Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SL Happens....

There is a saying that goes around Second Life; "SL happens". It's akin to the old saying "shit happens". And it does. Usually, it does in a way that is inconsistent with your own wants and desires.

Recently, I have found myself on the shit end of that stick. My own doing really. I'm a free woman once again. The time I had with my Master was exceptionally exquisite. I love him, and always will. I had a great time with him, and I learned so much from him, I can't even begin to recount it all. The fact is, I'm just not a very good slave. I 'm a bit too wild, and a bit to eccentric, and a bit to egotistical to be contained as a proper slave should.

It was painful to lose my former Master. Painful in ways I can only begin to describe (and not the good physical kind of pain either). We are still close. Sill friends. We still talk frequently, which has helped mitigate the pain.

So...I'm back training slaves at the Dark Den, and feminizing men at the Forced Feminization University.  I will forever cherish the time I belonged to my Master. My regret is that I was not able to be the slave he wants, and deserves. My feeling remains, that he is the absolute best Master, anywhere, anytime, anyplace - bar none. No other would have been able to put a collar around my neck, and I can say with confidence, that no other will.


Maire Quan said...

That's tough to hear, I'll still look in now and then in case you feel content enough to write again.


Dags Dagger said...

I'm still writing Maire, sorry for how long it has taken to get anothe post up. Sooo much going on. I hope you like the newest entry.