Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not quite sure what the hell it is I'm I've gotten myself in over my head. But, that I am observant, and a quick study, usually helps, and makes those times fairly short-lived.
I talked before about 'The Three'. The three men I was sort-of kind-of in a relationship with. Well, those are kind of falling by the wayside - at least two of them anyway, I still keep my cute and adorable pet boy. My fault completely. See, I've found a couple of new playthings. I wasn't looking for any, but I happened upon them, and things just kind of clicked in place. Like fate..or karma or whatever.

Now, you regular readers might remember (but I admit, that I have posted so little in the past couple of months, that it is entirely possible you might have forgotten already) that I came into this world as a submissive slut who was out to be used, abused and discarded like a piece of meat. And I fully and completely enjoyed that role, with no exceptions. But, I do have to admit, that finding someone who would regularly use and abuse me, a Master or Mistress for instance, was a daunting task. The fact is, there are so many subs in SL, and not enough Masters/Mistresses to handle them all.

You might also remember my post "My Little Doclett Girl" (which, by the way, is THE absolute most read post here). Where I described in somewhat gory detail my encounters with a girl that I had used. If you remember, I was quite brutal, to the point of biting off the slut's nipple, and spitting down her throat, forcing her to swallow it. That, just before taking my knife, and gutting her, leaving her dead so no one else would enjoy her bounties (GAWD! I still get wet thinking about that).

And you will probably remember my talking about my pet boy. He is a treat. I just love to abuse his cute little ass, and whip his nice, large cock. So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I've migrated...evolved if you will, from the cock loving cum slut sub to a Mistress. The other day, I was a bit bored, and I popped into Wendy Lemay's, not really looking for anything, just popped in to chat with the folks there a bit. But my attention kept being drawn to the cutest little thing standing in the corner. She was wearing such a cute frilly dress, like you might see on an expensive China doll, glasses and was sporting a beautiful head of curly black locks. She seemed a bit forlorn, lost and sad, like a little puppy or something. I thought she looked almost on the verge of whimpering.

She mistakenly wandered into Wendy's, not knowing any better. At that time she was a man. I walked up to her and asked her why she looked so sad. Her story is a sad one. One that really should not have happened. He was befriended by what he thought was a nice lady there. He is very susceptible to suggestion, and the lady (a shemale) quickly took charge. Before he was able to fully comprehend what was happening, he realized the pills the lady had been giving him - which he thought were vitamins (he isn't very bright either) were hormone pills. His breasts became larger while his cock shrunk. She transformed his body, but left his mind in tact. So here is this boy, in a girl's body, thinking she is still a boy.

I felt for this little thing,  I really did. It had no idea who, or what it really was. Something clicked inside me - probably some sort of motherly instinct or some crap like that, I don't know, but I put my arm around her and hugged her tight, and explained that everything was going to be ok. She clung to me like a scared little kitten. I told her not to worry, that I would take care of her. Someone has to finish her training, someone has to finish her re-education, so that she knows exactly what she is, and what she is to be used for, and by whom. I wasn't sure I was the one who could do this. It seems like an enormous task. I've never conditioned a man into admitting that he is no longer a he, but rather a she, and even more, that she is a cock-sucking sissy cum slut, only good for pleasing others, swallowing cum, and being reamed in her tight little ass by giant cocks - but she doesn't need to hear that now. Right now, she needed reassurance.

Luckily, my friend Kitten showed up. Kitten I'd met a few days ago, and we had a pleasant enough conversation. Like the girl, whom I'll call Sissy, Kitten was once a man. But Kitten's transformation into a shemale cum slut was her own choosing, it wasn't forced upon her like it was Sissy, so she made the transition much more smoothly. I employed Kitten's experience in the matter to help with Sissy. First stop was Wendy's hypnotic reconditioning chair. With a little encouragement, Sissy finally got into the chair, and I set the machine up, and flipped the switch. Lights flashed and things whirred as it fired up and began Sissy's first hypno session. While Sissy was busy with that, Kitten and I retired to the next room to engage in some heavy petting and kissing. I worked her up pretty good, her cock was dripping with precum and stiff as a signpost.
When Sissy finished, she felt much better about herself - even though she kept referring to herself in the masculine gender - she was not near as skittish as she was before. Kitten took her in her arms, and cuddled with her a bit. Then slowly, almost non-chalantly, moved Sissy's head down, and put her cock to Sissy's lips. Sissy opened her lips to protest and Kitten took the opportunity to push forward, inserting her cock into Sissy's mouth before Sissy even realized what was happening. Kitten grabbed Sissy's head, and worked the girl's mouth down and around her cock. Instructing her in what to do to make a cock's owner feel good in the process.

Kitten then, lovingly, pulled Sissy onto the bed, and began to work her large shemale cock into Sissy's ass. Sissy screamed, and scampered away, jumped off the bed and cowered behind me. She is so cute that way. She kept insisting that she is a boy, and that she isn't gay. That she didn't mean to suck on Kitten's pole, and she didn't want Kitten's member in her bottom. Poor thing was in a terrible state. I could see the lights glisten off the wet tears welling in her eyes. 

I hugged her tight, smiling and reassured her that everything was going to be ok. That she will feel much better about everything, about herself, about who she is, about what she is, when I finished her training. But that it was not going to be easy. That there would be times where she didn't understand why she had to do what she was made to do. I assured her that I was only looking out for her well-being. That everything that was to transpire was for her benefit - to help her to understand what she is - to help her to attain her full potential (I didn't add as a sissy cock-sucking cum slut whore - I thought that would too much for her in her currently fragile state of mind).

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