Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Asian delight

It has occurred to me that while I have written about my slave meat, I haven't told the story of my Asian delight (the one who wrote the last article, about having fun with teddy bears). I met this girl on one of her first days in Second Life. She made the mistake (or good fortune, depending on how you want to look at it) of popping into the place I used to spend practically all my time. I was up in the mall, not doing anything really, just basically vegetating. There were a lot of times at that place where there was just nothing at all happening.

ka2 At these times, I'd go hang out in the mall. Catching n00bs as they spawned...erm...rezzed I guess is proper SL speak for that. She popped in and almost immediately my slut radar went crazy. I thought it was going to go into full slut meltdown. Bells were ringing, horns were blaring, lights flashing. It was like the red alert on Star Trek, but 12 times more so. I approached, introduced myself - and told her I loved her outfit. The only thing missing was a collar to hide her oddly long neck. I, of course, was talking about a house collar. I wasn't looking for another sub at the time. I had one, and it wasn't working out very well (we've since parted ways - I truly hope she finds happiness, but I realized she could not with me).

I teased her about putting a collar around her neck for probably a month or more. She quickly went through the tasks to become a 'certified' role player - and Mistress of the sim we played in. She was a well loved Mistress, taking boys, bois and girls alike and giving them a 'good' treatment - everyone I talked to really liked her a great deal.

Then the day came when the place conducted a "Dominant's Auction". Where Dominants would place themselves on the auction block, and subs/slaves would bid on them, so the slaves could get dominated by the Dominants (I know, it's kinda backwards but...whaccha gonna do?). Of course I put myself on the block. I thought 'hell, I could use an extra few lindens, so, why not'. So up on the block I went. The auction started out rather iffy - some problems with the block, and then some cunt who bid L$2 only. I was half hoping she'd in, because I would have skinned the bitch alive.  But it was not to be.

The bids soon started coming in. One of my trainees had given the auctioneer a fistful of money to bid on me since she was unable to attend the auction. Another began bidding against this silent bidder. I could not understand why. The guy was not human. He is some demon from some other dimension or some such, and is complete Dom as far as i could tell. I could not imagine what I could do to Domme this man. After the auction, I spoke with him, and was informed he actually purchased me to Domme another Mistress there. I was purchased for a three hour session.

Now, my Asian delight is...well...Asian - and as such her timezone is about 13 hours ahead of mine. So it took several weeks before we were able to actually get together. Once we did, I placed a collar on her neck, and got it all setup and locked it. I then went about stripping her. Oooh..and what a lovely sight that was. My knees became weak as she stood there in nothing but a collar, the chain leash attached to it, hanging between her naked breasts. I fondled my new toy for a bit before instructing her to kneel - which she did, although, I'm not sure if i detected a touch of reluctance in her actions, she is was after all, a Mistress.

I then took her on the leash, naked and crawling to the Suck Halls - a horrid n00b hangout where people go to use their expensive and vociferous prim add-ons. Our ears were filled with the pollution of all of these talking genitalia. I thought it would make a nice place for this 'Mistress' to be perfectly humiliated. She is, after all, and excellent role player - and a top class emoter. But here she was, dragged like a dog, naked into a free sex facility, and made to suck the cocks of anyone who wanted her to. Three hours of sucking cock, and being humiliated and her mind was pretty much turned to mush.

ka1At the end of our time, back at the cabin, I took out the key to the collar I'd put on her neck, held it up in front of her face, and chucked it into the lake. "Nope" I said "I'm not letting you get away. I'm not unlocking the collar, and I'm not releasing you. I rather like you, you're mine now." And that was the end of the discussion. Still she remains on my chain. I suppose she is happy, she doesn't complain - but then, I'm happy with her, so whether or not she is happy, really, is immaterial.

I still chuckle when I think of the whole thing. Most slaves have to be either captured or purchased. For this one, I was paid L$7,200 to take her. And really, I’d have taken her for twice that in a heartbeat.

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