Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Zindra Experience

As you all know, I’ve never been against the forced march of all adult content to its own little ghetto reservation called Zindra (formerly ‘Ursula’). In fact, I actually like the idea. I like the idea that the bitchy whiney cunts and cockbites that moan and complain about how horrible it is for me to stick my fist in my slave’s pussy. I like, she likes, so the rest of them can just take a flying leap as far as I’m concerned. That being said, I also have made it clear that the move was going to be one giant clusterfuck. Which it is.

Here’s my story thus far. First, I should point out that the KB article in the SL support site (KB 4417) states the following (emphasis is mine):

What if the parcels with adult content are owned by a group?

A group owner should submit the ticket to migrate. The first request submitted from an Owner is the one we will honor.

If the group wants to request movement to a Private Region instead (and they own more than 16,384m^2), things get more complex, as Private Regions can only be owned by individual Residents. The request should come from the individual who is prepared to take on ownership of the Private Region (as well as responsibility for the set up fee, and monthly fees thereafter). They must have billing information on file.

Now, please note the part I bolded, which reads “A group owner should submit the ticket to migrate.” Well, I just happen to be a group owner of the Vampire’s group. The Vampire’s group holds almost 22K sq. meters in one region. It owns the land on which sits “Forced Herm Experiments”. If you know what FHE is about, then you know it is prime adult content. No way shape or form it can be construed otherwise.

Along comes 29 June, 2009. I’ve done my homework. I’ve scouted Zindra and picked out three places (as required) that I think would make a nice home for FHE. The ability to create the support ticket begins at 10 AM SLT. I begin at that time to fill out the ticket. I finish, and it is submitted at 10:15 AM.

Days go by, and nothing, the ticket is listed still as “new” which means nobody has even looked at it yet. Along comes 1 July, 2009, and I’m reading one of my fav SL blogs, Forceme Silverspar's Adventures in Second Life I love this lady’s blog. It is insightful, she calls ‘em as she sees ‘em. I don’t always agree with her opinions, but hey, not everybody can be as right as I am, can they? So anyway, I’m reading her blog, and she talks about submitting her ticket for moving to Zindra. She actually gets a response on the SAME DAY! It was denied, but she got a response. She reopened the ticket, and got her land the NEXT DAY, on 30 June. I read this on 1 July, and made a comment to her post about how I hadn’t heard jack squat from any lindens about my request.

Not 1 hour later, I get the following from Harmony Linden:

1/7/2009 5:30 PM PDT

CSRHarmony Linden
Hi there,

Thanks for submitting your migration ticket. Our team is committed to handling all Zindra move requests in the strict order in which they were filed. Due to incomplete ticket data, additional research, parcel preparation, and negotiation, some tickets are closing faster than their predecessors. However, assuming tickets have complete information, the parcel assignments will still respect the first-come, first-served order.

You can help us process your ticket faster by making sure we have all the information we need, including a clear description of the Adult content and where on your parcel we can find it (if it's not there now, you can add this information in the ticket comments). Make sure we have the SLURLs for your current parcels, and your requested parcels. If you're unsure of how to make a SLURL, see

Remember, as we said here , this first phase of migration is for *commercialized* Adult content: parcels that sell a product or service. To identify whether the product or service you provide is Adult, please see

We received hundreds of tickets in the first hour alone and we are trying to make sure folks are as happy as possible, which takes time. Please be patient with us so that we can give you the best service possible!

So, it seems that at least one of the lindens takes an interest in Forceme’s blog. I re-read this a few times, and devised that they wanted an exact location for any adult content. Just giving them SLurls to the land is not enough it seems (the FHE facility is in a sky box) so I sent back the following:

2/7/2009 1:14 PM PDT Customer Posted a Comment CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger

Ok, I included the SLurls for each parcel owned by Vampire's which overall make up the land (and prims) used by Forced Hermaphrodite Experiments (as well as the vendors which sell their goods at the facility). But I realize I did not include a SLurl to the exact location of the facility (where all the stuff happens) so here it is:


Now I wait…and wait…and wait…until I get this little message:

3/7/2009 12:23 PM PDT

CSRHarmony Linden

Hi there,

Due to the overwhelming demand, we are pausing our processing of the Zindra migration tickets so that we can bring more land online. Please read for more information.


Seems, they had it all figured out that only 4% of the places would need to move. But things didn’t work out so well, so they had to make more land, and put all requests on hold until 8 July. In the meantime, I go and check out Zindra again, finding the parcels we liked already taken. So I comment the ticket, and add three new parcels:

5/7/2009 9:44 AM PDT Customer Posted a CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger

If the previous locations are not available to us, I would like to add the following locations. They don't seem to be parceled, and one location is larger parcel that what we can have (21401 sq. meters available to the group - 21216 sq. meters actually in use right now)

Thank you, I hope this will all be resolved soon, having everything in limbo is very hard for us. Not wanting to do anything until the move, add any vendors or equipment or anything like that.

And begins the waiting period again. Note, this was on 5 July, but I don’t expect anything at all before 8 July. The 8th comes and goes, as does the 9th, and the 10th, and all the way until FINALLY on 13 July I get this little gem:

13/7/2009 4:59 AM PDT Closed CSRFrontier Linden

Hello, Dagnyt:

Thanks for contacting us with your Zindra request. I've reviewed your account and see that you only have 512 sq m. This means you're ineligible to receive the requested 22,000 sq m on the Zindra continent.



Customer Service
Linden Lab

WTF? Closed? Because I don’t have enough land available to my account? This land is not for me, it is for the Vampire’s group (as explained in the original ticket – which, BTW, had a checkbox for “is this request for group land”. So I reopen the ticket immediately with the following comment:

13/7/2009 10:16 AM PDT Reopened CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger This is for the group, not for me personally. The group has available all the land in question, and owns all the land we want to trade.

It is my understanding from everything the Lindens had said, that group requests will be honored.

I implore you to reconsider your decision, as the group has the land available. It was clearly stated in the request that this is for the Vampire's group - not for me personally.

Then, comes and goes two more days, and on 15 July we check our second set of land choices – you guessed it, gone. So we come up with three more, and I make the following comment on the ticket page:

15/7/2009 7:19 AM PDT Customer Posted a Comment CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger Ok, we have yet NEW options for land on Zindra. Since it seems you all decide to pass us over, and otherwise ignore our request, and all six of the previous selections are now taken.

So here are our most recent requests:

I wish I had a more recognizable name, like Forceme Silverspar, with a super popular blog. She got her land the first day, and I never even got a response until I complained about the lack of contact in a comment on her blog. First come first serve my eye.

And this is for GROUP land, as stated in the original ticket..the VAMPIRE'S group. NOT ME PERSONALLY. I know I don't have enough land available to me to buy this much land but the GROUP DOES.

And yes, I'm getting a tad frustrated. I can honestly see us missing out because this Frontier guy doesn't understand that a group can own land. Then we get AR'ed and closed down cause we have adult stuff on our group land, and we can't afford to buy land on zindra after the landbots swoop it up and sell it at inflated prices.

As one might be able to devise, I’m a tad miffed at all of this. Was I surprised? Not in the least, miffed, but not surprised. Remember way back when I said this was going to be a clusterfuck? Yeah, tell me how wrong I was, please. Recognizable, high profile people get their land in a timely manner. The rest of us peons who have no name recognition get squat on. Though, to Frontier’s defense, he actually did respond to my reopening the case the next day:

16/7/2009 3:43 AM PDT Closed CSRFrontier Linden At this point, we need to hear directly from the founder of the group Vampire`s. Once we do, we'll be happy to further look into the Zindra relocation request for this group and communicate directly with the founder of Vampire`s.

Uhm…gee…why could they not have TOLD us the founder of the group would need to be the one to fill out the support ticket? Hmmm? It’s crap that’s why. This guy is either yanking my chain, or just making stuff up so he can appear to be closing tickets in a rapid manner. To which, I re-opened the ticket:

16/7/2009 7:15 AM PDT Reopened CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger Here is a ticket opened by the founder of the group. I wish this would have been communicated in the rules originally, it would have saved us the almost week it is taking you and I to communicate through this system.

Ticket number from group founder: 4051-6549815

Now, the reason I didn't see any problem with MY submitting the ticket, was that in the rules, it said you all would accept the first ticket from a group owner that was submitted. This leads to the implication that any group owner had the ability to submit a ticket for the group - and actually have it considered.

anyway, that is the ticket number that the group founder opened several days ago, wondering if could get worked any quicker than the ticket I submitted.

And, by the way, I do appreciate the rather rapid response to the last comment. I hope and pray that a similar timely response can be received this time around.

Thank you.

See, I had to because there was NO OTHER WAY to contact this Frontier fellow. He won’t take support related notecards or IMs in world. So I had to reopen it, which I explained in the following comment I posted as a follow-up to reopening the case. I expect it to be closed, but I’m sure not for at least 3 or 4 days.

16/7/2009 7:18 AM PDT Customer Posted a Comment CustomerDagnyT_Dagger Dagger Also, I reopened this, solely so I can get you the ticket number, since your profile states clearly you do not want, and implies you will ignore, any support related issues in IMs or notecards. I had no other way to communicate this to you, since other than here, you appear to be unavailable.

Thanks again for the rapid response time to the new locations.

Now, the thing is, that I’m almost certain we will be left out of the migration, and will have a huge headache to make things keep working. We followed the rules, and did what they said to do, but we got shafted by not having the group FOUNDER make the ticket, not just a group OWNER as outlined in the instructions. Or, at least that is their excuse for denying the land this second time around. I can’t wait to see what the next excuse will be.

So here we are, two and a half weeks after the ticket is submitted, following their rules and instructions, and the days are quickly marching forward to the cut-off for moving content, and I really don’t see us any closer to getting our land, than we were two and a half weeks ago.

/me quietly steps off her soap box, takes out her quirt, and looks around for some poor hapless slut to use as a means for releasing her frustration with the Lindens

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