Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Chain

Editors Note: This post was written by my fuck meat slave, recounting when it received its pierced nipples, and the chain that dangles between them. (you know, it’s great to have slaves to write your blog posts for you…YAY ME! – now, I only need to get a slave who will take pictures, as I get too wrapped up in what I’m doing and forget to most of the time. I apologize to you all, dear readers, and will make a better effort to adorn these posts with more graphical representations in the future.)

My life as house slave had become boring. Most of the time I was sitting around doing nothing, and there were no men who wanted to come and enjoy the services of a female sex slave. To encourage me and make me serve men better, Mistress Dagny promised me a wonderful golden nipple chain once I offered sexual services to at least five men and got a rating of at least 8 on a scale from 1-10 from them. After many weeks of learning to seduce men better and to attract them to come to the place where I "worked", the big day came and I looked forward to my reward.


After greeting Mistress and her slave demure, the Mistress asked "I suppose you know why I've called you here?" and I replied "This one thinks it might have to do with finishing the task you gave it, Mistress. I fucked six people actually, different men, and never got a rating below 9, Mistress." The Mistress smiled "Yes, it does. I gave you a goal, and a set of tasks, and you completed them all. So now is for your reward".

The Mistress then reached down with both hands, placing them on my shoulders, rubbing them down my arms, and back up. She then moved her hand beneath my shoulders, under my armpits, and gently lifted me to my feet. Wrapping her arm around my waist, her hand sliding across my naked slave flesh she guided me to the odd looking bench. I was blushing and shivering from anticipation as she turned my back to the bench, and gently pushed me down. I sat with my ass on a cushion and was pushed it back farther until I lay flat on a bench.

My moist dark nether lips touched the soft leather, staining it, and then I leant back, resting my back on the leather, my sex shamelessly exposed.  Mistress held my right leg steady, shackling it, then moved on to the left, running her fingers down the silky smooth skin from knee to the shackle. As the shackle closed, the 'click' sound it made snapping shut sounds somehow...final.

I gasped and trembled, locked tight onto the contraption while Miss N walked in and I whispered in greeting. Mistress just dragged her finger pads up my legs, up the inner thigh, and brushed them just beside my sex, teasingly - while I lay quivering, pushing my body against her fingers. She then moved further up my torso as she walked to my head, her nails gliding along the skin, over the curve of my breast, making sure that each nail flicked across the left nipple while I eagerly lifted my body towards her.

Mistress continued pulling her nails up my body, up the length of my neck, she circled around my lush lips, before walking off to the corner and greeting Miss N "You can watch N, just giving I here a piercing."".

Mistress then pulled back the metal cart, one wheel squeaking as it rolls, metal implements jingling and clanking softly as the wheels rolled over the uneven floor. Stopping the low cart just in front of  my head I turned my face towards the sounds of jiggling metal and scarping wheels. My eyes went wide looking at the implements: a bowl of ice cubes, a bottle of medicinal alcohol, a pile of cotton balls, a bowl of water, a pair of hooked needled nose pliers, several needles of various gauges, and a chain.

I lifted the head and asked "Is that what it takes to make a chain, Mistress?", taking a deep breath, my slave petals starting to quiver as I looked fearfully at the Mistress who pulled the cart along my side to giving me ample opportunity to see what it contained. She pulled a cube of ice from the bowl, and held it over my left nipple, letting a drop of ice cold water fall onto it "You thought, maybe it would be attached with super glue?"

Wincing I replied "slave just did not think about it and only had the great look in mind, Mistress", my left areola wrinkling and the nipple getting tight and erect, the drop of water pearling down my breast and the side of my body, leaving a trace of moisture behind.

Miss N stepped up, running her fingers teasingly over my labia "It will hurt quite a bit when the needle goes through your nipple slave I'm sure you'll love it....". As an answer I could only shake my head weakly "I is not used to pain anymore since Mistresses Sakkara and Ella left, Miss N - I is now learning to give pleasure"

Mistress other slave, demure, was just kneeling on the side ad let her eyes sweep over my inviting form all laid back and stretched out on the bench, the gleam from the trickling drop of ice water, chilly upon my hot body. Mistress lowered the ice cube to my nipple, moving it over and round it, pulling another cube with her left hand, she held it just millimeters above my soft lips, the cold wafting from the cube touching the lips and commented  "It's like riding a bike slave, you'll get used to it again", while Miss N flickered my  clit lightly and rhythmically with her fingernail "Tap.............tap.............tap............tap........."

I was quivering and pushed my sex up against Miss N's fingers as much as my strained position allows. My left nipple tightening even more into a pert little nub, I pushed out my tongue, licking it gently over the ice cube, then touching it with my lips in a soft kiss and finally sucking it eagerly until Mistress moved it further down my neck to my left nipple, joining the other cube there. She twisted the two cubes around the nipple, my areola becoming shiny as the ice melts.

Miss N smiled in the meantime and rubbed her latex covered fingers up and down my slit, getting them wet and slippery with the juices if my arousal, while I squirmed, moaning under Miss N's gentle touch and  gasping under the touch of the cold ice cubes melting on my left breast, the water pooling on my areola.

Mistress continued pinching the nipple between the two ice cubes. Pushing them together, and pulling them upwards, the nipple traveled a little with the ice cubes before sliding from between them, the ice clacking together. She pulled another ice cube from the bowl, and rolled it around my right nipple, pressing the nipple into the breast with the flat of the cube.

Miss N rubbed her now slick fingers in gentle circles around my pierced slave-bud, bumping and jiggling the piercing occasionally as she teased my dripping sex with her smooth, slick, fingers. My sopping slave pussy clenched around a hot empty love hole, while the nipples grew numbs, and I shivered from the cold, goose bumps showing up over my back and arms.

Mistress continued balancing the single ice cube on my right tit, just inside of the nipple, the water dripping down my breast, creating a river of ice water in my cleavage while she collected another ice cube, and provided similar treatment of the two cubes to my right nipple. Moaning softly my arousal grew as the nipples started hurting from the cold, my stomach quivering when icy cold water ran down into my belly button. My skin starts flushing red and my breathing became deeper and faster.

Mistress' eyes lit up with a mischievous twinkle, she took what remained of the four ice cubes, and lodges them between my collar and my neck, whereupon I gasped, jerking up my head, wriggling the chin but the ice cubes stayed stuck between the throat and collar.  Miss N used that time to push two fingers deep into my sopping slave sex, the slick latex sliding  in easily and I squeezes my pussy around her slick latex fingers.

Mistress in the meantime took both nipples between forefingers and thumbs, pinching and pulling on them, testing their coldness and firmness, My cold numb pert nipples barely react to the Mistress' grasp and pulls and I whispered hoarsely "They are quite numb, Mistress", while she turned to the cart, picking a cotton ball, and the bottle of alcohol, she uncapped the bottle, covered the small opening with a cotton swab, and tilted the bottle, wetting the cotton. She liberally applied the alcohol to each nipple, sterilizing my skin. Replacing both to the cart, she collected the chain, and I looked  it across my body, just below my breasts - taking the time to lay it out flat and neatly.

I looked at Mistress, my eyes following her motions as the smell of alcohol filled the room, mixing with my slutty musky aroma. My nipples grow even tighter, cooled further by the evaporating alcohol as the numbness from the ice slowly receded. My pussy contracted around Miss N's fingers while her thumb rubbed around my clitoris in a circular motion increasing my arousal,

Mistress turned back to the cart, replacing the cap on the alcohol so it does not evaporate too quickly, she picked up and examined several different gauges of needles, and chose the next to thickest needle to use. Holding the needle in her right hand, she picked the hooked needle nose pliers with her left. She paused, and lowered her face close to mine, placing a soft kiss on my lips, and whispered "This is going to hurt"

I trembled, eyeing the big needle, my breath very shallow but ragged the chain jiggling on my chest with every breath it takes. Looking with wide eyes at the Mistress' calm face I asked "is this slave allowed to climax if it hurt too much, Mistress?", then stopped talking and gasped under Miss N's lovely warm tongue. Seeing my clit harden, Miss N knelt down, replacing her teasing thumb with her tongue, flicking it in circles around my hardening slave-bud, and pumping her fingers in and out of my tight slave-hole.

While Miss N corkscrewed her fingers as she pumped them in and out of my slave folds, the slick latex sliding in and out easily, her tongue continuing to dance around my hard clit, while Mistress clamped the pliers around the top 1/3 of my left nipple. The striated gripping tongues of the pliers digging into the skin of my nipple, as she pinched my nipple tight, and pulled up on it, deforming the shape of my breast into a longish orb, the nipple stretched thin. "Yes, you may" she answered mu question, a warm smile crossing her lips.

I winced, seeing the sharp tongues grip my left nipple, my breast pulled away painfully and I opened my eyes and mouth wide, taking deep fast breaths, sweat forming on my forehead, my whole body quivering. Mistress pushed the needle against my taught nipple, testing the resistance a few times before drawing it back, and thrusting the thickish needle through the nipple. The needle seemed to catch and stop her movement partway through, and another efforted push was required before the needle emerges out the other side of the nipple, I winced, clenching my teeth as the needle poked against the skin, my stomach tightening, the ass clenching as I prepared for the pain. And then my face contorted when the needle pushed in and got stuck. I opened my mouth, crying "aaaaartgg" as it finally pushes through, and then I panted heavily, the nipple throbbing around the needle, a drop of blood emerging along the cold metal.

My pussy quivering around Miss N's fingers, my skin flushing from arousal, Mistress held the nipple tight with the pliers while she pulled the needle from it. Laying the needle between my breasts she grabbed one end of the chain, the last link is spread open, and wiggled and worked the link into the hole left by the needle. Two small trails of blood dripped from either side of the hole. She released the nipple from the pliers, and watched as the hole closed around the link while the nipple slowly regained most of its original shape.Using the pliers she closed the link of the chain.

Miss N looked up at my pain contorted face "Such a good girl - see, you didn't forget", and put her tongue back to work, darting around my hard clit like a snake, pushing and pulling her slick fingers in and, out, in and out, of my tight wet clenching pussy. I trembled and lifted my head, smiling at the sight of the chain being worked into my nipples. My love slit quivered, and I pushed my pussy harder against Miss N's ministrations, sighing as the Miss withdraws just before a climax, and I looked after her as she left for more important duties.

Mistress moved around the table, pinched the right nipple and took the top 1/3 with the pliers, squeezing tight she pulled up on that nipple, stretching it as she did the left "Well, you win some you lose some slave" she says apologetically as Miss N left. I nodded and then took a deep breath and closed my mouth, my chest heaving. My hands clenched into fists and I curled my toes, the body trembling from tension seeing Mistress pick up the needle from between my breasts. Examining it, noticing a bit of blood on it, she released the right nipple from the pliers, and took a moment to clean the needle with the alcohol and a cotton swab.

I relaxed, my hands unclenching and lifted my head higher, smelling alcohol once more as I looked at how Mistress reattached the pliers to the nipple, and pulled up on it. The areola shrinking as the nipple is pulled and elongated. She probed the nipple with the needle, and then shoved it through. Harder and faster than the left nipple, it goes through quickly and rather easily, poking out the other side, a thin smear of blood along the protruding shaft. I sucked in air pushing my chest out and up, the body trembled, my muscles tighten, my eyes locked onto the pliers like those of a mouse facing a snake, unable to turn my eyes away. Biting hard I kept my eyes open and focused, then gasped lightly when the needle went through fast, and the trembling slowly subsides.

Mistress pulled the needle out from my nipple, and tossed onto the cart where it bounced a few times with a metallic 'tick, tick, tick' sound before rolling to a stop against the lip of the cart, my eyes following its motion. demure grimaced at the clink of the metal, jolting her awake and she watched Mistress picked up the other end of the chain, and work the link through the fresh hole. My right nipple throbbed painfully, blood seeping slowly from the hole, and I winced, hands still clenched into fists while the ring was worked in with a little difficulty, missing the other side of the hole a few times before finally coming through.

Mistress finally released the pliers' grip on I nipple and set out immediately to close the loop of the open pink, securing it in place inside my nipple. I slowly relaxed, unclenching my fists and spread my lips into a soft smile. Lift the head up higher I could only sees two rings through my hurting throbbing nipples, the rest still hidden from my sight.

Mistress dropped the pliers onto the cart with a thud, and picked up the alcohol and cotton swabs, dabbing swabs wettened with alcohol on my nipples, pinching them in the swab to ensure good saturation. I gasped and tensed for a moment as the cold burning liquid is dabbed over my sore nipples, clenching ,y stomach and ass, the smell of alcohol permeating the room again more intensely.

Mistress then bent down, and retrieved from the bottom shelf, the shelf I could not see, a small gun shaped item, with a looped metal rod protruding from the end of it, and an electrical cord hanging from the pistol grip. In her other hand, a loop of soft wire, and a leather cloth, about an inch thick. demure's eyes widened spotting the two items, casting glances between the two, and I asked ""What ... is that, Mistress?"

While I looked fearfully at the device, Mistress just lifted up on the chain, and placed the thick leather cloth beneath it, pressing it against the red and sore left nipple. She turned the link through my nipple until the opening is farthest from the nipple, touched the looped wire to the inside of the link opening, and soldered closed the link with the solder gun. I was breathing easier, the rings only warming slightly.  This soldering procedure was repeated with the right nipple. She then returned the soldering tools on the cart, and looked at me, caressing my cheeks with her hand, smiling with love and pride:: "I'm so proud of you slave". It replied in a soft tired voice, my body still trembling and the skin flushed and shiny from sweat "This slave is so happy and proud to have the chain, Mistress, and to have earned it in such a lovely way!"

Mistress ignored my reply and just looked at demure "unshackle it demure". demure bowed her head, "As you wish, Mistress," moving closer to the metal device, resting a hand on my ankle before removing the shackle. She removed the rest in turn, then offered a hand to help me up. I stretched my legs and pulled the thighs closer, wincing and then gripping tight onto demure's hand, clenching the quivering fingers of my right hand about her wrist, while I wiped the sweat off my face with the left, and then rolled and rubbed my left wrist and both ankles.

Mistress embraced me in a warm hug, and I wrapped my arms around the Mistress' neck, holding her tight for a while, my sweaty red quivering slave skin pressed against her chest, and then slides down to my knees, the legs giving in and it whispers while looking up "Thank you - thank you - thank you, Mistress",

She then handed me a small white plastic bottle, and a bag of q-tips "Now, be sure to apply this twice a day, for one month, to avoid infection.", which I accepted, looking deep into her eyes.

Mistress put her finger through the large ring in the middle of the chain "This is so people can attach a leash to your chain, and lead you that way". Wanting the honor of being the first, she attached her leash to my new shiny chain "Let's go and show off your new chain slave", giving a small tug on the chain, knowing the pain it will feel through my sensitive nipples.

My trembling slowly stopped, my skin color slowly returning to normal and I smiled, replying "It will be proud, Mistress", before  cringing from pain and running after the Mistress. demure looked a bit relieved she didn't have to yank the newly placed chains to help me up.

Five days later the Mistress bought me from the dictator of the land, rescuing me just in time from a horrible death, and my life has been bliss ever since.


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