Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year’s End Message

This is the last day of 2009. We are in the waning hours of not only the year, but also the decade. The past year has been an interesting one to say the least. I'm reminded of the time I went four-wheeling in the mountains of Colorado. It was in July, the middle of the summer, and yet, on that day, I experienced all four seasons in the space of a few hours - we went from about 85 degrees at the base of the mountain, to snow and freezing temps as we neared the top. Anyway, this year was a lot like that. From lowest lows to the most ecstatic of highs, all jumbled together into one helluva roller-coaster ride.
There are two gigantic highlights of the year. First is the purchase of my slave, formerly guttersnipe, then toybox, now called cuntslime (gawd I love that name). I had known her for some time before I made the decision to acquire her, and it was an excellent decision. The second is when a slave named ce showed up on my doorstep, alone, an outcast from her former place. She made it clear she did not want to wear another person's collar, and I intended to respect that decision from her. But it was only a short amount of time before we both knew that statement was not founded in facts, and she offered her self to me, and I took what I wanted. These two girls are by far two of the greatest, most loyal girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. After the taking of these two, anything else pales in comparison.
In the end, it seems that even the bad things led to good. I, along with a partner, opened a new place with a human trafficking theme. A place where men can visit and find girls to treat harshly, to fuck, rape, beat, belittle, degrade, humiliate. A place where girls who crave that kind of treatment can go and be secure in the knowledge they will receive it. It isn't the only human trafficking themed sim in SL. There is the HT Mansion of which I had written previously, but that place is very elegant. Our place, Dogan, is rough. Dirty. In a state of disrepair. Grungy. It does not offer the feeling and atmosphere that one finds in other places. It does not give way to the idea of snuggling, snogging and cuddling. No. When one wonders into Dogan, they are assaulted with the visuals of old, rusted buildings and equipment. An imposing place, which makes a man want to beat up on a cheap ass good for nothing worthless whore. The only thing I think the place is missing is buzzards circling overhead - maybe when we have enough traffic & donations to move to a full-sized sim, we can fix that.
I would like to thank each and every person I know for a wonderful year. You all contributed to one of my best ever years in some way or another.


Gera said...

Happy New Year, Dagny!

Dagny said...

Same to you and yours, beautiful.