Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visit to the Inspired Playground

*Editor’s Note: This post was written by one of my slaves…my Asian delight. We visited a place called Inspired Playground. The place is somewhat like a strange dream – or an acid trip – or an a strange dream after taking a hit of acid (not that I would know what it is like to drop a hit of acid mind you..just stories really ;) ).

Just A Walk In The Park

I was with Mistress back at the Inspired Playground, savoring every moment with her as always. She said that she wanted me to do something, which was to be captured by the cute teddy slaver.

So, after getting ready, and watching the teddy bear slaver come round the corner, I ran towards it, jumping at it with wide open arms…

Not Good Enough

badgirl2… to fall flat on my face. Apparently, the RLV Relay in my collar wasn’t working. So Mistress passed me stand alone relay, which I attached, and waited. Who knew that to get captured, I had to ambush the slaver?

Our efforts paid off in the end, with the slaver capturing me, and got me into his small cage pull cart thingy and dragged me to a very non-descript grey building.

Revenge of the Teddys

So after being brought into the building, I was unceremoniously dumped out, and the only way for me to go is in, as the entrances were locked up tight. Upon entering, another teddy walked in, and as cute as that might sound, he was stern, and he told me that I could either slip on a collar, or he would force it on me. thiswayslave2

Not having much of a choice, I slipped it on, and stood in front of the desk. The teddy was quick with his judgment; before I could even utter a word of defense, he considered me a nuisance and is done with the paperwork. Grabbing the chain attached to my collar, he roughly pulled me into the next room for an examination.

I was expecting to be checked everywhere, but not like how this teddy did it! He forcefully strips me and leads me over a platform, with a pole sticking out, and made me stand over it. The pole tip pressed against the opening of my sex, almost penetrating it as he grabs my mouth and checks it, forcing it’s furry arm in, causing me to gag a little.

cavitysearchAfter that ordeal was over, he chained me to the wall. No, not only my collar, but my arms and legs above my head, making me reveal my pussy and ass obscenely. It then sends it small arm into my pussy roughly before forcing it into my ass, brutalizing it as it searches for any hidden contraband.

I tried to relax, but my body naturally started to react to the pain and I got a stern warning. After what seemed like eternity, it was finally done, and lead me to a small cell and chained my collar in the wall, to await for another teddy that was to come in.


Soon, another came in, and told me I was out of shape for what was to be made of me, a slave. I wanted to protest, but decided against it as I knew that would only bring more trouble. So the teddy pulled me into a room filled with exercising equipment, and I was promptly chained to a treadmill. He then started it up, and I was forced to run, least I lag behind and loose my balance, which would choke me hard. He started insulting me, and started to increase the speed. I was desperate, as I tried to keep up, tears welling in my eyes as I know I will not be able to keep up with the intense speed for long.removeyourclothes


Thankfully, He stopped it right before I loosed my balance, and brought me to a cycling machine. My legs, which were burning with the run, couldn’t take much more but I tried hard… who knew what else these teddies were capable of!


Right before I was about to pass out from exhaustion, the teddy told me to stop and dragged me off the machine and back out. By then, my legs were weak and wobbly, and towards the end, he literally had to drag me across the ground as they gave way.

xcisebikeSo with that, I was let go, and Mistress came in to bring me out.

It was a very interesting experience, and as exhausted as I was with the training equipment, I was kind of hoping for a little more. Anyways, best wishes goes out to the creators of Inspired Playground, must have taken a long time to make that, and I now have a new view on teddy bears!




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