Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little bitch...

At the Dark Den, we have a Mistress there, who is referred to as "Double Trouble". Recently, she bought a slave at one of our auctions. The slave, who had been kidnapped just weeks before her wedding, was a virgin. The poor thing has this idea in her head that she will someday resume her normal life. She doesn't realize, that what she is living now is the new "normal life" for her.

bitchandtoy DT is, at heart, a geneticist. She gets ideas in her head, and begins to conjure up different medical experiments to perform. So, naturally, the first thing she did with this girl, was to get her to the medical ward, where she could carry out whatever nefarious experiments tickled her fancy. Next thing you know, DT is sporting a cute little red husky furrie girl on a leash. Yes, that's right. DT had changed the girl she purchased at auction, modified her genetically, to be, what seemed to me to be a little more than half husky. And, of course, DT being DT she could not stop there. Nuuuuu...she also had to give the puppy girl a little 'sumptin extra'. So she also grew a cock on the girl. No, not to replace her pussy, to compliment it. So DT took that innocent slave girl, and turned her into a hermaphrodite husky furrie.

Now, I know what your thinking - "what does this have to do with secondliefslut?" - well, dear reader, I'll tell you. You remember my girl d, right? I'm sure I mentioned her in the previous post. Anyway, d asked permission to witness an auction in Lez Zeppilin. Now, I'm a nice person, and I like my girls to have fun. I really didn't see any reason why she shouldn't be able to watch an auction. I can add that to my 'lessons learned' list though. d went to the auction, and when she came home, she was towing on a chain a toy she'd bought for the week. The girl's nice enough, and eager enough, and...well...slutty enough, so I let d off the hook without much in the way of punishment. And, to be fair, I didn't forbid her from making any purchase (I know better for next time though).

I watched as the husky wandered into view. She always looks so sad - hating what has been done to her, living the humiliation of losing part of her humanity, and having that fully functioning cock grown out of her clit. I had taken to carrying around a few dog biscuits...treats for the little thing. I pulled one out of my pocket, and showed it to her. She seemed a bit reluctant, but I guess hunger eventually took over, and she padded over to me, eating the treat from my hand. I petted her head, scratching her idly between the ears while I carried on conversations with those around me. Occasionally retrieving another doggie biscuit from my pocket, and letting the thing eat it.

Then the toy showed up, and with d nowhere around, of course it fell to me to take care of, and keep it from getting in any trouble. The toy was, of course, naked (as toys are apt to be - thought I'm grateful she is anatomically correct). I looked at the toy, and at the puppy, and back to the toy, and a grin came to my face. I'd befriended the puppy, who DT had named 'bitch'. I knew bitch had been a virgin when DT purchased her. More than just a virgin, that girl was a prude.


I was petting the thing, speaking to the toy "bitch here, is one of DT's creations" I told the toy.

"Oh, I see" they toy said, eyeing the freak-thing that was sitting beside her.

"My name is Aime, why do you call me such hard names?" the puppy asked.

"Hush, your name is 'bitch' - so says your owner." I could see the dejected look on its face. Its eyes becoming watery, I continued petting it, stroking its fur.

"Tell me, bitch, how many times has your owner raped you?" I asked it.

"That's not your business" the thing retorted, it's heart pounding. It whimpered that puppy sounding whimper and tried to back away from me.

I grabbed a handful of the thing's fir on the top of it's head, gritting my teeth, sounding like I was getting a bit annoyed "I asked you a question, bitch, ANSWER ME!"

"Ooouuwww" it almost howled, its mind full of fear, racing, she spat out number..."three."

"Only three? Gee, I thought it would have been more than that." I looked at the puppy, to see a single tear falling down the side of it's face. "I mean, if I had two dongs and a hot little puppy like you, I'd be raping that all the time." I chuckled as I said it, knowing those words would serve to beat her down another 1/2 notch or so.

Knowing DT, and what she likes..and also knowing exactly what DT did to the thing already, I crouched down in front of it, peering between its legs "Mmmmhmmm, doesn't look like DT has lost her touch, that is a nice looking....hmmm...package....you have there." I teased, reaching my hand forward as if to touch it "Does that thing work?" I prodded.

It looked around, probably looking to see if there was anyway to escape. "Please don't touch me there, its gross" the puppy said.

"Awww..." I said in a mocking baby tone "wassa matter? Wittle puppy don't like anyone touching their 'special' places?"

She shook her head "please...don't" she whispered. Poor thing, so modest before her abduction and subsequent transformation. She must have been horribly ashamed at having that extra appendage attached to her. 

I grabbed the fur on the side of its face, and yanked on it, it yelped, but it isn't like I cared, "Come closer" to ordered the toy.

"Yes Miss" the toy replied as it stepped closer.

"bitch, tell me what this slut smells like" I barked at the dog-girl.

It tried to back away, shaking its head "eewww..NOOO" it protested. I yanked again on the things fur, feeling a few strands pull loose. I shoved the thing's nose between the toys legs. It began to cry, hating every minute of its ordeal. The toy moaned - did I mention what a slut the toy is? - it moaned as the dog thing's cold, wet nose nuzzled between her legs. The puppy gagged, I thought it was going to throw up for certain, but it didn't. It was plainly obvious it did not like what it was being forced to do, didn't like it even a little bit.

I ordered the toy to lay on the ground, on her back, and of course, she complied. Next, I told the puppy to give the toy a few good licks on her cunt. The thing protested, rather loudly. Yanking again on bitch's fur, I pulled its not between the toy's legs, and watched as the puppy's tongue came out, hesitantly and slowly, the tip just touching the toy's sex. I gave bitch's head a good shove forward, smashing its nose against the toy's pelvis.

While the bitch was busy trying not to puke from having to lick the toy's pussy, I got busy with my fingers, sticking them into the bitch's cunt. It was dry, very dry. This scene was not exciting it in the least. I grinned and shoved a second finger into the tight dry hole, knowing the pain it was causing the puppy, taking great joy in the way it howled as my fingers dry-fucked it's pussy. I then worked my thumb into the puppy's ass. "Lick that cunt bitch, I want to hear that toy scream with pleasure from your tongue" I told it, while my fingers and thumb worked in and out of her dry pussy and ass in alternating strokes.

I pinched my fingers and thumb together inside the bitch, feeling them through the lining of flesh separating its cunt from his ass, and pulled back, stretching the taint. I pulled hard, feeling it stretch and my fingers beginning to loose ground. I gave a really good, hard yank of my hand, the fingers and thumb scraping along the dry flesh before popping free of their holes. It raised its head again, and yowled long and loud, before returning its attention to the wet cunt before it. A crowd had started to gather, folks coming of to see what all the howling and crying was about.

"Hey, how ya doin'?" one of the onlookers (who we'll call 'M'), a rather ruggedly handsome friend of mine asked.

I looked up at him "finger deep in dog right now, but good." I answered, with a wry grin on my face.

"She doesn't seem very willing," he said.

"No.." I chuckled a bit, "not very willing at all." One of those standing around, witnessing my finger rape of the puppy, was a  girl (that we'll call 'A') who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, doesn't like girls. I looked up at her, "You want some of the puppy?" I asked, "it has the parts you like."

"Hmm, I like the eager Mistress" she replied, "not crying. Hurts my fragile ego you know."

"We can tie it down, could be like a ride at Disneyland."

"I like ones I can break," M said with a laugh.

"Tie down," I went on, "let the girls go for a ride."

"It'd need a gag first, I couldn't listen to all of that nonsense," A commented.

"I can gag it for you, and muzzle it too, if you want." I wanted somebody to use this bitch in other ways that just making her eat out a toy, even though that was an act the bitch reviled, I thought more could be done to it, to completely break it's will. However, no such luck today.

"Is she your's?" M asked, "I thought she was DT's."

"She is DT's, but she was following me around like a...well...like a lost puppy, so I thought I'd put it to use."

The toy, meanwhile, was moaning and shuddering with pleasure. She wasn't screaming yet, which is what I told the dog to make her do. I stood up and, with my heel on the ground and the toes of my boots resting on the puppy's balls, I applied a little pressure. "I said make her scream with pleasure bitch, you're not doing that."

The thing wailed, mostly out of show I think because I wasn't even applying that much pressure. I stepped a little harder, "Make her fucking scream with pleasure" I ordered. Another howl, and when the dog returned to the toy's cunt, it went at it with gusto. Driving it's tongue deep into her, lapping for all it's life. "Good puppy" I told it, releasing the pressure on it's balls.

The puppy's face was matted and wet. Partially with the juices flowing from the toy, but mostly with the tears it was crying. Tears of pain, tears of humiliation. I wasn't finished with it yet though. I searched, around, and found a discarded tube of lubricant with a bit left in it. I squirted what was left in it on my hand and smeared it around, making her the entire hand was shining with the lube, clear up to my wrist.

I knelt behind the puppy again, and rubbed my lubed hand around it's cunt lips, transferring some of it to bitch. I then began to work my fingers into it's tight, dry, but somewhat lubed pussy. It was tight. Like a rubber band squeezing around my fingers. It howled again, yelping as it's pussy was stretched. I continued, ignoring its painful protests.

After getting my hand in to the thumb knuckle, I grabbed hold if its tail, using it for leverage, I grunted, and shoved my hand hard and fast into the bitch. I felt my knuckle bang against it's pelvic bone. It jumped, tried to scurry away, screaming and howling, but I held fast to the tail, yanking it back. I rested my hand in there for a moment. It was tight, and stretched wide, and since the puppy wasn't mine, I didn't want to give it any real damage, so I allowed it to stretch a little, while I made my hand into a fist, and then relaxed it a few times.

Slowly, I began to move my hand deeper into the puppy's pussy, pulling it back to the wrist, and moving it in again. It was loosening up, not quite as tight, and easier to move in and out of. The thing buried its tongue into the toy's pussy, lapping at it like crazy. I moved faster, balling my hand into a fist, I began to really let her have it, almost as if I was punching her insides.

She squirmed and yelped and cried. Mostly of it muffled by the toy's pussy. Finally the toy screamed out with pleasure as it came, drenching bitch's muzzle with her juices. bitch gagged and nearly threw up from the taste of what she considered to be nasty, dirtyness. I slowed own my fist fucking of it's cunt, pulled my arm out to the wrist. Leaving my fist balled, I stood, leaning over, I put my foot on it's ass, and yanked hard. A crunching sound filled the area as my knuckle ground against its pevlic bone. The pain shooting through my hand, numbing my forearm,was well worth that final act of indignation and pain I caused to bitch by yanking my hand out, fist and all.

bitch collapsed, small tendrils of blood could be seen oozing from its cunt, mixed with the lube. My hand and forearm were spotted with the bitch's blood. I presented it to the toy, who licked me clean.

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