Monday, November 9, 2009


brandinghook When I woke up that day, I knew what I was going to do. I approached it, and slowly began to remove its garments. It was dressed in a soft corset, with bicep length gloves a skirt, and what I endearingly call its "pussy corset" - a set of leather panties with a drawstring that can be drawn oh so deliciously tight. I stripped it naked, slowly, caressing it, kissing it. Tasting the sweet moisture my attentions caused it to create. I then placed a gag and blindfold on it, connected its chain, and walked it out of our cabin to the whore camp, where I had ordered everything I would need to be arranged and set up. We entered the compound, the slave's lovely breasts swaying as it walked, naked, gagged and blind behind me.

I had waiting for us, two of the camp whores, they were there to help. I lead my plaything to a pipe structure we built which works great for securing girls. It is made from scavenged rusted pipes, and has several chains hanging from it in different locations. Thick, heavy steel chains. The kind that you feel the weight of almost just by looking at them. I took one of these chains, and attached it to the slave's bound wrists and pulled it tight, raising the slave's arms behind it, tweaking my fuck meat's shoulders back, it mumbled in discomfort into its gag. As the 'coups de gras' so to speak, I inserted an anal hook into my toy's ass, and shortened the chain, lifting it to its tip-toes.

thebrand I nodded to one of the whores, who began to tease and pinch my slave's nipples. Now, I know that my slave has very sensitive nipples - it can climax just from having its nipples tortured. The whore seemed to be having a really good go at them. Taking out her frustrations on my slave's nipples. Pinching, pulling, twisting. My slave, had it not been gagged, I'm sure would be screaming.

The other whore knelt in front of the bound and gagged piece of slave meat, and started teasing it's pussy with her tongue. Sucking and licking at the clit and lips with a hungry, wet slurping sound. I checked the iron in the fire, seeing that it was glowing bright red I knew it was time. It should be noted that my piece of meat did not know what was going to happen. We hadn't discussed anything about this before. I rubbed baby oil over her right ass cheek, pulled the iron from the fire, and jabbed it onto my plaything's flank. It tensed and screamed against the gag...and of course, it climaxed. It came hard while its nipples were tortured, and while the red hot branding iron sizzled on its ass. Little tendrils of smoke rising in the still air. The aroma of fresh burned meat filling our senses.

Now it is branded. It is completely mine - forever.

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