Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dedication & Devotion

imageI see other dominants around. They have subs, sometimes just one, sometimes two or three, sometimes a gaggle of them. The subs fawn over their dominant. They show him (or her) such adoration and devotion. Practically worshipping at their feet. I see this, and I smile. How must that make the dominant feel? To be worshipped thus?

To be practically worshipped and adored in such a way is very heady. It gives you a big head, even if you don’t want it to, it does. But what displays true devotion? What can a slave do that shows true and deep dedication?

Sometimes I give my slave, meat, tasks to perform. Little things really. Yesterday I gave my meat some tasks. But, it had a horrible day yesterday. Nothing terrible, but stressful, physically and emotionally draining kind of bad day. When I saw her in the evening, she had a severe headache – the kind that makes one see spots – and was tired, exhausted really. If it had come to me in its state, and told me of her day, and her current physical discomfort, and asked to forego the tasks for that day, I would have allowed her to do them the next day. I love my meat. While I like it to suffer for me, I want to be the cause of that suffering. It did not come to me, and beg off the tasks. Instead, even though it was exhausted with a blistering headache, it completed the tasks. It did them superbly at that.

That shows me my meat’s deep, deep level of devotion and dedication. It put aside its own discomfort, and completed what I wanted it to complete. It did it because it wanted to make me happy. And it did, and I love it all the more for its sacrifice and suffering.

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