Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return of the slave

The slave meat I had purchased several months ago had been gone for a time. It went on vacation (see how nice of an owner I am? I send my toys off for rest and recuperation once in a while). So last night, it returned to me. I came home, and found it kneeling there in the center of the house. It was naked. Its thighs spread wide in the traditional 'nadu' position, its palms turned upward, its back straight, its ass resting on its heels. My eyes followed the slaves curves and valleys, from its head, down around its large breasts, and flat stomach, coming to a stop at its sex. I took in a deep breath through my nose, relishing in the aroma that comes from my slave's arousal. It's almost always aroused when it kneels for service, its thighs spread wide, allowing me, and anyone else within is sight to view its private area. To see its state of arousal.

I walked up to it, and pulled from behind my back a blindfold. Squatting, I wrapped its head with the blindfold, adjusting and tightening it to make sure it could see nothing. It shivered as it looked up at me while I placed the blindfold over its gorgeous eyes, and secured it around its head. Left with only the memory of what I looked like, after having seen me only briefly, a few seconds really, after its long absence. I turned, and walked across the house, pulled back a curtain I had hung across an alcove to hide my new purchase. My purchase, was also covered with a tarp. I wasn't taking any chances that the fuck toy might accidentally see it. As I pulled the tarp off, you could hear small, metallic clanks and clicks as the metal pieces of the purchase moved, and collided with each other. Hearing the sounds, the slave titled its head, and moaned softly. Its world was all black. It sniffed the air, catching a faint whiff of my own scent.

I went back to my slave. Took it by the arm, and led it over to my new purchase. I guided its hand to touch the highly polished and extremely smooth metal base of my purchase. It crinkled its forehead with curiosity. I gently guided it further forward, into the center of my purchase, careful not to let it trip over my new equipment. I didn't want it scratched up before it was even a day old. I helped it to kneel again, and, pushed it forward, laying its breast and face onto the soft straw mats. I took each of its ankles, and bound them to metal shackles at either end of the device. Its legs now spread wide, its ass pointing up into the air. It was quivering from the excitement as I bound its ankles. I could smell its arousal. Looking between its legs, I could see its labia, thick and opened, and glistening with its nectar.

More clinking, and a ratcheting sound is heard as I pull down a bar, connected to a chain that disappears into the new furniture. I take its left wrist, and place it in a cool metal shackle, closing the band with a 'snick' as it latches. I repeat the procedure with its right wrist. Its arms are now spread as far apart as they can be, the bar connecting the wrist shackles laying across its back. It gasped, and squirmed, rolling its hips with its excitement and arousal.I could smell its scent even stronger than just a moment ago.

I stood and removed my gloves, dragging the soft thin material down my piece of slave meat's back, and over her ass. The gloves were followed quickly with my nails. Not digging them in, but more tickling its skin with the tips of them. It shivered, excited by the anticipation and lack of knowledge of what might happen next. I dragged the nail of my index finger between its ass cheeks, pausing to circles its tight little sphincter. It pushed its ass back, pressing the tight hole against my finger, wanting me to push into it. Wanting to feel the discomfort of its tight anal ring stretched and prodded dry. I didn't. I just tickled it a little before moving the finger on downward, and forward, sawing it between the thick, meaty, wet lips of its pussy.

Pushing my finger into its cunt, I teased it with a few quick jabs at it, before pulling out completely. I dragged my finger back up its ass cheek, smearing what slave juice was on it over my Nubian slave's dark skin. More of the clinking and ratcheting sounds filled the slave's ears as I pulled on another chain. I used the fingers on my free hand to spread its cheeks open, exposing completely its little brown eye. I moved the glimmering metal hook in close, and rested it against its puckered hole, then pushed the polished smooth metal into its body. The hook was polished smooth, soft and slick like glass. I didn't use any lube, and the slave's ass had not been used since before I sent it off for its relaxation, neither had its pussy for that matter.

My slave quivered as the metal hook slid into is anus, I saw goosebumps rising on its skin. Its breathing became labored as I pushed the hook deep into its ass. I gave it a few good tugs to ensure it was well seated and would not dislodge accidentally. "Oh Mistress...what slave would give to be able to see you," it whispered in a gasp.

I ignored it as I pushed a button. A small electronic hum vibrated through the device, and the ratcheting sound of the chains was audible as the chains attached to the anal hook, and the bar holding its arms apart, began to be sucked back into the furniture piece, raising my slave from the floor slowly. Upwards. Its arms bent back behind it in agony. Its ass raised into the air, the hook pulling in its tight sensitive ass, the cold metal cutting into the soft flesh. The chains shortened until the slave's feet was lifted from the floor, and it hung there in mid air, supported solely by the shackles on its wrists, and the hook in its ass. It threw its head back, quivering and squirming on the device, its tits hanging free. A cool breeze blowing over its tight, stiff nipples and its exposed soppingly wet sex.

I glided my fingertips along my flesh bag hanging there, naked, spread, suspended. I took a moment to insert two fingers into its dripping wet pussy teasingly. "Ohhh Mistress...that feels so good," it gasped as my fingers entered the warm, moist confines of its slave cunt.

I pulled my fingers out, and drug them along its smooth, soft dark flesh, leaving a trail of its nectar in their wake. Taking a position in front of the slave, I grabbed both its nipples, squeezed them, and pulled them down hard. The slave gasped. I leaned close to it. My hot breath on its hear, whispering "You've been gone a long time, slave, and have denied me much fun at the expense of your body."

"And slave has missed being at Mistress' mercy," it whispered breathlessly.

I chuckled, "There is a lot to make up for," I whispered, standing erect again as I released its nipples. I brought my right hand back, and threw it forward fast and hard, the flat of my hand stroking the slave's dangling tit squarely. The loud clapping sound reverberating of the walls of the confined alcove. It opened its mouth wide, trying to gasp, but no sound escaping as its dark tit swung, and began to redden from the slap.

Bringing back my left hand, I delivered a similar blow to its other breast, but this one harder than the last, lifting the slave's body a few milimeters. It bounced a little on the shackles and hook as it settled back down into place. It gasped again, gritting its teeth. I guess it was determined to try and deny me the lovely song of its screams.

"I'm pretty sure you want to be able to much as you can anyway" I said as I removed its blindfold, return it it, the sight I had taken away minutes ago.

It moaned from the excitement. Its labia dripping with its juices from arousal as it hung there, in agony, exposed, open and spread. Its head slowly raised as I removed its blindfold, looking up into my face, a smile spread across its own face, "slave is so happy to be back, Mistress", it said as I lifted its chin a little more with my fingers, leaned in and kissed its full lush lips softly. "anything Mistress does today, will only increase slave's arousal," it added as our lips touched.

I smiled, and hummed as I broke the kiss, and began again to walk around the slave's suspended body, dragging my nails down its flesh. "I've missed the touch of your soft body, mine" I said. It struggled, and turned its head, trying to keep me in its sight, but soon gave up, and let its head hang down, watching my legs as I stood behind it. I moved my palm over the roundness of its ass, slapping its left cheek, and holding my hand there, digging my fingers into its meaty cheek, kneading the flesh. My right hand moved between its legs, the fingers moving back and forth up and down along its slit.

I drove two fingers into its sopping cunt. "Ohhh yess, Mistress" it cried out, its pussy clamping around my fingers. I moved the fingers deep, pulling them almost out, and pushed them back in, a third finger joining the first two. It rolled its hips as much as the restraints would allow, its pussy spasming around my fingers. I pushed the three deep into the dark recesses of its dark body, and spread them apart, moving, feeling, touching its insides.

I fucked the cunt with my three fingers, listening to the sounds of arousal escaping its mouth, along with the soft, wet squishy noises emanating from the pussy. Its aroma rose on the air and filled my nostrils. I sighed lustfully as I felt my own sex clench, dampening my panties as I slapped its ass again, causing it to jiggle on the hook.

"Ohhh yesss...Mistress...slave has missed you sooo much, Mistress" It exclaimed just before I slapped it, eliciting a loud gasp.

I added my pinky finger into the mix of fingers fucking the slave's cunt. Pushing them in as far as I could get them - until my knuckles ground against its pelvic bone. It shuddered. It groaned. It clenched its teeth and closed its eyes tight. I could tell it was fighting to control a building orgasm, but I did not let up my assault. I slapped its ass hard again, and pounded its pussy with my fingers.

"May slave climax, Mistress?" it asked, its voice a trembling whisper, its pussy spasming around my fingers.

I crouched low, slowly pulled my fingers from its sopping pussy, leaning forward, I utter "no" as my tongue contacts its pussy, and drags along its slit. Finding its clit, I flick the nub with my tongue a few times before clamping my lips around it, and suckling hard on it.

"Please, Mistress..." it gasped. It was quivering now, panting, and sweat was dotting its forehead, Please, Mistress..." it begged again.

I turned my head from side to side, murmuring "nuh uh" without removing my lips from its button. I inserted my thumb into its hole, pressing it down, against its wall.

"Please...." it whispered in an almost whining beg. It was quivering good now. Right on the verge. Ready to climax. I touched my teeth to its clit, biting down and dragging them along the nub until my head pulled back far enough that it fell free of my grasp.

"No means no, pet" I said pulling my thumb out, and slapping its ass again hard. I made a cone of the fingers of my right hand. The index and pinky fingers placed on the underside of the ring and middle fingers. My thumb pressed against the palm of my hand. I had just begun to insert the fingers into its cunt again when I felt it spasm hard. And then again, and again. It was climaxing...after I'd told it not to.

"NOOOoooooo" it wailed as its body betrayed it. Climaxing with out permission.

I grabbed hold of the hook in its ass, and gave it a good solid yank. "I told you NO you stupid little slut..." I yanked the hook again "...can you not follow simple orders?" I asked, yanking the hook a third time.

"Please..." it whispered, dread was evident on its voice "..forgive the slave..." It cringed with the pain of my jerking the hook "slave is sorry...Mistress..." it stammered, tears beginning to track down its cheeks

I slapped its ass again, and resumed pushing my fingers into its pussy. I was moving them in more harshly now, somewhat ticked that it had so blatantly disobeyed me. I twisted my hand in its pussy, the knuckles of my fingers and thumb ground painfully against its bone, working my fingers in a little deeper with each twist. It dropped its head in shame as its climax subsided, gasping and moaning as I widened its pussy with my hand.

I reached around its leg, and grabbed its left tit. Clamping my hand around it, my fingers and nails digging into its flesh. Digging in hard enough to break one of my nails. I yanked on the tit as I grunted and forced my hand inside its body, wincing with the pain in my thumb as it ground past my slave's pelvic bone, pushing forward into the slimy wetness of my slave's womb.

The slave threw its head back in agony as I plunged my fist into its pussy. I slowly pulled my arm back, and pushed it forward again, slowly, driving my fist deeper into my Nubian's body. I splayed my fingers wide as I pull my hand back, pressing them along the thin membrane separating her love canal, from her anal cavity. I pushed my fingers hard against it, until I just feel the hardness of the hook. The slave meat on a hook trembled, sweat dripping from its dark body as it squirmed in agony with pain washing through its body - its face distorted.

I pulled back and closed my fist again, and shoved it inside the Nubian's body, burying 1/2 my forearm. I let out a gasp as I felt my knees become a little rubbery with the arousal I was feeling at this slave's expense. It opened its mouth, and screamed in agony, tears running down its face as it threw its head from side to side, squirming in the cuffs. I gasped again, shuddering, my pussy contracting at the lovely song of my piece of slave meat's screams. I pushed in farther, my free hand reaching forward and grabbing its collar. I yanked back on the collar as I forced my arm deeper into its orifice.

It screamed again, louder this time. The agony in its cunt becoming unbearable. Its whole body shook from the pain. It squirmed and pulls hard, the metal shackles cut into its flesh, and warm blood ran down it arms and ankles - with the slave barely registering it from the pain it its pussy. "You wanna cum now...hmmm?" I asked "You fucking whore that can't follow a simple damned instruction...YOU WANT TO?!" I pulled my arm back out, to the wrist, and drove it inside the dark body again, fast, pumping my fist in and out of its body forcefully. I could feel my climax building with each thrust of my fist, and each cry of agony it released. It hung is head down, sobbing and crying. The room had started to spin and blur for it. The pain of its ordeal almost too much for it to bear and remain conscious.

"Mmmh...gawd....YESSSS" I exclaimed as my climax began, encouraged by the slave's screams, tears and finally, its withdrawal, giving in to the darkness the pain wanted to bring to it. I orgasmed hard, my knees almost giving out as I shoved my hand into its cunt up to my elbow and held it there. As my orgasm subsided, I slowly pulled my arm out of the tight, hot hole. Making a cone of my fingers in much the same manner as I did going into it. I twisted and cajoled my hand out of the dark meat's dark hole with a loud slurping sound, followed by the sound of air escaping, and flapping its meaty lips.

It hung there as I recovered from my orgasm. Trembling, tears flowing freely from the slave's eyes, sobbing in the shackles. The hook buried deep inside its sore bleeding ass. Red warm blood also flowing from the cuts made by the steel shackles on its wrists and ankles. I walked around to the front of the slave, stepped out of my soiled panties, "clean them" I ordered, holding them to her lips.

It struggled to lean forward, extending its tongue and began to lick my panties. A smile spreading across its pained, tear streaked face at the taste of my juices. It strained forward more, and bit down on the panties and pulled back, taking them with her, working her mouth to get more of them in. I stood there watching it. My own labia swollen and glistening. I used my finger, and moved a sweat plastered lock of hair from my toy's beautiful face.

I pushed the button. The electric hum and ratcheting of chains came to life again as the slave was lowered back to the floor. I freed its wrists from the shackles, inspecting them to ensure it did not have any wounds that required immediate attention. Satisfied that the wounds were superficial, I took the shackles from its ankles. Leaving the anal hook for last. I removed that slowly, almost tenderly, wiping what blood there was on its skin before taking its collar in my hands again, and helping to its formal, kneeling position.

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