Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Master?

I was bored and popped into Bondage Sex Dungeon (between the time I experience this, and now, the location has closed down :( ) to see what was going on. The place is usually pretty busy, but I have to admit, mostly with n00bs. But they have a thing there called "The Real Slut: A Living Breathing Sex Doll." It works like this, you get into it, and it shrink wraps you and puts you on display. Others can come by and kind of 'try' the merchandise. They can stick their fist in you, fondle your tits, or have your pussy probed. The device gives you a "brain implant" and when someone buys you, they have the controller, and can control what you do.

I had seen them around, but never actually used it, and I thought since I was mostly bored, I'd give it a try, so I got into one and put myself on display and for sale. I didn't know it at the time, but when someone buys you, you get L$100. I don't know how much it costs to buy someone though, maybe I'll try it sometime and if I do, I'll let you all know.

Anyway, this guy came up and was playing with the display. Oh, and this guy was a sight! He was tall, and broad and dark. He was wearing a suit, and leather arm bands! Oh, he looked so hot!

He reached up and groped my soft breasts. I moaned softly, feeling my nipples grow hard. He roughly squeezed my tits and seemed almost disappointed.

"Ummm" he moaned.

When he finally quit groping my tits, my nipples were so hard they almost hurt. The he spread my pussy lips, and inserted two finger into my snatch. I moaned softly through my gag. He looked into my eyes and said "a little tight, but I can stretch you out," and with that, he forced a third finger into my dripping pussy.

"Maybe I buy you" he said. He is Italian, and speaks broken English with a heavy accent. "If I buy you - you will be a good toy?"

"Yes" I replied. "You get a remote control and can make me do whatever you want."

"Um...interesting. Ok, I buy you."

"I am sure you will not be disappointed Sir."

He made the purchase, and the the shrink wrap ripped open as the ropes gave way. An air-pressure pump forced my naked and dripping body out of its plastic foam casing. My nipples hurt and my pussy was all wet from the other people around 'sampling' the merchandise. I was forced to my knees, raising my ass in the air, I wagged it like a dog, begging to be used.

"I take you to my house" he said forcefully. "Now you are my property, you are conscious of this?" he asked.

"Yes Sir."

He forced me to turn around and bend over, presenting my ass for inspection. It was so humiliating to be controlled, but also so sexy and erotic. "You looks fine" he said, and fumbled with the remote control to stand me up. He fiddled with the remote some more and suddenly I was sitting on the ground, my legs spread wide and my fist was forcing itself into my pussy. He laughed as he watched this. The pain was nearly unbearable. I was fully wet from the teasing earlier, but a fist is still a large object to be unceremoniously shoved into a pussy. The pain shot through my pelvis and up my spine, causing me to shudder and scream, but I could not refuse the commands issued by the remote control connected to my brain implant.


Being forced to fist myself by the Real Slut Sex Doll implant

"Favoloso!" he declared ,"sei una vera vacca - you are a real cow! Perfect!"

My hand pulled out of my pussy with a wet, sucking plop. I looked around somewhat embarrassed, knowing what I was forced to do, and wiped my sticky hand on my thigh. That's the thing about the brain implant. You remain fully conscious and knowing of everything you are forced to do.

"Aahhh, ye...yessir" I managed to say.

"Do you want to terminate to fuck yourself?" he asked.

"Your wish is my command" was my reply. It must have been the implant talking because my pussy was still sore from the last fisting I was forced to endure. The next thing I knew, my legs were again spread, and my hand was furiously working its way back into my pussy. I gritted and threw my head back and screamed in pain as my hand forced itself into my pussy.

While my hand was fucking my pussy, he walked over to me and squatted down, examining my body. He reached out and grabbed my nipple and twisted it hard, causing me to cry out again. While holding my nipple, he grabbed and twisted my other nipple. "I like you" he whispered into my ear as he twisted and pulled my nipples while my hand was working itself deeper into my pussy. Sweat dotted my forehead. I wasn't sure if I wouldn't pass out from the pain, but I was desperately trying not to.

As he bent his head down he released his grip on my nipple. The sudden freedom from its vice sent another wave of pain through my body. He leaned in and took my nipple in his mouth, biting it with gusto. My body was wracked with pain and excitement as the orgasm came over me. My hand could feel my pussy tightening and loosening around it. My body shuddered and convulsed as I came again and again. The orgasm seemed to last for hours. I collapsed as my hand dislodged itself from my pussy.

"Marvelous" was all he said. He then pressed a button on the remote, and I found myself kneeling on the floor, my mouth open, I began to drool as he inserted his cock in my mouth. I rocked back and forth, feeling the warmth of his long, hard cock as it filled my mouth. Involuntarily, I began to fondle my breasts and rub my clitoris as I rocked back and forth moving my mouth along the length of his shaft. He moaned with pleasure and I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth, I figured he was very close to cumming. He pushed another button on the remote, and suddenly I was standing at attention.

It was frustrating, having his cock in my mouth while finger fucking myself was getting me close to orgasm again, but he stopped it. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel the pulsing of his cock as it shot the warm sticky jism down my throat. But I was not in control. If it were not for that damned implant in my brain controlling my body, I could have grabbed his ass and forced his cock deeper into my mouth an suckled it until all of his spunk was out. But it wasn't up to me. I was completely under his control.

He then put the control away and led me to a steam room. It was very hot and moist in there. He asked me all kinds of questions regarding my kinks and what not. He wanted detailed examples of different situations I had experienced in SL. I obliged. I like talking about what I have done (as evidenced by this blog!). Finally he stood "make me a bj, toy" he demanded.

Immediately I dropped to my knees, reached out and took his still hard cock into my mouth and began to fondle his balls. The brain implant was turned off, or at least not being used. I could tell that what I was doing was all me, and not the result of the implant. I sucked him, on my knees, in that steamy hot moist sauna, while fingering my pussy. I felt his cock start to twitch again, I reached around and fiddled his ass with my finger. I wasn't going to lose that hot sticky salty goodness again. I sucked on that cock with gusto, creating a vacuum in my mouth. Finally I felt his cock start to throb as it began shooting an enormous load of cum into my mouth. I was able to swallow most of it. Some managed to trickle out of the corner of my mouth, and drip onto my tits.


"I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to..." It was a lie. A huge lie. I had been craving that man's cum since he had first put his cock in my mouth. I made him cum. I knew what I was doing, and I meant to do it. I wanted to feel that man's cock gush into my mouth and swallow it all.

"Now I will your pain resistance." He said angrily. This was punishment for making him cum sooner than he wanted to. I knew this, and I knew it was going to be terribly painful. But that is a story for another day.

I should add that, from our conversation, I get the impression that I am now his full-time slave. I don't know what all that would entail, or if that is what he is expecting. I guess I will roll with it for now and see what happens.

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