Friday, October 26, 2007

My First Furrie!

I have heard about them, and I have seen them around in SL, but I hadn't really had anything to do with them. I'm talking about furries. Furries are avatars which are animals with human characteristics, or humans with animal characteristics - I don't really know which, and frankly it doesn't really matter.

Here's the sitch: My Master was offline, and when He is offline, I am allowed to roam and play as I wish. I was over at the CumDumpster kneeling in the bukkake circle, waiting for men to show up and shower me with their cum. I love the bukkake scenes. Groups of men standing around jacking off while I sit in the middle with my mouth open and waiting for their load to be spewed in my mouth, over my face and tits. It is so hot and sexy. Being objectified like that really turns me on.

So anyway, there I am and this fairly new girl pops in, and talks about wanting to be degraded. Well, you know me, if there is degradation and humiliation involved, I've probably been there! I took her to Hard Alley School for Girls Gone Bad. I showed her the discipline room, and then the dungeon area, where the real torture takes place. She was enthralled by it all. In the dungeon she climbed on the rack, where a Domme started mercilessly whipping her naked ass. As if this wasn't exciting enough, some guy came in and, without warning, just climbed up on top of her and started fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow! But that wasn't enough for her. She wanted more. So I took her to Crimson Isle (formerly Fantasy Forest) where I led her to the barn. I thought she was going to faint when she started licking and stroking the horse they have there. It was so exciting, watching her face getting covered with the lubrication that was dripping from the horse's enormous cock.


That's when we met 'him'. And by him I mean a furrie who looked somewhat like a wolf. He asked if we were interested, and I definitely was! She got the first turn with him. She took is large red cock into her mouth, clear down to the big ball at the base and started sucking on it like a pro. After she primed him real well, I took over. His cock was hotter in my mouth that regular human cocks. It was big too! The taste was a little harsher, but not entirely unpleasant. When he came, the cum was not quite as thick as human cum, but there were gallons of it! I couldn't swallow it all and ended up spilling some from my mouth.

I rolled over and he didn't take any time in jumping on my fucking the living shit out of me! He plowed into my pussy like there was no tomorrow. His thrusts were deep and forceful and you could tell he meant each and every one. I screamed in pain as he forced the large ball at the base of his cock into my pussy. It was huge, and stretched me quite a bit. The pain was nearly unbearable, but at the same time, was so exciting. I came almost immediately after that. Coating his cock with my own juices. Then I felt him tense up and start to quiver and he shot his hot load of jism deep into my pussy. It was an experience like no other. The large ball at the base of his large red cock had effectively sealed my pussy when he shoved it in. There was no way any cum was going to leak out of that. It filled me fuller than I have ever felt before. I came yet again while he was emptying himself into me.

Eventually we both relaxed enough to allow him to pull out of me. I spewed our mixed juices like I was peeing there was so much pressure built up in me. I guess furries don't need the kind of time that human men do between fucks because as soon as he was out of me, he jumped over to our new friend, and drove his cock into her ass. She screamed because she had only been fucked in the ass once before, but she didn't try to get him out of her either. I could tell she was really into it. I crawled under her and started lapping at her pussy while he was pounding her almost virgin ass. As I licked her clit, I also ran my tongue around the furries balls. I think seeing me eat her out while he pounded her ass really turned him on because it didn't take long before he was filling her ass with is cum. Lucky for her he didn't shove the big ball inside it. I think if he had she might have exploded. After he pulled out, I licked up some of the cum that was dripping from her ass.

He rolled on his back and complained that his cock was all dirty and sticky. I took the hint and kneeled over him and took his large red cock into my mouth again. It was so erotic. I was sucking and licking his cum, and my cum and our friends ass from his cock. I'm not sure I could think of something more degrading that cleaning someone else's ass from a half-wolf/half-man's cock. He cam in my mouth again,and I was able to swallow all of it this time because there wasn't as much as the first time.

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