Monday, August 18, 2008

Captured Bliss

Ok, so lately, I've been hanging out a lot at the Dark Den. It's an ultra-cool kidnap, rape, salvery RP sim. But, I will add with emphasis that it is not a Gor sim. I don't really know what Gor is, I've never read any of the books. I keep meaning to pick one up, but never seem to actually do it.

Today, I got into a battle of daggers with a wench. She was not just a wench, but I could tell by her looks (and reputation) that she was a slutty wench to boot. Of course I defeated her. As she lay on the ground I chuckled to myself, her barely clothed body lay there, unconscious and utterly delectable. I grabbed some rope and bound her legs and feet, then attached a rope leash to her. My original intent was to try and sell her off. I could use a few lindens, and I thought with her unconscious, I could find some sap to pay for her. Unfortunately, the only ones around at the time were a couple of naked house slaves. And they just don't have the kind of cash I was looking for.

Dragging her into the castle, I figured there were other uses for this wench. She was a beauty after all. Red haired, nice, plumb round, soft tits, a fine shapely ass. I stood her up, and removed my dagger from its sheath, placing it flat against her belly.

"Erm...Miss? What are you doing?" the wench asked.

I began to move the dagger upwards, sliding it along her skin, I grinned, "Let's see what you are hiding beneath that top," I said, moving the dagger under her top, between her tits, and pulling it up and away from her. My well honed blade easily slicing through the thin fabric of her shirt.

"Hey! That was new!" she protested.

"Still is new wench" I chuckled, "only now slightly damaged." The shirt was trapped between the wench's back, and her arms which were tied behind her back with heavy ropes. I grabbed one side of the top, and gave it a good yank, pulling it off her entirely and let it flutter to the ground. The wench watched her new top fall to the ground with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. I took a step closer to the wench, reached out my left hand, grabbing and kneading her right tit, I leaned in close and whispered into her ear "you won't be need that anymore dear."

The wench visibly shivered from my honey sweet voice, but with just that tang of vinegar that let you know perhaps, the honey wasn't really honey after all. I straightened up and drug my fingertips across her breast to the middle of her chest. My latex gloves moving slowly own her body, over her stomach, down toward her mound. I snaked my hand inside the wench's panties, my gloved fingers traveling her crevice, down and back up. She squirmed, and arched her hips, pushing her wet pussy onto my hand. I twisted my hand in her panties, getting a firm grasp on the waistband, then yanked on them hard, down and outward, ripping them from her shapely body.

I tossed the ripped panties across the room, and returned my attentions to the wench's pussy. Sliding my finger up and down her slit again, pushing it deeper with each stroke, she moaned, opening her legs wider as I pushed my finger farther between her lips. I looked down, and noticed a wet glean on my glove. I brought the gloved finger to her lips, pressing it against them saying "You've soiled my glove wench!"

The wench, being a real slut, actually whimpered when I took my finger from her cunt, opening her eyes, whether at the finger to her lips, or because she could smell her own scent right under her nose, I don't know. "Sorry Mistress may I clean it for you?" she replied, but almost before the words left her lips, her mouth clamped onto my finger, her tongue running all over it, licking and sucking her juices from my glove.

"Good girl" I said smiling, pulling my finger from her mouth. She smiled at the words, and quickly sat back down on her ass. She gazed up at me, like some love struck schoolgirl as I began to unbuckle my top, letting it drop from my shoulders, I catch it, and toss it to the side of the room. I removed my gloves, tossing them to the side, letting them join my top. I looked down on the waif-like face of the wench, noticing her watching me disrobe. Keeping my eyes on her, watching her watch me, I removed my thong, boots and hose, all of them joining the top and gloves along the wall. Standing in front of the wench, naked and horny, she finally took her eyes from my pussy, and turned a bright crimson red as she catches me watching her admire my body.

I walk around behind the wench, lean forward, and begin to search the few remaining places she might have hidden any money, my arm brushes her breast as I reach for her leggings. I could feel the heat wafting from her pussy. This slutty wench was wet, and raring to go. To tease her a little, I stuck my tongue in her ear, rolling it around her ear, making it moist with my saliva, then blew a cool breath over it.

( be continued)

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