Monday, October 27, 2008

My F'ing AWESOME Master

My Master approached his girl. Placing his hand under my chin, he lifted my head, pointing my face towards his. He took a step closer to me. And another...until our bodies were pressed against one another. Master moved his hand over my shoulder and around my neck, grabbing it, and pulling me to him hard. His lips smashed against mine, his mouth working the kiss. My tits pressed and flattened against his chest. I practically melted in his embrace. I could feel the heat of his breath, coming from his nose, on my cheek. Master's hands began roaming. Touching my body. Down my back, over my ass. His other hand, groping and kneading my breast. My loins lit on fire. Just being around Master, makes me feel like like a bitch in heat. A slutty whore who's only thought is having him inside me. Inside me anywhere. My mouth, my pussy, my ass. I thought of that feeling, and got even more wet than I already was.

His hand came up my back, returning to my neck for just a moment. He traced his fingers around his collar, the one I wear. The shiny, stainless steel collar that has no clasps, no locks, no buckles, no hinges. It is smooth, and unbroken. It is welded onto my neck. It doesn't have to be. I would never remove his collar. But having it secured onto me so permanently, makes me feel secure, and safe. Knowing that he cannot remove it on a whim either. We are bound together by his collar, the one that I wear.

He pulled back from the kiss. I whimpered and stretched my neck. Not wanting it to end. Wanting more. Needing more of him. His hands, roaming over my body, slid up my sides. Tickling my ribcage. He grasped the bottom of my tight top, and with one, fast and smooth movement, yanked it up, and over my head. I yelped and giggled at the sudden nakedness I felt. The cool air of the room brushing the naked skin of my tits, still bouncing a little from the removal of my top. My nipples here already hard from my Master's passionate kiss, and his roaming, groping hands, reducing me to little more than his plaything. Reducing...or, more appropriately, elevating me to his plaything. An object, whose sole purpose is his pleasure and satisfaction.

He tossed the shirt, not caring where it landed, and returned his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He reached behind my head, and grabbed a handful of hair. Grabbed it, and held it, like he was never going to let it go. My knees turned to jello and buckled. I wasn't scared of falling, knowing that my Master had me in his arms, and would support me, as he always does, as he always has, in more ways that just physically. His other hand worked its way to the front of my Daisy Duke style jean shorts. Unbuttoning and unzipping them, he opened the front of them wide, and reached his hand down the front, squeezing between my tight jeans and my body. Wasn't wearing any panties. I don't normally. He likes it that way. Panties just tend to get in the way of his wants and needs. He touched me, briefly, but enough to send a shudder through my entire body. My pussy ached for him. Cried out for his touch. Practically SCREAMED for his attention. He rolled my shorts down, over my ass, and let them fall to the floor around my ankles.

I stepped my left foot out of my shorts, and kicked them off with my right foot, sending the shorts sailing through the air, hitting the half-full coffee cup on the counter causing it to tip, spin, and finally fall off the counter, exploding to hundreds of pieces when it hit the ground. I kiss him harder. My hand cupping the back of his head, pulling me closer to him. Like I'm trying to push our lips so close together they become one, melded together. Completely naked, I press my body even closer to my Masters. I raise my left leg and hook my heel around his ass, pressing my body even closer to his. Though, the phrase 'my body' seems oddly incorrect. The fact is, it is just as much, if not more so, his body, as it is mine. His body to command, to do with as he pleases. To hold, to whip, to pinch, to punish. His to use, to fuck, or to pleasure.

I felt my Master's hands grab my ass firmly and, not breaking our kiss, he lifted me from the floor. Both of my arms shot around his neck. My ankles locked together behind his back. My tits, smashed onto his chest. I moaned deep, long and loud into his mouth. The feeling of my thighs so tight against his clothes. His large, strong hands holding my ass. Each step he took send shudders through my body, causing my pussy to spasm. I was leaking, wetting his shirt with my juices. He sat in the La-Z-Boy, and flipped me around, so my back was to him. I settled my ass down into his lap, wiggling it into just the right spot, and leaned back across his chest.

Master bent forward, taking hold of the underside of my thighs, just above my knees, and lifted my legs up, and to the sides, draping them over the arms of the chair. My pussy spread, the lips parted, and I could feel my wetness when the air contacted me. I moaned and leaned my head back, onto my Master's shoulder. He traced the contours of my body, moving his hands between my legs, brushing against my lips, drawing up my thighs, along the sides of my stomach. My Master's hands cupped my breasts, lifted them on their ascent, then released them to let them fall back to their normal position. His touch, was like tiny bolts of electricity. Each movement sparking and sending tingling sensations through my skin, up my spine, and directly to the pleasure center of my brain. His hands - large, strong, and hard - ran up my flesh. Touching every inch of it, caressing it, loving it. His hands reached my arm pits, and curved with them, down the length of my arms to my own small, slender fingers. Gently he took my hands and lifting my arms, guided them over and behind his head.

I let my arms drop over his shoulders. I leaned back farther, my head lolling back against his neck. I turned my face towards him, and began dotting his neck and jaw with small kisses. Using my tongue to brush against his skin with each kiss. I raised my left arm, and tickled the hair at the bottom of his scalp with my fingers. My Master's hands began their journey back down my body. His fingers dancing along my skin. With my arms raised up over his head, my breasts were pushed up and out. He let his fingers dance around the dark circles surrounding my nipples. Doing their impression of Fred Astair and Gene Kelley as they moved and glided and brushed my areola. Once in a while, one of my Master's fingers would bump into one of my hardened nipples -whether on purpose or accident, I didn't know, and quite frankly, didn't care. Each brush or bump sent more electricity through me. Licking my lips, I moaned a long, low moan. I squirmed in his lap. I knew I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it anymore than someone could help brushing away ants that were crawling on your skin. My nerves were a jumble of signals. My toes flexed and relaxed. My pussy leaking more, twitching...aching for attention.

I felt his left hand leave my body, and heard it fumbling for something on the table beside the chair, then his other hand left my body. It was a noticeable void on my flesh. Still I writhed there in his lap, my fingers tickling his hair, my naked body, squirming against him. I didn't know what he was doing, and I didn't care either. I was busy wetting his neck with my lips and tongue, not paying attention to what he was doing. Suddenly my body tensed when Master placed his hand on my pussy, covering my mound with cool - almost cold - lube. He worked it into my body. The lube creating a layer of silkiness that let his fingers and hand glide easily over my clit and pussy. The gel warmed rapidly, thanks to my Master's moving hands, and the heat in my own body he was causing to rise. I felt his breath on my neck, deep breaths, as if me was breathing in my essence. My body tingled from head to foot. His hands roamed around my pelvis and thighs. The lube covering my skin, my pussy was busy clenching, pushing out the moisture it was generating. I gasped and sucked in a deep breath when he worked his finger between my lips, opening my body to him.

I was fighting. Fighting hard not to cum. When he moved his arm around my waist, cupping my breast softly, I almost lost the battle. I bit my bottom lip and whined. I wanted to cum. Wanted to cum in the worst possible way, but I knew he was not ready for me to cum yet, he had not given me permission to cum. I felt his lips on my collar bone, while his finger found my clit, running up and down the entire length of it. Causing me to whimper, and my clit to twitch, like it was trying to reach out for his touch. He took my nipple between his fingers, pinching it, but not hard, not like he normally does, but lightly, I could feel the tension in his fingers. I could feel that he was holding back. That he both wanted to pinch my nipple, and pinch it hard, but at the same time, he didn't want to.

My Master changed the angle of his attention to my clit. Rubbing it more from the side now. My body was trembling. My breath was broken and ragged. I couldn't think, only feel. I fought and fought my body's body's NEED for release. I wanted so bad to roll my hips up, pressing my clit onto his finger, but I knew that is not what he wanted. I wanted, more than anything at that moment, him to enter me. I so wanted to take out his cock, and straddle him, and ride him to completion. But I couldn't. That wasn't his goal tonight. That isn't what he wanted, and his wants are always first and foremost. His desires are always at the forefront of my mind, are always my primary concern. Master lessened the pressure on my clit. Not removing his finger, but just rubbing the sensitive tip of it. My legs trembled. My insides were quivering with excitement and desire.

Master kissed up my neck, close to my ear, he exhaled, the war breath caressing my naked skin causing goose-bumps to run down my body. His finger was moving rapidly across the tip of my clit. He was barely touching it, the lube allowing him to glide so easily, to...teasingly across it. My insides leapt when his tongue contacted my earlobe. The soft, warm wetness against that sensitive part of my nobody. Then his lips closed around it. He pulled on my earlobe ever so gently with his lips. Closing his lips around my earlobe, he murmured, sending vibrations into my body, through my ear. Then, suddenly, his light, almost nonexistent massaging of my clit stopped. A chill went through my body, causing me to quiver. He let go of my earlobe, and moved his attention to my outer ear. His breath, hot on my skin. Feeling the huff and puff of his heavy and hard, almost uncontrolled breathing. He traces the back of my ear, and the finger, the one just barely touching the tip of my clit, begins to glide again, aided by the lube, allowing it to brush over and across my clit silkily, without actually moving it.

My nerves were on fire. Each on twitching and tingling, like a person who had given up smoking two days ago and was really jonesing for a cigarette, my spine had that feeling just below the neck. That feeling of being a mass of jumbled nerves. Like if you'd look beneath the skin you'd see something similar to what a baseball looks like without it's covering, except they would all be wriggling and firing little electrical sparks at one another. I whined. I whimpered. They sounded pleading. I wanted to cum. I NEEDED to cum, but he wasn't ready yet. He didn't want me to yet. He hadn't given me permission. I bit hard on my bottom lip. It took every ounce of will I had to sit as still as I could, and not cum.

His breath was hot and heavy against my ear "Cum, love" he whispered. Hearing the words, I screamed out, letting go of my will, letting go of my containment, letting go of everything, my body bucked and rocked, and writhed. I cried out to my Master, cried out in a loud, nearly primal sounding wail. His hand continued to rub my clit. His breath hot on my neck. His other hand, firmly grasping my nipple and breast. I kept cumming.After the most powerful of my body wracks died down, my Master turned me in his lap, laying my head on his large chest. His arm around my back, just below my shoulders. He other arm scooped under my knees. He stood, holding me cradled in his arms, tightly, securely, like he was trying to make himself Fort Knox for me. I barely realized what was happening. My orgasm still continued. I couldn't stop. I just kept cumming. It was not the hardest or most intense orgasm I've ever had, but it was a good long one. It seemed to last for hours, but I'm certain it was only a matter of minutes. My Master walked across the house, and up the stairs. Carrying me, still gasping, and shuddering. My orgasm began to subside as he started up the stairs. By the time he laid me on the bed, I was calmed down, my breathing almost back to normal. My pussy, a glazed mess of lube and cum.

I laid, dreamily, on the bed, and felt my Master cover me with the covers, and the climb in next to me. Spooning me. His naked flesh against my own. Our bodies, tangled together. The heat combined heat quickly overcame the slight chill in the air. I felt my Master's heartbeat, strong against my back. His breath, warm against my neck. Soon, his breathing slowed, and steadied, he breathed the deep, rhythmic breathing of sleep. My own breathing slowed to match his, and I drifted peacefully off to sleep.

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