Friday, May 29, 2009

SPCA Grand Opening


This Saturday, starting at 7 PM SL time, the Slave Protection Center of Adoption will be holding a grand opening party. The dancing starts at 8 – DJed by the incomparable Pantie “Giggles” Strangelove. All of you, dear readers (yes, BOTH of you) are of course invited and welcome to attend!




                                                            The SPCA

The Slave Protection Center of Adoption (SPCA) seeks to protect and promote the welfare of all slaves and submissives, alleviate the pain and suffering of any abused, neglected, mistreated or abandoned slaves. It provides a learning facility for people in the BDSM lifestyle to learn about the life, their limits and how to successfully enforce them. It also serves as an agency to help Dominant and submissive personalities find long lasting relationships.

Here slaves and submissives will find a sanctuary, a place of respite and healing.  The center will not actively solicit those who need protection, but it will welcome those who come through its doors.

The SPCA provides education in regards to role play, servitude (sexual and other types), SSC, BDSM, and other topics of interest.

We offer a safe and protected environment for abused and unowned slaves to meet, mingle and relax.  Come and sit by the fire, enjoy one of the available games, or relax on the deck.  The center is always open for your enjoyment.

The center offers a kennel service for slaves whose owners need to have them cared for while they are away.  You will be able to be away and know yours is well looked after.

Come here, and be yourself. Roleplay is fine, and supported, but not mandatory.  This is not a strict full time RP location, but free to indulge.



The Triumvirate:

This group of three are the head council for the SPCA. They create and clarify any rules. Decisions made by the Triumvirate are final.

The Protectors:

Protectors act as guardians to all pets and protected. It is a high level of responsibility. Any pet or protected may call upon a protector at any time. They are our priority.

This group is by invitation only. To apply for this group, contact one of the Triumvirate (Taurmaries Chaffe, DagnyT Dagger, or Irena Zenovka).

The Volunteers:

These are the helpers, either Dominants or submissives,  who help teach, offer advice, a shoulder to cry on, or any other talent they have to share.

To apply for this group, contact one of the Triumvirate (Taurmaries Chaffe, DagnyT Dagger, or Irena Zenovka).

The Pets:
These are those slaves and submissives who choose to live at the center full time.

The Protected Ones:
These are the slaves and submissives who come in to the center's care for a period of time. 


LOCATION: SPCA Protection Shelter, Crystal (205,99.87)

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