Friday, January 4, 2008

I haven't quit, I've just had lots going on

I know, I know, it has been God, like FOR-EVER since I posted anything. Lots of things happening in RL, plus I have kind of run into a lack of abusers lately. I talked about my Master, the Italian fellow. Well, that didn't work out so well. We were never on at the same times, and then there was that he didn't seem all that interested in abusing and humiliating me. So I ran away.

I belong to a group called "Barebacks for Blacks" because, you know, horny white cumsluts like me just can't get enough of that giant, hot, meaty black cock! So I met me new master at a club called "Blackhouse" (NOTE: GET SLURL!!!) awhile back. He fucked me pretty good in one of the rooms the club has. His large, thick black cock was just what I had been needing.

We got together again at his place a little while ago, and he asked if I would be his full-time cock sucking cum slut. I asked if he would share me with is friends, if he would pass me around like a cheap piece of meat, and he assured me he would. Who could argue with something like that? I said i would. Then he brought over a couple of guys from his posse. The first guy ravished me pretty good. I was exhausted and in some pain when he finished with me. But the second guy. Oh my God, I had never seen a cock as fucking huge as this guys. He was totally brutal to me. He fucked my ass with that giant cock so hard I thought I was going to die.
I'll post some pictures and a lot more detail of his brutality soon (promise, I will, really).

But alas, it seems that my new Master and I aren't on at the same times very much either. Of course, maybe it is because I haven't been on much, and when I am it has been kind of odd hours. I have to tell you about a place I have found. Now, you all know that I am a hopeless cock sucking, pussy licking submissive cum slut. And, if you've read my other posts, you know that I do have it in me to switch at times. This place is called "Forced Feminization". How to explain a place like this? Women rule the roost here. Men are annoying people that need to be trained to be more like women. They have a medical clinic where your sissy man can be transformed into a woman. This might be a place I start hanging out in more often. I have to tell you, the thought of humiliating and forcing a man to become a woman, especially over time, a long-term process if you will, really gets my loins quivering. Flooding his body with hormones, making his cock and balls shrink to little more than dried up gristle, enlarging his breats, painting his masculine face with makeup. Making him parade around in women's underwear and high heels. Oh, and I wouldn't just do it there. If I were to agree to feminize some sissy man, I would demand his full cooperation in all areas, long term. I would put that sissy cock sucker on a leash, in women's clothes, and parade him around at different clubs. I would even offer the use of his mouth or ass for L$ (not much L$ because, you see, he is only a small dicked sissy cock sucker anyway).
Anyway, maybe I can find some man there to humiliate and destroy. I'll have to see.

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