

I began to pull the covers down, every so slowly, I didn't want him to wake up, at least, not until his cock was in some part of my body. I paused a second when he shifted in his sleep, then began again, pulling the covers and sheets down until they were crumpled around his knees. Slowly, and gingerly, I crawled onto the bed and kneeled next to him - pausing anytime I thought I moved the bed too much - until I was close enough. I reached out my hand and lifted his cock. I lifted it as I lowered my head, pursing my lips I tenderly kissed the head, then down the shaft, showering his cock with light, wet, little kisses.

I licked the palm of my hand, getting it good and wet with my saliva, wrapped my slender fingers around his meat, and began to stroke it, placing my lips around the head, suckling and tonguing it. I was being very careful to lean over him. My hair pulled back and braided, the only parts of my body touching him were my hand and my lips on his cock. I opened my eyes and glanced towards his face. His visage before had been a dour scour, but through which now broke a trace of a smile.

I moved my mouth farther down his shaft, feeling his cock grow in my mouth, wondering if I could make him cum without even waking him up. I opened my mouth wide, careful to avoid my teeth touching his wonderfully magnificent man meat, and took him deep into my throat, just as he'd taught me. As I run my tongue along the underside of his pole, I feel it twitch and become warmer, thicker, longer, harder. I feel his cock begin to fill my mouth with that oh so sweet and familiar and wonderful flesh. I pull my mouth up his shaft, sucking as I do, my cheeks hollow, my lips clamped around my Master's cock, creating a vacuum like seal.

I take a deep breath, and move my mouth back down my Master's growing, hardening shaft. I felt my pussy twitch and leak a little juice which trailed down my inner thigh when he let out a mumbled, sleepy groan. Pleasing my Master with my mouth always gets me going. I could easily cum, just by feeling him empty his seed in my mouth. A gift he gives me that cannot be matched by anything that could be bought or made. I continued down his shaft, my tongue pressing against the cum tube along the underside.

I moved my face up and down his cock like this, until I feel him fully hardened, then I swallowed his entire shaft, the head pressing against the opening of my throat. I want to cough and sputter, but don't want to wake him up, not yet anyway, and manage to resist. With his head at the entrance to my throat, I began to swallow deep and rapidly, massaging the head of his cock with my throat. Spit drooled from my lips, and trailed down his balls.

I breathed deep through my nose, relaxed my throat, and pushed my face father onto my Master's cock, the head pushed into my throat, sealing it with it's size. I held myself there, swallowing continuously, until I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I coughed and sputtered as I pulled my face back - I couldn't help it this time - spraying my Master's balls with a mixture of spit and precum. I paused, glanced toward his face again, seeing the smile much wider now, certain he did not awaken, I swallowed his cock again.

I moved my free hand to caress his spit moistened balls, and smeared the liquid around them, tickling them with my fingernails, as I moved my head farther down again, lodging his cock in my throat. I held my head there, moving my fingers over his balls, but almost not touching them, like wisps of air moving around them. Slowly, with my lips pressed tight against my Master's flesh, I begin to pull my mouth back up his shaft. My tongue was pressed as tight as I could get it on the underside of his cock. I paused at the top, sucking and flick my tongue across that sensitive spot just beneath the head.

I pulled my mouth from his cock slowly, like a tight glove, my lips closed around the tip as they came off of him. Using both hands, I began to rub them down Master's glorious cock, from the tip, to the base. First my right hand, closing it around his head, and dragging the mixture of spit and precum down the shaft, then the left hand, one after the other. I turned, to wipe the spit and pre from my mouth on my shoulder, and gazed at my Master's face. He didn't look angry any longer, but rather, he looked like he was having a pretty damned good dream.

Once again, I opened my mouth, and threw my head down onto his thick, fleshy pole, devouring my Master's cock, forcing myself to take it all the way into my throat. I moaned and trilled my throat around his head. I help myself there until I simply could not hold my breath any longer, and pulled me lips up and off his cock. Breathing deep breaths, I looked down at my peacefully sleeping Master. Slowly, I shifted my position on the bed, careful to try and not jostle the mattress such that it would wake him up. Facing my Master, I place my legs on either side of him, straddling him. I'm standing on my feet, not on my knees, I wrap my hand around his cock. The only thing touching him now, is my hand. I lower my pelvis, my hand holding his cock steady, and guiding it as I lower my pussy onto his cock.

Being plenty wet already from getting myself 'warmed up' before Master returned home, not to mention the amount of excitement I achieve from having his wonderful cock in my mouth, my pussy glided easily around his cock, enveloping it completely. I squatted there for a moment, the only part of my touching my Master, was my warm, wet pussy covering this hard, meaty cock. I wondered if he was right now having a dream about being fucked by a ghost.

I began to slowly move my hips up and down his cock, not taking it all the way it for fear of waking him, but just the first few inches. I grabbed the underside of my thighs, to help support and steady me.  I didn't want to wake him by falling over on him. My legs began to burn from the unusual position. But I didn't care about that. I did not care about anything but what I imagined my Master must be feeling. I began to hump a little lower on his cock, my ass just brushing the hairs on his legs. I licked my lips, and willed myself not to moan. Droplets of sweat began to appear on my forehead, my breathing was heavy and almost panting.

I slowed my movements, and finally lifted my pussy from his cock. Looking down at it, glistening with the wetness of my spit, his pre, and my own juices, I took hold of it, and massaged it while I adjusted my position on the bed again. I turned my back to my Master's face, kneeling on either side of him, I was by now, beginning to care little if he woke up. Kneeling there, I moved my hand between my legs, pushing two fingers into my cunt, getting them good and wet. Then, I moved it further back, to my ass, and inserted my two wet fingers into my ass, moaning, I moved them around and used my pussy juice to lube my hole. Holding his cock steady, I guided my ass down to it. His cock head just brushing...tickling... my anus. I sat back, swallowing a grunt as I sit my weight onto his cock, my ass opening only slightly reluctantly for him.

Moving my hips back and forth, the ring around my ass was stinging from the stretch, I pushed my ass farther down my Master's magnificent cock, taking it all in, my ass cheeks resting on his pubes. I couldn't help myself, I reached between my legs, and began to play with my pussy. Inserting two fingers into it. I moaned so loud, Master rustled in the bed, but I didn't care anymore if he woke up. In fact, the thought of him waking up, with this cock in my ass, just got me more excited. I placed my free hand on his knee, supporting my self as my ass rode his thick cock. My fingers hooked and moving in and out of my pussy, I dug my fingernails into the flesh around his knee, he rustled more, and groaned.

"Wha?...huh?" His words were slurred and a little groggy, but it didn't take him long to realize what was happening. It took him even less time to fully wake up and take matters into his own hands so to speak. He grabbed my hips with this strong hands, just above my hip bones, and held me tightly as he began to push me up, and pull me back down on his rock hard throbbing cock. "Ah, FUCK..YEAH.. MINE!" he exclaimed as he moved his hips in rhythm with the pulling and pushing he was doing to my body.

Then, he thrust his hips up, yanked my body down hard onto his massive pole, and held us there, my fingers still working my pussy and clit, I came hard and long. "GRRRAAWWW" He screamed out as I felt his cock throb inside my tight ass, spraying my bowels with the precious gift of his seed.

Panting, dizzy and out of breath, I collapsed forward, onto his legs, his cock still lodged in my ass.


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maire quan said...

I love it when you update your blog!

secondlifeslut said...

Thank you so much Maire! :)
I will be updating more frequently, because my Master is ALWAYS on my ass about updating it. And, as you might be able to tell, I'd MUCH rather have him IN my ass, than ON my ass. *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Fantastic... you Master is a lucky man.